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600th post – Scarecrows & a mid-life crisis!

I was going to write something clever for my 600th post but you get scarecrows instead. I’ve done a post over at the Woodbridge Market blog, but this one would have to be my favourite – and it’s a bonus because it’s outside our gate.  Less than 5k up the road is the house I grew up in, in Flowerpot. So it was kinda cool the people down the road further decided to make this one.

Bill & Ben the Flowerpot men.

Bill & Ben the Flowerpot men.

And a gratuitous picture of hubby’s mid life crisis our 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves, on top of Mt Wellington, overlooking a hazy Hobart and suburbs from yesterday’s ride.

“Fun ‘n’ Funky…” shop fronts and markets

It’s been a little while since I last wrote, and I’ve been pretty busy.. life tends to do that at times.

After some more thinking and chatting with a friend or two I have decided to broaden my selling reach and opening a madeit store front.  I had looked at another online shop similar but found they had too many crappy imports and the like – trying to compete with those can be a daunting and emotionally draining exercise.  The other online store I looked at has so much jewellery it is a time-consuming process just looking and sorting through what is there.  I also like the fact that madeit is purely for Australian crafts people and they have to be handmade items.

So slowly  over the next week I will be making more items and designing my shop ready to load pictures.

My website has gone from a shop front to strictly gallery and information.  I found that the cost of running the site vs the incoming was not worth it.  I can also be more creative with things if I don’t have to worry about the shopping cart getting in the way.

This week I will look at doing a few fun things with my resin – try out the bottle top pendants… and adding retro and funky pictures to clay pendants.

I have also been thinking (again?, yes, I’ve done it again!) about my style and what it is… My phrase – it’s all about the jewelllery……and how it makes you feel – still stands, because that’s why you should buy jewellery, because it makes you feel good, happy.  I realised that what I make reflects me (as it should for anyone): serious but able to have fun and be a bit different.

My actual jewellery is a little bit serious, but also contemporary and organic-y, while my pendants and clay pieces are the fun, funky side of me, that comes out on occasion.  So a new Collection has been born.  An ongoing collection, the Fun ‘n’ Funky Collection.  Bright out there pieces for those that like something different and who are happy to stand out from the crowd.

My market stall is getting another small makeover to comply with my design change – so over the next few times it will evolve to where I am happy with it.  Ideally I would love to have an extra half a table for the market, but space is at a premium and it’s not always possible to grab.

Current 'new' table layout, with bag stand and pendant easels.

I’m looking forward to the massive Middleton Country Fair in February as I’ll have my gazebo and 3 tables!  I was truly spoilt in Mt Isa at the market, it cost the same outside with my 2 tables as it did inside for those who only had 1 table… now I have no choice, and have to alter my layout to make the most of a smaller space (without being too crowded aswell).

Stay tuned to my pictures next week of the new stall and some more resin and clay.

til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer.