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Another re-furbishment. Re-dressing the basket.

At last week’s market, while crossing the road, coffee in hand I flicked my eyes over the  outside the hall.  Bingo – I see wicker baskets!  I am loving these as they are light and easy to carry, and once full let’s people rummage around in them.   The basket I wanted was too deep but there was another that was just right.  Although it was covered in an icky red floral material, it was perfect.

my new basket - before

Draping the white satin (I had used for protection elsewhere) in it I filled it with my earrings and then re jigged the table so it would fit.

Once at home again on Tuesday I set about pulling it apart and gluing the white satin into it.  I’m starting to get the hang of it, and this one looks really good.  I sew a pale pink trim and then add a bow on one corner (I mis-measured the trim and there was an inch or two missing it) and it looks good as new and just what I like for my displays.

pulled apart and ready to be re-dressed.

all finished and ready to go to market.

I will get better pictures of my table this week at Snug and post them up.

Now, if only I could use two tables it would be fab!

What old pieces have you picked and seen the potential with to decorate for your house or market stall?

Keep smiling, 🙂


decoupage part 3…

and I promise this is the last one.

While adding the finishing touches (sounds good, but they’re not the right words..)
More precisely, getting my act together and sorting out what I am taking to the market this weekend I set up the new box to see how it would work…items in the bottom overflowing like a jewellery box at home, fine. Items draped over the top, not so fine.   After trying a few things like pins and elastic – bzzzt, Fail, I troop off to see mum and is she had any ideas.  Of course she had ideas.  A trim, a strip of velcro and there you go.
I’ll let the picture show you, and for the record I had just enough ribbon, with 1cm left over…

trim with velcro base

velcro top with trim sewn on

necklace held in place - sturdy but still easy to access.

So we shall see how it all works on Sunday… I may even post some pics from the market.

Keep smiling 🙂

Decoupage part 2….

let’s just say it doesn’t look as neat as the first part…

(I am not really in the mood/writing frame of mind to write but this needs to be done, as I know if I don’t get it out soon, then it wont happen… and what’s the point in part 1 if there is no part 2..??)

I got everything out and covered the table with paper, always a good start.

base of box glued, ready to do insides...

Roughly measured out the pink for my base and then set about glueing it on.  Getting the base on was easy enough, now came the hard bit… the sides and inside edge.  The excess is trimmed once everything is glued in and flattened out.  Well that is the idea anyway.

Hard would not be quite the word, but tricky, fiddly and awkward certainly are.

back of the box where the hinges are

inside of the box.





Once the base cover went in – damn, it’s crooked – I put a strip of ribbon around the base where the two pieces meet.  Not really sure that it looked any better, but there was plenty of white spotty material left over, so that will be work as a filler for display purposes, covering up any shonky work.

Ta-daa! finished box, all ready to go.

If it works out, yippee!, if it doesn’t, I have a great box for my own jewellery needs (of which I really need to de-stash and figure out what I want to keep…)








Til next time, keep smiling 🙂