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Sweet Sunday Serenade

For something different. This little guy was so cool, just standing around on the lawn waiting for me to capture him.
End even with the zoom right out, and my unsteady hands, I still got him in focus.
Beautiful weather, perfect for a bike ride,
Have a great Sunday.

I can feel it. It’s coming!

I can feel it.
Summer is fast approaching.
It’s not the beautiful sunny weather.
Or the light breeze.
It’s not the lawn’s first haircut since winter.
Or being able to sit outside and not freeze.
It’s not the cherry blossom on the trees, or the new flowers coming forth from the earth

It’s not just one of those.
It’s all of them, that combined bring that spring feeling of warmer days ahead.
Which means its also time to clean off the bbq and ready the outdoor setting for use.







Although being spring the weather will be all over the place. Wet and windy one day. Sunny and bright the next so….
Get out and enjoy the sunshine while you can 🙂

Sunday visiting…

We went out on Sunday to visit relatives of hubby.  Always a good day.  And the scenery is just brilliant.  They live right on the water.

After a bbq the boys all got out on lawn and played footy and wrestled… I wandered round taking pictures and as is the way, when the whole family is around there have to be group pictures.  I’ve included one of us aswell.

Keep Smiling 🙂

Lazy Saturday Pictures

I spent a quiet little while this afternoon outside with my camera.  It was a beautiful day and on closer inspection of the lawn I found a strange little mushroom.  So I’m lying on the grass and some great snuffly black thing kept invading my vision…. so I just had to get pictures of Mr I-wanna-be-in-the-picture.  Plus some pretty autumn leaves and a flower or two.

(oops, a bad picture got in there)
But it’s a smiley sort of day 🙂