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Christmas is coming

Christmas has definitely arrived in Woodbridge. My friend Kelly, wwho runs the post office is a wonderful friend and a hoot to be around. (She’s funny, and lots of fun). Once the twelve days of Christmas begin she starts her countdown with a different dress up each day, getting crazier by the day til the 24th arrives.
Along with another friend Sue (who does some actual work there as well) I have helped sort the letters as it gets busier and busier. I’m like the bottom of this pile. Kelly runs the place, Sue is 2IC and I’m just the shit kicker. I come in and head straight for the boxes of letters to sort them into mailboxes.
Everyday Kelly will take a picture and post it on her FB wall. Most of the time I am not there early enough to get in (phew) but this morning I rocked up looking Christmassy so another shot was taken… Left to right yours truly, Sue and Kelly in her gorgeous western Santa hat.
kelly xmas

One thing most people say when they come in is the amount of laughter that floats out the door and through the mailboxes… we do have fun and everyone loves Kelly. My dad has nicknamed her Ned, (Ned Kelly anyone) which is typical of his sense of humour.

I have gotten right into the Christmas spirit by decorating my car with antlers and a red nose… Hubby normally doesn’t like these things (and I have to argue to get my way) but as he is away he said I could do what I wanted. Yay!! Mr 8 thought it was fantastic, Mr 14 & his visiting friend didn’t say much at all, and Mr 16 just grinned and shook his head when I picked him up after work.



Kelly received a bottle of Hartzview Spiced Apple Mead (for xmas, from a customer) while I was there this afternoon and I exclaimed I had one myself into fridge. She then proceeded to write down a recipe for us that I just had to try when I got home. This liqueur, while really good, is not something I would sit and drink on my own, so it has just sat around since I bought it (feb or march I think).
I am going to try a few variations of this, it could be quite nice.
In a tall glass mix together
30ml of Mead, (I think I had about 50ml, any less and it would not have had any flavour to it) ice, good ginger beer, squeeze of lime juice and some mint.
While I had no mint I did the rest and yummo.
I was told it should not be kept in the fridge but used at room temperature. Interesting, as the producers said it is fine to keep cold.
It made a refreshing drink being cold, but for those having a winter Christmas it could be better warmed slightly. I am thinking of trying it with pureed mango to give a little exotic touch to the flavours. And maybe warming it like suggested.

An afternoon of good food…

Today was R&R day.
We slept late – well a later than normal – and after a most relaxing morning with a yummy scrambled eggs lunch we went for a short drive, distance wise anyway, we were gone for a good 3 hours.

The heat was starting to get ridiculous.  After a very hot 39C yesterday today was cooler, 34C but the humidity was off the scale.  I knew I moved out of Mount Isa for a reason, and this was part of it.  Just on the other side of Woodbridge Hill, 20kms away, is a gorgeous little vineyard that overlooks the Hartz mountains in the distance.  Just beautiful.

I had tasted their Spiced Apple Mead 8 years ago and after seeing some in a boutique shop (in Launceston) I knew I had to bring C to see to this place.
We had a tasting session of several liqueurs and Ports before heading to their ‘restaurant’ and enjoying a coffee with a light citrus tart.  Talk about melt in the mouth.

A purchase of Ashgrove Cheese (the place we didn’t get to see yesterday) and my mead, some pics of the view and we drove back over The Hill to find more cheese.

A few kilometres from where I live (I pass this place regularly) is a cheesery made from that specialises in the sheep variety.  They even have 5star ovine accommodation!

We had more tastings… yum! A mutton sausage, Pecorino, Ewe Bewety (a vine-covered blue cheese taste) White Pearl (a soft creamy cheese in oil with herbs – a sweet but savoury cheese perfect for spreading) and a Pinot Paste.  We came home with all these.  A tasting of the Vanilla Whey Liqueur was the icing on the cake.  Devine. And I will be going back to get some another time, along with the Cassis from Hartzview.

So then end of a hot day, after wine and cheese and now I’m feeling rather sleepy.

Keep smiling 🙂