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Food Friday

Just a quick one for this weeks Friday post. It’s been a busy food week for me. Last week hubby didn’t arrive home till late on Friday night, so no food review post could be done. With only 3 days home it was certainly more rushed than usual, but it was the best three days.
Monday evening we went out for dinner and then a movie with friends. While we do this, or are at least able to do this whenever we want, this couple still have a few young ones, so it was a real treat – adult conversation and no whinging/arguing from little people.
We went to the Soho for a pub meal which was up to its usual standard, beautiful. Our meals consisted of steaks, a salmon and the biggest beef schnitzel you’ve ever seen! Decided not to harass everyone with taking pictures of food.
The movie, Elysium, was not bad, not as good as we thought, but definitely not the worst.

I’ve done some baking this week, and will probably do more tomorrow, pizza bases as always and a spinach quiche for Sunday lunch. It’s Fathers Day here on Sunday and my boys will be having lunch with my parents and I will call in for afternoon tea on the way home from my market.

Last night, right when I should have been thinking about prepping dinner, I decided I would do some baking. Not a good idea. By the time dinner was ready there was no room to move in the kitchen and once all was finished, the sink was full, the stove covered and the bench looked like a bomb had hit. Before things got messy, I am usually a ‘clean’ cook….

My new mixer is getting a good workout and I am loving it. It’s red, and awesome!

20130830-205437.jpgI am looking up recipes that need serious beating just to use it. With only one bowl for the mixer, its bath time in between recipes


I did end up with a yummy, but soft, rhubarb shortcake and some chocolate biscuits.



Happy TGIF! The weekend is here and is promising to be beautiful and warm…. hitting a lovely 20+C for both days.
Welcome Spring!

what to do with egg yolks?

After my little cooking escapade last night and my son deciding (this afternoon) he wanted to make his own meringue to eat, I now have 5 egg yolks sitting in my fridge.
Now I hate throwing things out if they can be used elsewhere, so I went back to my trusty friend taste.com.au to see what they had on offer.

I am also a sucker for decent mayonaise, especially the egg yolk home-made style ones. Completely bad for you but totally delectable. Eggs, oil and seasoning. Perfect! Now how hard can it be.
I’ll have a go. You gotta try everything once.

The recipe is:

2 egg yolks
2 tspns lemon juice
1 tspn mustard powder
1/2 tspn sea salt & pink white pepper
1 cup olive oil.

Whisk eggs and seasoning together in a glass or ceramic bowl.
Add half the oil in a slow drizzle (they said a teaspoon at a time) whisking all the time.
Add the rest in a constant drizzle til mixed.
This should take about 15 minutes and give your muscles a good work out, or you can pike and use an electric mixer instead.

Now, as I have 5 egg yolks I’ll need to double it + some. I don’t have mustard powder so I’ll leave it out.
The only review written says they added extra lemon juice and some castor sugar as the original wasn’t to their liking so we’ll keep that in mind.


Halfway through the oil.. Looking good.

Wow. I like my mayo, but holy hell there is a lot of it. Thinking a few friends might get a present from me tomorrow.
So, how did I go. Well I added more mustard, garlic and lemon juice, and tossed in a small amount of sugar as well. And didn’t use all the oil, there was about 1/3 cup left over. Next time I will follow the recipe closer and see if the results are much different. All up I am pretty happy. It was a challenge and if it worked then that’s a bonus for everyone.

20130521-211056.jpg not the most artistic of pictures, but here it is. While it does not look the same as the picture on the website, it tastes really good. I just hope my friends feel the same way.  Dammit, I’m now thinking of hot crunchy wedges. And half past nine is not the time to want that sort of food, maybe tomorrow night…

Have you eve made mayo from scratch, do you like this style?
Jen 🙂

Raspberry custard meringue tart

I had one of those crazy baking moods this evening. Which was to be expected really after spending the day steering wayward clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia in the right direction. I needed some creative outlet from that.
So while I’m roasting spuds, and attempting to make chicken burgers I also made an apple lattice pie, and cooked up some raspberries ready to make something out of.
Apple pie

    This was really nice, and the recipe is just a basic thing from my favourite website.

    The raspberries proved to be something else again, recipe wise. I looked for a basic pie or tart but all I found was custard or frozen ice cream desserts. It would have to be custard then.
    Not finding what I wanted I decided to do my own thing.
    So a raspberry custard meringue pie as compared to a lemon meringue pie….

    The pastry is neat this time round although it shrunk a bit too much on blind baking.


    (Note: don't try and eat ceramic pastry weights like my sister did, they're not so good and you might break your teeth).
    Does this look like I would keep food in here..?

    Pastry is done, and I filled it with thick home made custard and stuffed it in the fridge (for once there is no room to move in there) while I heated the raspberries that I had cooked, sweetened and thickened.


    The raspberry gloop was poured carefully onto the custard and refrigerated once again while I made the marriage. Egg whites and sugar. Nasty stuff but oh so tasty.


    Into the oven with its glossy meringue topping – not as stiff as it should be.

    And all cooked. The proof will be tomorrow when I cut it open.


    Enjoy 🙂

    This morning I found a sticky mess on the bench which resulted from the raspberries maybe being a little runny, and the pastry was well soaked in the juice. While it tasted alright, aesthetically it ruined the look. Definitely something to either fix or eat as soon as it’s made.
    The verdict: 3 + me had a piece, and I was told I could cook more of those any time I wanted. I’ll go with a review like that any day. I liked the minor tartness the raspberries still had that went perfectly with the sweetness of the meringue and creamy custard base.



Birthday Baking Frenzy

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As you may remember, my youngest had his birthday last week and I finally got back ” into the kitchen” (my elder two love those kitchen jokes) to do some baking. I was requested to make several things. Mr 8 … Continue reading

Birthday Meringue – a baking semi-disaster.

Today, 8/2 or 2/8 or to be sure Feb 8th is my second son’s birthday, so Mr 12 turns into Mr 13 at, oh around 9pm tonight.  He’s pretty easy to please (handy at times, a PITA other times) so for his birthday cake he just wants meringue nests with cream & grated chocolate.  That’s easy!  Although there is a little surprise for him tonight when I take him with me to pick up hubby from the airport.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

And what was that semi disaster I mentioned… well I’ve learnt how easy is it to burn a meringue.  Aarrgh!! not happy.

So birthday meringue, take 2.  After I had a very large lot of scrambled egg for my lunch with all those yolks (& 1 whole egg from a busted yolk I couldn’t use).

To make a Meringue or Pavlova you first beat the egg whites…… til soft peaks form

2 egg whites beaten (to within an inch of their sweet life)

and then add the castor (super fine) sugar a tablespoon at a time, this makes sure it is well disolved and the end result is not grainy.  The mix should become smooth and glossy.

egg whites with sugar. Yum!

Mine is green as that is the birthday child’s favourite colour.

Adding in the cornflour (cornstartch) helps to make sure it is thick, and the vinegar helps make sure it doesn’t seperate when cooking.  I added some vanilla instead of the cinnamon suggested.

ready to go... now the fun part. Piping bag!

Nests were requested so out comes the piping bag and I make a bit of a hash of my nests, but the shapes is there.

A bit woogy, but they do look like nests.

Into the oven and a keen eye kept on them.

Cream whipped and chocolate sprinkled on top.

Yum. with chocolate and peppermint crisp.

Plated up & ready to devour!

Keep smiling 🙂

PS.  I have already been requested to do a choc mud cake with strawberries and blue icing (not likely) for Mr 7’s birthday next week.  I have just the one in mind too, it’s delish.  And before you ask,  Mr 15 has to wait til Sept for his.