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Dark Mofo

This looked way better on the small screen of the phone or ipad, but still I'm halfway happy with it.

This looked way better on the small screen of the phone or ipad, but still I’m halfway happy with it.

the entrance to the Winterfeast section - wailting lines way too long for us, and so many happy peole everywhere.

the entrance to the Winterfeast section – wailting lines way too long for us, so many happy people everywhere.

The family minus the one who was working took a trip into the city last night to check out the Dark Mofo excitement. We didn’t enter the Winterfeast section but trekked about on the waterfront. Head over here to see more pictures. Next year we need to be way more organised and do more of the activities.


The Source, MONA – Review

For my birthday mum took me to the restaurant at MONA.
In a few words. Classy, arty and pricy.
Don’t get me wrong, the meal was ah-may-zing and beautifully presented. But in all establishmets like this, huge plates and small servings. Which were not so small once we had had two courses.

The decor was simple. Nothing stood out. It was designed I think to let the find and service take the light.
We started with a glass of bubbly


Both of us chose the ocean trout with carrot puree.  The fish was done to perfection, tender and fall apart. The puree was smooth, creamy and sweet. The sauce was a perfect compliment with subtle flavours.


With a side of potato. Smooth, creamy and I could have licked the bowl clean when we finished.


Dessert was a tough choice, but I had the lemon tart. Quite strong in its tartiness, but creamy and smooth with a delicious creme fraiche.


Mum chose a delicate coffee mousse in custard with chocolate.


We finished, totally stuffed, with a coffee hot chocolate.


The staff were experienced and very knowledgeable in both the menu and (very) extensive wine list. It’s like a novel it’s so thick.   Our coats were hung in the cupboard near the register and the bill arrived in a folder (I’ve only ever seen this in the movies).
This is definitely somewhere to go for a special occasion.
All in all a lovely day out and combined with a trek through the museum would make for one memorable day.

Jennifer 🙂

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Ten Days on the Island

As promised here is the link to this amazing week of arts and theatre, wine, music and much more. While I am open minded – anyone been to/heard of MONA? – and like things a little different, most of these art installations are just too “arty” and un-interpretable for me.
Check out the website and decide for yourself.


Have a great day 🙂


Where to start… There is so much going on here that it is hard to put everything into place.
MONA is the acronym for Museum of Old and New Art.  A private collection that is now open to the public.  It has only been open for 18 months and in that time tourism to the state has increased hugely and pretty well everyone you talk to have an opinion about the place.
Confronting, Out There, In Your Face,, Thought Provoking… some of the many phrases people have used to describe it.  I will add one – Sensory Overload!!

Part of the view, looking towrads the city and Mt Wellington. The museum is in front and below us.

not sure this would hold much...

not sure this would hold much...

The building has been built into the side of a hill and inside there are many walls of exposed ‘earth’ and rocks along with the concrete slabs used to stabilise it.  It is 4 stories high (or low), was designed brilliantly and the layout for many of the exhibits is perfect.

What is in here… everything from weird and wonderful ‘traditional art’ paintings and sculptures, an Egyptian coffin and artifacts to the completely obscure Cloaca, or ‘poo machine’.  Yep, a machine that mimics the human body and after ‘eating’ in the morning, poops in the late afternoon.  And yep, it smells a little in that room.

a selectin of the seating available at the bottom foyer, near the bar. So Cool!

a selection of seating available at the bottom foyer near the bar. So Cool!

and his clothes discretly hidden from most people's view. I hope he's paid well.

live tattoo model (notice the ipod wires)

Guy with the tatts – live person, his clothes hanging behind the wall.  I saw him stretch, wonder if he realised people were still there. I hope he gets paid well to sit there all day, like a statue.

My favourite. Lead books with glass shards on a giant bookcase.  And the glass tunnel leading into it.  It smelled somewhat of sulphur, bringing back some memories. :-}
Loved this one. Lead books with shards of glass on a 'bookcase'. Smelt a little of sulphur though, brought back memories.and the glass tunnel leading into it.

On our arrival, after descending the funky round elevator which is surrounded by a circular staircase we went to the ladies room (ok not really required information, but you’ll see in a minute) and omg… aside from very personal cubicles which had their own basins, there was a movie playing on the floor.  Some old black and white Charlie Chaplin silent movie, but seriously, you could spend some time on the loo just watching a movie… I know I was willing to, lol
one of 10 fully carved tyres on display.
another cool sculpture

Anyone visiting Tasmania should definitely make time to visit this place.  It will challenge everything you know or thought you knew about art and creativity.
Once I’ve been back there may well be a MONA part 2.  This is a totally visual experience and the right words to go with are just not my forte…
Google MONA  (Hobart, Tasmania) for links galore of this amazing place.

Keep smiling, 🙂

ps. I hate pictures and words together.  My ineptutude really sucks, and the comments for each one didn’t even work 😦
Guy with the tatts – live person, his clothes hanging behind the wall.

Busy busy…

The last few days have been busy with MONA and a lunch cruise we did.  I have two posts in the pipeline that I am trying to get  around to finish.  It is hard when you have sensory overload to get your head sorted, to empty it out onto the typed page.

Today we have wandered Salamanca and my friend has shopped her heart out.  Tomorrow we go to Bushy Park and Russell Falls with all the kids, and a picnic to spend the day.

Keep smiling 🙂