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Mere animals

So what else happened on Saturday at the zoo.
Quite a few things.
– Crazy ostriches that gobbled food, bag and all. And later tried to eat my camera.

20130819-193419.jpgI didn’t realise I actually got this one until later. A split second before it connected with the camera.

– great cuddly camels that cuddled my son all in the name of getting to the food bucket. he is laughing here, as was I.


– lions that jumped at the glass wall and looked pretty scary, standing at 8ft with that great mane of hair, is impressive to say the least

20130819-193740.jpg. I have a picture of each boy later feeding him.

– and crazy birds that photo bombed me every time I went to get pictures of the other birds. Seriously, every time I was focused on another bird, it would jump up and be there in my lens. This crazy bird would not leave me alone!


The ostriches were pretty full on. They are so fast with their beaks, I think everyone lost the paper bag of food. And so nosy. Wanting to stick their long necks in and see what we were up to. More food, more food…


The lion was quite tame initially. Until someone took a flash photo and that started him off. Well, we think that’s what it was, coz every time her flash went off he jumped on the window. The lioness was not interested in anything. The guide then got his bucket of meat and along pair of tongs and asked who wanted to feed the lion. My boys both got a go and loved it.

The camels were just plain cute. Big and furry and so gentle when taking food from our hands. After the tour was over one of the workers took a ute load of vegetable and fed all the animals. I was too slow to capture it but a camel with a full head of celery poking out of its mouth is pretty funny looking. My boys and another were hand feeding the, broccoli and cabbage and the animals were so gentle, no snatching the food or getting aggressive – unlike the ostriches.

Troll bird. Photo bomb. In the inside aviary there was a large collection of large and small birds, cockatoos and galahs included. I was trying to focus on the gorgeous coloured birds without getting too much cage wire in the picture and this silly cockatoo would keep popping its head up and into my shot. I had to laugh, attention seeking though it was. We left him alone to go for the tour and arriving back a few hours later, there were more people so he left me alone for the most part and I got some ok pictures. A Macaw in the outside aviary


I hope you enjoy the pictures and for more please head over to my other blog and check out posts dedicated to each animal. I’d rather not post bomb you so will drip feed instead with a post a day, or maybe two.

Jennifer 🙂
Ps. I still have plenty of postcards left if anyone is interested in one. Tasmania only scenes. Email me.

Off to the Zoo

~sigh~ where do I start?
It’s been such a long day and I really have more to do, but (a decent) sleep ready to rise early for market will have to take precedence.
After a slightly rushed start this morning we headed off to visit ZooDoo. A small zoo north east of Hobart. It is more a zoo park than traditional zoo but they have an ok variety of animals and are knowledgable about everything they have.
Believe it or not, (actually I see its not that hard to believe it,) some kids have never seen farm animals, so there is a menagerie of those wandering around the park – chickens, geese, sheep and goats.
There are the usual Aussie animals, koalas, a wombat, small kangaroos, emus, parrots, galahs, a trolling cockatoo (yes I’ll tell you about him soon enough), a petting zoo and the like – yes, and several Tassie Devils.

We arrived right on time to jump on their ZooDoo Safari bus and head into the paddocks to feed the emu, ostriches, llama, alpacas and Camels.
Then there was the feeding of the lions, meerkats, visit the reptiles and then feed the Devils.
After that we were on our own so spent the time wandering and taking pictures.

Back to the beginning, at 8.30 this morning. All was going good until we got, oh about, half an hour up the road and dropped the eldest at work. Uh-oh. I had left my spare camera battery at home. It doesn’t normally go flat very quickly but I like it as a safety net, particular as I like to take huge amounts of pictures.
I figured I would just play it safe and not go overboard. Haha, yeah I actually thought that and was able to behave myself till about the last half hour when I just let it rip. And then the battery died.

We left and went for lunch around 12ish, stopping for a picnic (it was outside, so a picnic it was) at Richmond, ten minutes down the road, and sat near the river.

On returning home, about 2.30, I set about doing the things I needed for tomorrow’s market and dinner before picking up the eldest. And as I write this, 10pm, I still haven’t looked at the pictures. And at last count there are over 200 of the suckers. (Am i stupidly patient and controlled??) Some I definitely know are not worth keeping.
I was very good today, and only used the manual mode on the camera, so I’m hoping, fingers crossed, there are more good than bad.

Once I sort the pictures out, here will be several posts on the trip, and a few select animal specific posts on the other blog as well. One of the first will be a post just for the Tassie Devil.

Now to find a quick picture or two to break up the words – once you arrive here, this will be nonsense, but hey, it’s late, I’m tired, so whatever. (It just took 20 mins to get 219 pictures not the iPad, am now really tired)

Hope you have a great weekend,
Jennifer 🙂

Bucket of chow and how my feet felt at the end of it all…