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As if I’ve not got enough to do already…

I knew this day would come, but I’m so good at procrastinating that I was hoping to put it off for some time longer. I finally filled my SD card on the camera – ok, that in itself is not an unknown thing, but on my walk this morning with the intent to take loads of pictures, the point was reached where I could take no more. I am usually pretty good and at the end of each month move and/or delete said pictures. Well, I’ve been procrastinating, not wanting to get stuck with this mundane job, that I’ve now got 1100 pictures dating back to November.
Eek! ย So along with everything else I now have to sit and do it. Maybe that will teach me something. Well, of course it will, but will I learn from it, probably not this time round. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did get a few nice pictures. I’ve not had the inclination to go out with the camera, but an odd comment on one of my photos prompted me to get back out. It was the photo not the comment that did this.

So with less chatter, I’ll get another coffee and prepare myself to spend some time at the laptop. IMG_2471

Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

What is the time??

Here I sit, watching the clock, wishing I could go to bed. Curl up in the warmth and dream. But no,I have to wait it out and then go out in the cold, drive a half hour to collect my son from work and come home. It doesn’t stop there. He has to start work again at 9 tomorrow. Which means, no sleep ins for anyone, washing being done at midnight and then the dryer at 7 when we get up.
One small problem, the clock I am watching stopped and hour ago, and the laptop hasn’t converted to daylight saving time, so is an hour behind. I wish it was still an hour ago. But then I would still be doing market blog work and no closer to going to bed.
I wont finish this before i have to leave – 5 mins, 10.30pm – and will probably do it when I get back. In my warm bed.

This was part of the post I was getting ready last night. I arrived home and at five to midnight I had added my link and pressed publish… I have no idea where it was published to. The never never I spose.
I just realised it Saturday, I knew it was, but sometimes you have that appointment and its way off in the future and the next thing you know, it’s today!! That’s how it is today.

All the work we’ve been doing on the market blog and its looking pretty good now. Initially it still looks the same, but we have lots of new pages – it’s a veritable one stop shop for the market now.
It’s certainly taken on a life of its own. I won’t go into it here, pop over yourself (blog link) and have a squiz, let me know what you think. Is there anything we might be missing?? There is one page I need to update, but that will come soon enough.

Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

My Mad Monday – misc.

It’s more of a productive Monday, with me settling in to do all the computer work that needs to be done but is frequently put aside for betterย more fun things.
Unfortunately, there is always something that needs to be done on the computer, and no matter how productive it is, I feel I could be using my time better elsewhere. Sitting around on the laptop can be quite counter productive.
This morning I’ve got the ‘get up and go’ happening. Starting with two and half hours doing good stuffs with 2 coffees, then a shower, bowl of cereal and pop this post up to keep you, my loyal legion of fans, happy for another day or so while I get onto the other important stuffs. And I was just told that tomorrow I will be out most of the day with hubby attending to other business.

One of my laptop jobs is going through my drafts folder in each blog and doing a tidy up after I cleaned up my spam yesterday – finding some lost people in the process, sorry about that, it’s pretty scary in there.

Enough on that, so without further ado, here are a couple of creative writing pieces I found. The first from a friend back in College, 1991 when we were 17/18, the second from yours truly.

“You say you love me”
You say you love me,
but I’m not so sure.
I saw the way you looked at her
my heart went through the floor.
You say you don’t care for her or her love anymore,
but your eyes are filled with love and affection for her.
I can’t stand it anymore.
You say you love me
but now,
I’m not so sure.
Selina Kubach, 18/5/91

‘Home on the moor” ย Edited briefly as I wrote from the original.
Hand in hand they strolled across the moor, warm against the icy wind in thick jumpers and scarves. Woolly beanies keeping the chill off their heads. Pausing to look backwards, they can see the river, winding like a snake through the rushes, green and brown, glowing in the sunset, waving in the wind. A place of great beauty where wild animals roam, and flowers bloom blending sweetness with the rugged vastness.

Further on wards they walk, pushing against the wind, the sun dips below the horizon and darkness settles in. They know this path,, they walk it every day, yet when the fog settles in, quite suddenly it seems, they feel isolated and lost.
The path gets steeper, as they wind their way around the lonesome hill. Their house sits at the top, perched precariously against the rocks. The fog lifts as quickly as it arrives and the sky is dark and clear.
The wind picks up, and they stop near a tree, to huddle and watch. A lone hawk circles, searching for prey, anything that might brave the weather. ย He leaves with empty beak and the pair continue on their way. ย A darkness comes over them, darker than the night, and looking up, they see the shadow of a storm cloud that promises a war upon the earth.
An eerie silence envelopes them as they make the final dash to the front door, the calm before the storm. ย As the door is closed, the fury is unleashed and the tin roof becomes a source of thunder with the rain, lightening fills the rooms with light for the briefest of seconds, over and over again.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the storm subsides and passes on, they sneak a look from their window. The river is bulging and trees are down. The moor resembling more a war zone than a place of endless beauty.


