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another blog…?

I have been thinking lately, not sure if that is a good thing, about maybe having a separate blog just for my photos. The idea would be that I still do pictures and their stories here but then have another purely for showcasing photos. Posts would be a title, a location and then just pictures.

There would be some duplicates of what is here but it will be all types of pictures, (from my Marcato blog, and maybe the Woodbridge Market one as well) not just nature. Putting my best pics forward.
Is this a good idea, going for a different genre of follower or is it too much.

I started this train of thought after trawling through all the themes for blogs here trying to find one that i can include some sort of gallery on my page where I don’t have to hassle with codes or needing to change the pictures in a pic widget. (royal PITA). Something that would highlight the pictures, make them stand out.

While my new Marcato blog is good,  I’m still not 100% happy.  The post layout under the top post is not what I want.  I might change it again, probably back to the Twenty Ten theme, although I should upgrade that to Twenty Twelve.
I do like this new layout, Coraline, as the pictures are good, but may go back to a single side widget.

What do you think.  Is a fourth blog worth having a look at, (pun somewhat intended) just for photos or is it too much?

Jennifer 🙂


A new blog and other beady stuff….

Some of you may already know, those who are friends likers on my FB age or MJ as he was the one who prompted me to do it.
I have started another blog, going back to the beginning of why I wanted to blog in the first place. A blog solely for my beads and craft.
Finding a name was stupidly simple, and I now have blog, FB and website of the same name. So for anyone who is interested come on over, and share with any of your readers that are crafty inclined. (marcatodesigns.wordpress.com)
I will be reblogging some of my beady posts from here over the next few weeks but there is heaps I can say otherwise.

I am doing a major over haul on my website and adding more pages, making more categories for my jewellery. I was going to add a shopping cart but last time round it was a waste of money so I will be sorting out something else and any orders will receive a PayPal invoice.

My FB page will operate as usual although I will be sorting out the photo albums and other stuff.

Smiling always 🙂

Time to put my stamp on this place…


Running, beads and pink pajamas.

Ok, never mind the pink pajamas. That was just a throw in. but I did buy some – totally gorgeous!!

My sister arrives tomorrow afternoon/evening for at least the 4 days of Easter, maybe a few days longer.  Three kids (1, 5 & 9) + partner in tow with the car loaded full of all the necessary items we feel are needed for a weekend away.
I make and blog my Hot Cross Good Friday and then will most likely have a break – unless I get the chance to post a quickie picture from my phone that is.

interesting but pointless picture just coz I can.

My week in a nutshell:

– One son at camp made for a slightly quieter house – the other two made up for it though.

– I tidied my bead desk! (yay, now I can see it, for a short time anyway) and have started on some more bits and pieces.  As I type this, I am taking a break from the beads.  I have trouble with a certain application and I have to step away sometimes.

– Running…. eeek!  Those of you that read this post, might think that I am now fit and toned and my worrying is useless.  Hahaha. ~insert much guffawing on my part here~ Well, since I made that post I think I have been back, maybe, twice.  I have been so busy and really haven’t made an effort to include this in my day.  Anyhoo, the Mother’s Day Classic is back.  It’s a fun run/walk on Mother’s Day for survivors  (and their family/friends and anyone else who wants to join in) of Breast Cancer.  Mum sent me the email and asked if I would like to bring the boys and join her this year.  Yes!  This will be blogged about in more detail later.  I am now accountable to you all having said this.

– I have two markets planned (aside from my usual one). One on the 15th and another the first week of May.  Hence the new makes.  I need to get some material out and make more bags.  I bought this awesome pink lacy bra with flowers on it that would make a gorgeous evening bag….hmm, we’ll go there another day maybe.

– Hubby is spending Easter with his parents and one sister – lucky boys (BIL and Dad) are going the races on Saturday night.  Speedway.

– My parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.

– my nails are coming along nicely (really, you want to know this why???).  Since having polish on then I can see where they have grown.  Mind you, it’s only bare millimetres, but grow they have.  I can now tap fingers on the bench and make that cool sound.
Some things are awkward though – picking up beads and texting is getting weird, and the stuff I get underneath them… forever seem to be peeling tiny bits of fruit or veg skin off. Hmm.

– Don’t forget my sale on over at Marcato Designs (40% off atm). Come grab a bargain!

hope you’re all having a dandy day and keep smiling ,
if you’re not, ‘fake it til you make it’

Jennifer 🙂

Market Shout Outs.

It’s another market week and I’ve decided to share with you some of the lovely people I have met over the last couple of months.

Lee-anne is one very busy woman, and as a mother of two teenagers and primary school teacher in Hobart, it’s a wonder she has time to make her beads and jewellery.  Her collections include hat pins, bookmarks, leather bracelets and a wonderful assortment of handmade cards suitable for people of all ages.

Visit her on Facebook, madeit and etsy (leeanneshandmade) and check out her amazing jewellery.




Lee-anne's stall. Oct 2011

Fiona sells F-F-Fun things… a great assortment of foam brooches, photo puzzles, handmade cards, lucky dips for the kids (that have F-F-Fun things), felted  handmade toys-  fun quirky items in bright colours!

Find Fiona on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Fionas-F-F-Fun-Crafts/114260108662600

Fiona's stall Oct 2011


Debbie  sells sea glass… or rather She Sells Sea Glass.  Debbie sources the majority of her glass from Australia but also from England and the US.  She makes beautiful jewellery from these special pieces picked up from beaches everywhere.  Amongst the jewellery are cheese knives, wine stoppers and coffee scoops.  Her jewellery comprises necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

See Debbie on Facebook and take a visit to her website also, https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/SheSellsSeaGlass/


(Sorry, no photo currently)

Catherine is a handbag girl.  She makes beautiful totes using new and upcylced fabrics. Roomy and sturdy they are perfect for all occasions and every girl will love them.  Cathryn also makes delightful passport covers and luggage tags aswell as cute little key rings.

Carrie Bags will be on facebook soon.

CarrieBags smaller than usual stall, Oct 2011

Of course there is my mum, with her gorgeous hand dyed silk scarves and those fluffy can can scarves.  loads of swirly wool knitted into a beautiful cancan scarf.  She also makes wearable art with jackets and vests, wall hangings for everyone and of course, Quilts.  She has won many awards and her quilts are hanging in private collections across the world.

Check out Sue’s blog for more  http://quiltstodyefor.wordpress.com and the new website


I hope some time some of you will come and visit us at a market, it would be lovely to meet our facebook/madeit/etsy/blog-reading followers.


til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer