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A day like no other

Some things I learnt today:
– watching movies with a head cold and an ear infection is not a good idea (I swear my head was about to blow off by the time it finished). After a day of rest yesterday I thought I was ready to face the world, not so much.
– first, buying, therefore taking the right medicine is a must to make sure said head does not blow off.
– an afternoon sleep will fix just about anything.
– tea is really good! Hubby asked me how many coffees I’d had today. My answer – I’ve had none since Sunday. I swear he fell of his chair through the phone.
– the supermarket is a place of hell when you have a killer headache, and ears that feel blocked up, with one getting that sharp spike that only comes with infection, and it sounds like everyone is yelling.
– a killer headache is nothing compared to how the people will be feeling who were involved in a four car incident this afternoon in the rain.

Despite feeling like crap the movie was brilliant, I was going to write a review but can’t be bothered now. Just a mention, if you haven’t seen the Lego movie yet, Go and See it!

I’ve graduated several levels of tea drinking. First it was Bushels tea with Lipton honey and lemon tea, then Bushels with Tetley Lemon (and a dash of honey), then I discovered Dilmah Lemon tea at the airport, and today at the supermarket had to make do with the delicious (and soon to be a staple in my pantry) Twinnings Lemon tea. This stuff is perfect.

Computers are a pain in the backside. There are 3 laptops and my iPad in the house. Do you think any of them will do what I want? The iPad will work, but sometimes the laptop is easier as it comes with its own pet (mouse). The laptop I normally use wont let me access WordPress but will open my camera card. Mr 15’s will let me use WordPress but wont recognise the sd card so third time lucky, I’m going to hunt out Mr 17’s and see if i can do both on it and get a few picture posts done, plus the post-market posting I do.

I got an unexpected phone call asking for Mr 10 to go for a play date. ‘It was meant to be for earlier n the holidays and I know school goes back Monday, but is tomorrow ok?’ Tomorrow is perfect, and he will love it. Mr 10’s response? Awesome, what time?
I have known, to see as compared to talk to, this woman for a while, but she has not ever spoken to me. My first impression of was not favourable until I found out a bit of history and had some understanding, and since she sees me when I’m at work, I think she has softened a little.

The weekend is here, I plan on relaxing and getting as much rest as possible as well as being as busy as I can manage. I know that makes no sense whatsoever, but pottering around can be productive, especially if it’s a crap day like it’s been forecast. Oh, and we get to go and vote again, local stuff with people we don’t even know about. Yay. Not.

Have a good weekend, be safe, well and drink lots of tea!

MISSING: Photos. :-/

I one of my old posts ready to go save for a few pictures to jazz it up.
I am now having a mini meltdown as there appears to be photos missing from the computer.  Not many, maybe 7000. Yeah right, not many indeed.

The first time the laptop died I was in mega meltdown mode, to the point that when hubby found and restored all the photos I cried. Tears of joy mind you. 17000+ photos. (I was amazed when I saw that number initially, but really, should I be surprised) This is our whole life from about 2004 onwards.  Not something I want to lose. Documents and the like I don’t care for. Photos are something else again.

It happened a second time and there seems to be pictures still missing. I just didn’t realise how many or what they were. Including, yep, you guessed it,  our latest trip and the one I was trying to post about.
Of course hubby has pictures, but he doesn’t take pictures like I do. He’s way more cautious. I just let it out and go for it. Where he has 10 I’ll have at least 30 of the same things.  Photos are a way of telling stories, and there are some stories we just don’t have now. Memories are all well and good, but pictures add to the atmosphere and stories you tell. Clarification, you might say.

I have looked through folder upon folder, opened everything and checked it out. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
Now I’m pretty sure I took photos of this holiday, I can recall what some of them were, there are always pics of the campsites for starters and I go nowhere without my camera). I have found the 2008 and 2005 trip.
And all the weird miscellaneous pictures I would take of the kids stuff.  I am a photo nazi.

Just coz I’m feeling nauseous from the fact I’ve lost more pictures, that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out.  So I’ll find a few.  First let me get that glass of badly-needed-to-settle-the-nerves-wine… Oops, that went down a little too easily. Where was I? pictures, ok… let’s see what I can find.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


have a good day 🙂




Well. That’s that then I spose.

So, I sent another email to Vista stating that I was going to close my website, and asking about my blog.
The response. Over the 24 hrs they told me – but within 48 – I got an email with a stock standard reply. Not even a “sorry, can we do anything to make you stay” or anything that vaguely resembles something personal. And it looks like I’ll have to cut and paste all my blog posts. The pictures will have to stay unfortunately. After all, they are lurking in the depths of the laptop or external hard drive somewhere. I rarely delete much, well I do, but if it’s been published, then it hasn’t been deleted. Looks like I have some work to do the next few evenings – bah! Boring.

