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The Bus Trip to Heaven – a short story.

The bus wound its way the edge of the cliff. Precariously positioned on the narrow road, it was an odd feeling, considering when she looked out of the opposite window, there were rolling green hills, with animals and houses dotted around. She had never been to such a place, and the sheer beauty (as well as the sheer size of the cliff) took her breath away. At every corner there was a new view, another mountain in the distance, a waterfall that seemingly springs from nowhere, a village tucked away in the foothills. Strange yes, but somehow it all made total sense. It was every beautiful scene she had ever seen or dreamed of, all in the one place.

They had been driving now for several hours, and what surprised her the most was the other passengers. Some were completely ignoring the view, others looked bored and some like herself, that were spellbound.
Except for one. A young man sat near the front, facing away for her, not moving. Still as a statue. But she could see his reflection and his face was constant movement of emotions. Like her own she imagined, but his was different, as though this was a strange new world, and he was almost scared of the trip. Maybe it was a certain naivety on his behalf. She wondered why he would be scared, seeing views like this would not mean something scary at the end of the road.

The road started climbing into the hills next to them, winding in and around the natural shape of the earth. Ahead of them lay a large area of bush land and looking closely, she could see the road disappear into the darkness. The road kept winding, feeling almost as though it were tying them in a knot. She started to feel dizzy, no lights anywhere, and with no certainty of their direction the bus suddenly felt stiflingly closed in. “Will it ever end?” was her thought on the cusp of fainting.
Rounding one last bend and the sunlight appeared as if out of nowhere, and between the faint feeling and the sudden light, her head started pounding with an impending headache. “Seriously, just what I need” she whispered to herself whilst reaching for her water bottle. Where was her water bottle? She was sure she had bought it with. That was really annoying.

Looking around she was surprised by the other passengers, still, unimpressed by the beauty of the place. Why, how could you not be affected by this.
It was then she noticed it. The young man was no longer in his seat. She looked all over the bus, front and back. No, he wasn’t anywhere. Where did he go? And what about the two kids behind her, and the old lady on the back seat.
She tried to call out, but no voice came. She tried again. Still, no voice. Standing up from her seat, although it was more like she was floating, in a panic she tried to call out, to get someone’s attention. Nothing would come out, and it was as though no one could see her.
The driver had seen her and after she started to approach him, he called out, and in an instant she was back in her seat. How did that happen, she hadn’t moved and yet she was again seated. And it was also then she realised how quiet it was. there was no noise, no engine from the bus, no chattering. What was this place, she pinched herself, was she in a dream. More like a nightmare.
She started shaking uncontrollably, scared, until an older lady sat beside her, calming her with a touch.
“It’s ok my dear, we all have to take this trip, it’s been so long since I was here, but now it’s your time. Don’t be scared now”
She looked up “Grandma! What are you doing here?.. but you’re dea..how did you get here…?”
“Yes dear, remember when you were just a child, of 8 if I remember, and I was in the hospital. You brought me a picture you drew, flowers, and us both dancing in the sunshine”
Sitting in stunned silence, she looked at her grandma, who looked exactly like she had 10 years earlier.
There were no words for such a long time, it felt like an eternity. The understanding crept in, and she remembered exactly where her body was.
“Where are we? What is this place?”
“On our way to Heaven dear. I’ve been sent to help you through. As with everyone here, they have their helpers, a guide if you will. Some have left already, and the young man you were watching, he’s still alive, it’s why he was so scared, it wasn’t his time yet. You’re nearly ready, and we’re nearly there”
Heaven? No, not now.
“But.. my family, mum and dad…” her voice trailed away, even though it was all just thoughts.
“They’ll be fine my dear, they’ve come to accept your passing is inevitable. They’ll survive, in time”

They rounded another bend before she could say anything else and the view that greeted them was beyond anything in her wildest dreams. The sight was such she swore she could hear the angel song of harps, and the butterflies and flowers all around made her heart sing.


