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Microsoft vs Mac

My boys love these. They’re regularly coming to me with the new one or making me listen in the car.
I heard this one today, and decided that as Windows people – never mind my iPad and the 4 iPods we have – I should share.
There are oodles of them all over YouTube, apparently the Darth Vader vs Hitler is pretty clever.


Jen 🙂

iPads, apologies and the flu

And not in that order either.

I shall apologise for 1) not liking or commenting as usual, 2) deleting many blog posts without reading them and 3) for being generally quiet, or quieter than normal.

My aim is to not let my emails get out of control so if I don’t read things with a 24 hr period then I’ve just deleted them.  Beng quiet… from my boys all being some sort of sick over the last two weeks. Between 3 of them have no end of medicine and boys lounging in bed all day, well, sleeping actually. Not rom teenage choice.  I’ve also been working on not getting the flu myslef…panadol, water and mandarins til they come out my ears.. hopefully not literally. So feeling a bit run down and just out of sorts.

My laptop also broke and smart phones are not always too smart, or easy to use. Responding to blogs is just a pain, and there are some things that you can not do on a phone regardless.

That brings me to the last bit. Not only did hubby fix the laptop, but we got me a iPad aswell. So the middle son – who is always hassling me for use of said laptop – now has ne of his own.  Now, as iPads, or tablets n general, are not stand alone items hubby is also fixing up the first net book we got for me use in conjunction.  Aside from the iPods (4) this is the only apple product we have. We are Windows people usually, so it proved a little fun this morning when trying to transfer music from PC to iPad… next I have to figure out ow to move a whole bunch of photos ( don’t think i’ll worry about all 15,000).

On typing this up,  I have resorted to using two fingers by having it at an angle.  Now, having it laying down, I am typing properly, well, better anyway.  I was going somewhere else with that, I wanted to say, that while typing this I realised how many electronic items we have here. There are five people in the house and we have 3 tv’s, 4 laptops, 1 iPad, 1 each x-box & PSP, 5 iPods,  make that 4 tv’s, 1 playstation 2, then there is the t-hub which has internet and radio aswell as being the phone and answering machine…

Yeah, I think we have enough stuff.

How many of these items do you have, and how many in your family?

I thought maybe we have too much, but even though we could easily get away with less (i know some who would not be happy, if I’m honest, I ould be one of them) we certainly don’t have as much as some people.  And we are the first to admit, that as parents we said we would not do this or that, and now look at us.  Not so much bad parenting, or giving in, priorities and thoughts change, and we grow up.  Learning a lot from our kids along the way. Hell I’ve had to ask Mr 16 for help with computer issues many times over since he was about 11 or 12.

Keep smiling,  😀



Ps. This is something I will have to get used to.  A completely different  approach to spell check etc. So if there are more mistakes than normal I apologise.

Face the corner… Dunce!

Huh…? What have you done now..?
Nothing, really. I’m a good girl.
Ipod is booming – it has to be so I can zone out – I step up to the mark, punch in a few details and set the machine going….as I pound the conveyor belt I notice… the wall!!
I jog, for thirty minutes, facing the wall like a naughty school kid – all I need is a black pointy hat (actually, might be one hiding in the cupboard for those b witchy moments)…
Next time I go,  I’m moving the damned machine.

I should really take a picture to hang there... a long winding road maybe, light at the end of the tunnel...

I think, better yet, one of my lovely eye candies could help ease the load…

Now, though I need to re sort the music – how is it that I emptied and refilled iPod with music and it seems to be worse than the last lot…pfft.

Keep smiling, it wont last long, coz then you trip and end up arse-over on the floor looking real clever! 🙂

52 week challenge…

this weeks photo challenge was “tools”.  How we interpreted that was up to us, and there have been some interesting pictures posted.

My entry incorporates my ipod as a ‘tool’ – without certain tools, one cannot work properly…

my tools (some of them anyway) + the music tool.

Til next weeks photo, keep smiling 🙂