I have adjusted the old website and removed all the pages so now it is a home page with the new address on it. This will stay until I’m done with the blog posts.

My email to Vista and their reply is below. Thanks very much. Not.

“Original Message:
Date Sent: 10/14/2012 05:24

Hi, I sent an email last week regarding my blog and getting all the posts transferred to my new blog address (or directly to me to use) but have not had a reply. I have started my website with another host and would like to take my blog entries with me, rather than lose them when I cancel this subscription. Is there a way I can transfer my posts while keeping the pictures intact without the hassle that cut and paste requires. I look forward to your reply. Jennifer.”

“Dear Jennifer Hawkins:

Thanks for contacting Vistaprint, where it’s easy to make an impression for less.

While we do not currently offer the option to transfer Blog post.

We suggest that you copy the information for your Blogs page before cancelling your service.

We apologize that we are not able to fulfill your needs but look forward to assisting you in the future.

Thank you for choosing Vistaprint.


Sherri-dena Richards
Vistaprint Customer Service”

That’s all they had. Really disappointed in them. I will continue to buy my cards from them, after all there has never been a problem with those.

My day started well, and even after that, still going well. I had my pamper session. Oh the bliss, of someone else washing your hair and getting a head massage with it. With pleasure there is always some pain, and I got that as well, damn stingy eyes. Oh, the price we pay for vanity… I now have the afternoon stretching out ahead of me with only one thing to do before picking up son #2 from the bus stop.

Have a great day and don’t forget to compliment & pamper the ones you love 🙂

iPads, apologies and the flu

And not in that order either.

I shall apologise for 1) not liking or commenting as usual, 2) deleting many blog posts without reading them and 3) for being generally quiet, or quieter than normal.

My aim is to not let my emails get out of control so if I don’t read things with a 24 hr period then I’ve just deleted them.  Beng quiet… from my boys all being some sort of sick over the last two weeks. Between 3 of them have no end of medicine and boys lounging in bed all day, well, sleeping actually. Not rom teenage choice.  I’ve also been working on not getting the flu myslef…panadol, water and mandarins til they come out my ears.. hopefully not literally. So feeling a bit run down and just out of sorts.

My laptop also broke and smart phones are not always too smart, or easy to use. Responding to blogs is just a pain, and there are some things that you can not do on a phone regardless.

That brings me to the last bit. Not only did hubby fix the laptop, but we got me a iPad aswell. So the middle son – who is always hassling me for use of said laptop – now has ne of his own.  Now, as iPads, or tablets n general, are not stand alone items hubby is also fixing up the first net book we got for me use in conjunction.  Aside from the iPods (4) this is the only apple product we have. We are Windows people usually, so it proved a little fun this morning when trying to transfer music from PC to iPad… next I have to figure out ow to move a whole bunch of photos ( don’t think i’ll worry about all 15,000).

On typing this up,  I have resorted to using two fingers by having it at an angle.  Now, having it laying down, I am typing properly, well, better anyway.  I was going somewhere else with that, I wanted to say, that while typing this I realised how many electronic items we have here. There are five people in the house and we have 3 tv’s, 4 laptops, 1 iPad, 1 each x-box & PSP, 5 iPods,  make that 4 tv’s, 1 playstation 2, then there is the t-hub which has internet and radio aswell as being the phone and answering machine…

Yeah, I think we have enough stuff.

How many of these items do you have, and how many in your family?

I thought maybe we have too much, but even though we could easily get away with less (i know some who would not be happy, if I’m honest, I ould be one of them) we certainly don’t have as much as some people.  And we are the first to admit, that as parents we said we would not do this or that, and now look at us.  Not so much bad parenting, or giving in, priorities and thoughts change, and we grow up.  Learning a lot from our kids along the way. Hell I’ve had to ask Mr 16 for help with computer issues many times over since he was about 11 or 12.

Keep smiling,  😀



Ps. This is something I will have to get used to.  A completely different  approach to spell check etc. So if there are more mistakes than normal I apologise.

Dead laptop

The title says it all. My laptop died today and it’s 6 days til hubby gets home to look at it.
So posts will be short and sweet via the phone (or the odd times I borrow son’s laptop).

This also means although I can read all your blogs I may not be able to comment as usual.

I have been busy with new makes and have a market this weekend.. 🙂

Keep smiling (what did we ever do before computers and the net)