The family stood huddled around her bed, tears threatening each of them. A woman sat close, holding the hand of her daughter watching her chest rising and falling gently, slowing. “I wonder if grandma is there with her, I hope so” a young man, her brother, stated, “it would make her feel comfortable, welcome”
They had been here with her for several days, the illness had ravaged her body, and it was about to take the last vestige of life. She was too young to go, but they knew this day was coming, had prepared for it. They would survive, slowly learn to move on. To live again.
Her body stirred, and she took one last breath, a sharp intake of air and then… nothing. Her chest stopped moving, her eyes settled beneath her closed lids and a single tear rolled down her cheek.


Hope you enjoyed that one which started out as they tend to do, on another track altogether.
Jen 🙂

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

This was my day. I had plans to write a completely different post until I got two lots of bad news, and sat in wonder at the…at the absolute waste and sadness of it all.
I had organised this day to within an inch of its life (after the new events I really shouldn’t say that) and all was going well, one or two small hitches but it all came together.
The best news of the day was that my eldest now has his licence. His P plates, that licence to drive without adult supervision. When I first heard of the minor dilemma, I was angry, then later realised I am happy I wasn’t there or I would’ve had a meltdown. Seriously, that’s where I am at the moment. But dilemma aside, he drove capably and is now licensed to drive, and barely got home before he took off to collect his girlfriend and take her out. I fear I shall never see him again…. (Again, not a good choice of words).

The other cool thing, mr 14 often misses out on things, so I really wanted today to go to plan so I was able to attend a mini awards ceremony. The Mystate Student Film Festival. Even though our school didn’t win anything, or even have our movie shown, we were one of the finalists which, when going up against some the bigger schools, is no mean feat. There were show bags – really good popcorn, a bottle of water and a rubber piggy bank. (We snavelled extras to take home, for the family). I must say there were some very good movies there, even for the younger age groups, which were about the 11 & 12 year olds.
Part of this post was to include a picture with a whole “outfit supplied by” caption, but I felt too frivolous and shallow posting things like that when there is so much else happening.
A third good thing, (I’m working really hard to find good things to write if you haven’t noticed) was mr 9. He is a force to be reckoned with, but generally well behaved. I had him walk to the post office to be ‘babysat’ til nan and big bro picked him up, and when I called in too say thanks, I was told he was quiet as a mouse and very well behaved. And then she called me a walking licorice allsort.

The last 3 days have been all shitty news. Death that is not foreseen, that happens when you least expect it, is the pits. And that’s putting it nicely. And whatever you thoughts of Christmas, when you leave a spouse and children behind, it becomes even more heartbreaking. A parent should never have to bury their child, no matter the age. I’m just happier with the latest news that hubby asked me to check the text he sent me and we were on the phone when I found out. Trying to talk while you are both crying is not good, and when there is 2000k between you, it make sit a little harder.
Death has affected some or all of my family in one way or another this week, and not only do I have to deal with end of school stuff and booking in when I can work, but now I have to let them know there is a funeral to go to.

But life goes on. It will be hard for many people for quite some time, and all we can do is be there for them. Christmas will never be the same, not in the near future anyway. I don’t want to face the day my parents are no longer here, but how do kids, who are younger than my youngest, cope with such a huge thing.

Normally when feel sad, I would go and do something to make my self feel better, but right now, I’m going to just stay this way, and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, a day to start moving along, and get things organised. I won’t forget, but I won’t let it dictate my next move either.
I briefly thought about not finishing a post about Christmas after this, but controversial or otherwise that it may be, I will still do it. It is not taking away from anyone’s beliefs, or what you choose to do.

Be well and be safe.
Tell you loved ones how much they mean, you never know when today may be the last.

Jennifer. xx

This is not my picture but it fits my mood at the moment. It was kindly sent to me by Professor VJ Duke.  I had ideas about  writing a short story based around the picture. I am still working on this slowly.

This is not my picture but it fits my mood at the moment. It was kindly sent to me by Professor VJ Duke.
I had ideas about writing a short story based around the picture. I am still working on this slowly.