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Two years ago. Today. The start of a new journey.

Two years ago I was a week away from having my house packed into a removalists truck, loading the caravan and heading out of Isa.
The start of a new journey in our life.
Two years ago (in May) I started blogging with WordPress.
The start of another journey.  And what a journey it has been.

I can’t even remember how it came about now, but mum had just started with WP and showed me a few things.  Between us we had to learn everything on our own, the blind leading the blind so to speak.
I remember feeling somewhat timid and scared of this new thing.  That soon faded, but I was still lost with so many aspects of the program.
One year on there abouts and suddenly, it all just clicked.  I’m not sure what it was exactly, but things jut fell into place. I understood more of the whats, wheres, whos and the like. I got it!

In the time since I have made the most of my new-found knowledge and gone a little crazy. As I do.  Oops.
I treat this like a second home, I have many friends (well I class my regulars as friends) and a great little community that pops in and out.  All good people who support and share with each other.

One journey ended, one began on our arrival back in Tassie and now another is well on its way to unfolding.

I mention this as I got to help a friend on her new journey.
Her WP journey, which coincides with (and is part of) the beginning of her new life journey.   One phase has ended for her and another is beginning. This is the time to start the healing process, move forward and learn what your new life will entail.
I have every faith in her as she has a successful business and a wonderful family and friends.  To be part of a journey of self renewing is a blessed thing and a wonderful opportunity. Who knows, I may learn more about myself in the process.

Today, we spent several hours getting her checked in to WP and going through the nitty-gritty… I had not realised how easy I find it now until I mentioned several things (like Gravatars and widgets) and she had no idea. They are second language to me now.
The ‘homework’ I sent her – ideas to think about with regards to her blog – she was like WTF?  And now I get it.  We had a laugh about it and I saw it the way she would have. Reading like Chinese.  She can now re read it with some idea of what to do, and what is all means.

It’s funny how, during a conversation you change and re think your motivations and what you expect.  What she wanted to start with was fraught with confusion about where she was and where she was heading. but the time she went home her thoughts were somewhat clearer and ideas had formed and grown.
We’d laughed several times at the great things said and then forgotten when we agreed it would be good to include in a post… ( I downloaded the WP app onto her phone so ideas can be kept handy when they hit). I said if she has any issues to ring me. Her answer “you might end up regretting that offer”.

I know that if this had been asked of me at an earlier stage I may well have been dumbfounded and not known how to help.   I can now say I am comfortable and competent enough within WP to be able to do this.

Two years ago I started my new journey and today, I helped a friend start her journey. IMAG0238
Jennifer  🙂