Picture from this awesome website here
Now, as another of my friendly bloggers would say, time for another coffee!
Happy Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

Alfresco Saturday – multi tasking


After 10, my house,
Cool and slightly overcast.
Breakfast, coffee, and trying to be organised.


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iPad = iHappy :)

As most of you know by now I am the proud new owner of an iPad. A early birthday present we’ll say. Bigger than a phone, smaller than laptop and a lot easier to lug around with me as I’m regularly out of the house, often waiting for kids, (+= the battery in the laptop is… not so good any more).

Apple is not something we are overly familiar with, and as I am not very IT wise or computer literate it was going to be fun interesting to say the least. It has been 4 days and what can I can say, it has been heaps of fun. There is a certain learning curve, and no mouse to fall back on (plus the weird spell check) but I’m doing it all myself. And that is important to me, to learn on my own.
Having an Android phone there were certain apps that were only available on iphone/iPad but this means now I can have the best of both worlds.

This mornings blog post was a bit of a failure initially. On seeing the fog I grabbed iPad and went to test the camera, thinking I would just ‘share’ the pics like I would on the phone. Zzzt! Wrong move. I found out the wordpress I was using wouldn’t accept the pictures. So back to the drawing board.
It’s been interesting learning how different it is from my phone. I’ve downloaded a manual – all 144 pages of it – to work through on how to do stuff. The first chapter has helped me with one thing already that I was making look very awkward and weird. Nothing unusual there though.

So some research has had to happen to help make this work properly and also so I can make full use of what it has to offer. This post is being written on the WordPress iOS app rather than the shortcut to the actual WordPress site. So far so good, so long as I can upload pictures. And replying to comments others make is so much easier aswell. Almost as good as the laptop, which is a big thing for me to say.

As we all know – assuming none of my readers live under a rock – a tablet is not a stand alone item, and so there has to be a way to transfer pictures and other items from your PC. Is all very well to just use the USB cable while at home, but do you really want to carry a laptop round when you go out. Kind of defeats the purpose of a tablet (or in my case: handbag sided computer and my bag is so big, so it will prob get lost). Anyway, hubby rings me yesterday and says get on eBay and check this thing out… Ok then. Woah. Now that is cool. A connector that fits into the iPad and the other end will take a USB, SD card and some other card I don’t use. That is so cool, and of course the perfect accessory! Clever people out there. So, all you need now is an external hard drive (being the size of a smart phone, it’s easy to carry) and your connector. Done. Do all the hard work at home, and take it with you. Plus, if you like to take lots of pictures, just pop in the sd card and you’re ready to roll.
Actually, now all I need is a bag. Wonder where I will find one of those??

I had been looking at tablets for some time now and trying to figure out how to approach hubby to get one with out sounding like “me me me”. Something easier to cart around, smaller and lighter, yada yada yada…so how cool was it when he mentioned it himself about using frequent flyer points to get one. Once it was out there, the was no going back. We still have the points, they’re being saved for something else, equally as special.
If I’m going to be honest, as a non fan of apple, I wouldn’t have picked this out first. But, I have to admit, apple or not, I am loving it. It is incredibly user friendly, which for me is the best thing. No tears of frustration and getting cranky.

What is it with companies these days? Why do things not come with a manual anymore? (first my phone and now this amongst others) I am not a 16 or 30 year old computer whiz. I dislike having to google everything just to figure out where to put my contacts…(this is on my phone, turns out I was missing ONE step, which made all the difference)
So far we (& I) have had to google half a dozen things to do something. Really?? Grr. But if I can work it out, and make it do what I want then I’ll be happy. On my own? Even happier.

I’m looking forward to learning what else I can do. Along with my music I have pages open all over the place and can scroll between them now and not look like some retarded person (no offense, sorry, but you should have seen me before I knew what to do, lol)
The only thing I don’t have on this WordPress is a spell check. And we all know I NEED spell check. So it will come down to reading and re reading slow-ly to make sure everything is good.

Happy (apple) camper ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s add another picture from this morning and see if it works.