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Book review – Vokhtah

We’re in a book shop. Which direction would you go. What genre would you make a bee line for?
For me, the sci-fi/fantasy section would be last on the list. Well, maybe a tie with politics, but you get the idea. Not my cup of tea.
So it was a surprise to me after reading the blurb of a fellow bloggers book that I opened the wallet and bought it. It drew me in and I was compelled to check it out.

I like my books with real life characters and places, things I can relate to. Words I can pronounce (mostly anyway). I don’t mind watching the odd sci-fi or fantasy styled movie, I am a visual person like that, but books have to be based on something ‘real’, whether it’s murder and mayhem, espionage, humour or the odd chick-lit.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Except that it had to draw me in long enough to want to finish it. And it did that. I was surprised to find that although it was a struggle sometimes, without a solid picture in mind of scenes, I was determined to finish the book. There are not many I have not finished and I didn’t want to add this to the list.

By the time I was a quarter through the story started warming up and I was now curious to find out what happened. A few times I was confused as to what was happening and where characters were in relation to the others and the rest of the story, but these times were short lived by back reading a bit. (I tried to read it as quickly as possible to eliminate this from happening again, I think 2 days is not bad)

The main characters were definitely likeable and I found myself hoping they would survive. The storyline was solid and yes, everything well described. Astonishing well. I would have liked a map of the planet and where they travelled to give me a better perspective (maybe the book itself has one) so I could follow along with the visual; a list of the hierarchy would have been helpful also. On the other side, it did include a dictionary and pronunciation guide which proved helpful.
Over all a very well written, exceptional novel which I am glad I read. I may not be a sci-fi convert but this was well worth the read. If you like the genre, get the book!!

Vokhtah by A.C. Flory is available on Amazon and you can read her blog here at Meeka’s Mind.

This was written from the mind set of someone whose idea of sci-fi starts and ends with the likes of Star Trek, (which has not been watched) and who prefers her books with more human than alien characters.

Happy reading 🙂

Is it a road trip if its only for 1 night?

Car packed – check. (Mr hook, you would be proud, my awesomeness at packing jigsaws worked again… 😉 lol)
Bags packed – check. Although as the weather is more inclement than first forecast, so some wardrobe changes were needed. One night, 2 small overnight bags.
Snacks/wallet/other stuff – check
Bus tickets for the return trip – omg, where did I put them, shit, now I have to print them again…. what’s in this stack of papers, oh, phew, there they are. CHECK!
Kindle, camera, etc & chargers – check.

Ok, we’re all set, I just have to get the kids off to school and drive over to mums.

This weekend is the Deloraine Craft Fair from Friday 1st to Monday 4th. Mum is attending this year (4.5x3m booth) with her gorgeous silk and dyed scarves, quilts and covered books along with hand dyed materials and I am going up with her today to help set up and then catching a bus home tomorrow. Hubby will meet me in Hobart.
Mum only has a small car, 4 doors and a hatch boot, and we got everything in easily with room to spare for bags. Those ladies we used the other day. Sitting Lying back and centre for all followers to see, in all their naked booby glory…. We’re sure to get a few looks on the highway with them.

If the weather clears up as promised there will be some pictures.

Think I need another coffee before we go. Maybe I can wangle buying one on the way. Driving and coffee work well together.

Have a great day 🙂

Book vs e-reader

Don’t expect this to be some in depth analysis of each and which is better. My regular readers (hahaha, no pun intended) should know better than that.
Rather than wanting to put too many books on the iPad (loads of music’s so much better) I started seriously thinking about a kindle after seeing the new one out for a very cheap price. (plus I only got the 16GiPad, so no room for too any books)

I love to read and there is nothing better than curling up with a paperback on the couch in front of the fire, or snuggled in bed. A kindle kind of takes away the romance out of it. Even a killer thriller.

Book vs e-reader… ?

This was one of those things I had always wondered why you would bother… I had no need for one so I didn’t see the point. Naive, sure, but more of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

E-reader vs book…?

I’m not the best at Internet research. I find it a waste of time. No, rather, time I could be doing other things.
But research I did, and then went into my local Big W to see what they had and chat with the doufus on the counter. Not very helpful except to say that he new lots people with them and they loved them. He was, how shall I put it, not the sharpest tool in the shed, to be the lying-just-to-get-sales person.

Book vs e-reader..?

Needless to say I bought it. Would I be writing this if I hadn’t?
Do I have to say it? I love it.
Sure I only got the WIFI one and it will only hold 1400 books but I love it.
What?! ONLY 1400 books. Surely I don’t need more than that? I think it would take me a while to read that many anyway to worry about another 1600.

Now while I can see the point of the new kindle with colour (pictures anyone?) or the one with a built in key pad, hell even the ‘touch’ one. This is the one I was spoked to get. I just want it to fill with books to read. Nothing more, no net surfing or anything. Don’t need colour to read a book. I don’t anyway. WIFI is all I need, upload at home – and they lied too, well so far, it’s all lies. They said books downloaded in a 60 sec. More like 10! Lol – and then keep it in my bag for reading anytime I like.

I’ve already read 2 books and there are about 25 more there ready to go. And I love it Not, yes you read that right, Not, having a touch pad. It won’t get bumped accidentally and flip about the pages or anywhere.

E-reader vs book…?

Each definitely has their place. It comes down really to personal choice. D you not have room to have lots of bookcases? Or don’t want them. Then yes, you should get one.
Do lots of traveling? Even better. No heavy books to lug around and break your back. Like to read but no room to hide a book at work, it’s perfect.

It is also tiny!! Really, no bigger than my hand. Ok, a little bigger, but it sits comfortably in my hand Plus the battery will last up to two months depending on use. That’s cool, I will probably forget all about it until I need the charger when I have no where to plug it in.

I will still enjoy my actual books, there are several I have bought and not read yet, but this is going to be a well used little investment, and extremely good value for money. (Something else I look for).

Now the weather is crap, sposed to be Spring, but I think winter is having one last Hurrah, so I will take my coffee, my kindle, maybe look for an actual book and head of to curl up under the doona.

Happy reading 🙂

Phone, iPad and kindle…