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Easter Buns

Ahh, that coffee is soo good.  Now where was I, yes.  So Good Friday has come and gone (or you’re still in it depending on where you are) and a Good Friday it was. I finally got my sleep in, took a nice long walk and did some Easter baking. I’m glad I didn’t post this yesterday now, as the end product worked much better the second time round, at 10pm. Go figure. I think the whole kitchen was warmer after dinner so the yeast was more comfortable.

I was thinking titling this ‘buns in the oven’ but that has a complete other meaning and I didn’t want to freak anyone out.
Easter baking. Hot cross Buns in particular.  I was looking around my favourite cooking site to see what recipes I could use for my hot cross buns when I remembered the one I had last year.  Perfect, now to actually find it. Two pieces of paper photocopied from the newspaper.  Thankfully they weren’t hidden too far into the pile of recipes I had re located.
As is the way with yeast cooking, there is always down time while things are rising so I needed to make sure I had up to 3 hours to do this job. Yup, 2.5hrs+

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of peel in my mixed fruit, so I chose to make a mix of sultanas and glacé cherries. Keeps most of us happy (my boys are fussy and at least one of them won’t eat fruit bread or sultanas) and no one seems to miss the peel.IMG_6679
Starting a blog post while things get started is always fun, the post gets muddled up with all sorts of comments like the one that folllows
…Ooh, look out, the yeast mix has gone all frothy, I best get back to mixing.
Ten minutes later. Dough mixed, kneaded and now sitting in a warm place rising. While I fold washing and other mundane chores for up to 90 mins…

Why is it, that when I am ready to sit and have some lunch and more coffee, the buzzer goes off and I knead my buns. (Yes I went there)
Ah well, my bad timing.
My buns were not in very good shape, and were not the best reuslt I could have asked for, Yummy, yes, but really not so good as HCB.


These are laughable now, while I was not impressed yesterday, today they are wose than laughing stock.IMG_6685It did taste pretty good, hot and fresh with melted butter.

I had to make more. I’m not feeding an army, nor is family going to be here. I just had to do it again.  And besides, what ever is not eaten will get frozen to eat when ever I feel like fruit bread.
And this is what they are supposed to look like in the process. Nicely risen in the bowlIMG_6690And looking like buns ready to bake. Funny how that works when you actually roll them into buns that they look like them.


Hot Cross Buns, take 2. very good, I’ve just finished a toasted one for breakfast.

Have a fun and safe Easter, and if you’re working, suck it up. That’s how she rolls. (Hubby is at work, so I can say that about him at least)
Jennifer 🙂



Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all – don’t eat too many chocolates.. lol. Yeah as if that’s that going to happen.

I wasn’t going to pop in but I just had to change my header to something more eggciting.

Have a good day, I’m off for hot cross buns breaky 🙂


Hot Cross Good Friday

First up – Happy Easter to all.   Regardless of how you celebrate, be safe and have fun! 🙂

A week or so ago I posted about going on a baking frenzy this morning making all sorts of Hot Cross gooodies… I am now exhausted. And the weekend hasn’t even started yet. Several coffees, sinks full of dishes (washed as I went – I have to do it) and flour all over the bench and I have some extra yummy Hot Cross Muffins (yummo!) Buns – yes I’ve got the yeast thing working and then a Hot Cross Tea Bread. Tea Bread?? I’ve never heard of it either, but it seems to have worked, it’s quite heavy but if you wait a minute I’ll take a bite… mm, gobble, licking fingers… yeah, it’s a fruity tea bread. Very nice indeed.

Last year I started using yeast again after not having done anything since college.
Read here about that one.
So I am now a seasoned yeast user (hmm, that just sounds weird) so I was more than confident in wanting to make my own hot cross buns. That sounds a bit cocky, but I think you get my drift.  Yeast can be difficult to work with (like kids and animals… ) because if the liquid is too hot the yeast dies and not hot enough, it just doesn’t work and you end up with rock hard bread instead of light fluffy bread.

With coffee in hand on the bench I got to work on the buns.  Yeasty bubbles in the milk – Yay! and then while it was proving my little helper and I made the hot cross muffins. No yeast in these and in 45 mins were finished and out of the oven.  Icing crosses (yeah, kind of crosses) were spooned on and I cleaned up.

yeasty milk mixture - co-operating. It's nice when things just work.

muffins before....

While the buns were still proving I was able to get the tea bread yeasty going.  Again, bubbles all over the milk means a happy cook here.
The buns were cooked and glazed and while my tea bread finished rising  I walked the dog & took a bun and muffin to friends at the shop down the road.

odd looking buns reading for their second rising

Bun Bread in the oven, I finish cleaning and thought about lunch – I was starving. Four hours, 2 coffees and a walk certainly works up the appetite.
Mini tin of tuna with crackers  and some tea bread, more coffee and, I should probably come clean. I cheated.  ~hangs head in shame~  I have said that we don’t follow Easter religiously except for the Fish thing. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what we do.  But I grabbed a meat pie from the shop while I was there. It was very good.  And the boys have had nachos for lunch too.

Fresh soft, yummy hot cross bunnies 🙂

buns, muffins and bread... all ready to devour (let's hope those fussy extras that are coming will help us eat them)

The recipes are rather long for these items, and can be found pretty well anywhere, so I wont be posting in the recipe page.  If you would like one I can post it up or email it to you.

Happy Easter to all 🙂

Running, beads and pink pajamas.

Ok, never mind the pink pajamas. That was just a throw in. but I did buy some – totally gorgeous!!

My sister arrives tomorrow afternoon/evening for at least the 4 days of Easter, maybe a few days longer.  Three kids (1, 5 & 9) + partner in tow with the car loaded full of all the necessary items we feel are needed for a weekend away.
I make and blog my Hot Cross Good Friday and then will most likely have a break – unless I get the chance to post a quickie picture from my phone that is.

interesting but pointless picture just coz I can.

My week in a nutshell:

– One son at camp made for a slightly quieter house – the other two made up for it though.

– I tidied my bead desk! (yay, now I can see it, for a short time anyway) and have started on some more bits and pieces.  As I type this, I am taking a break from the beads.  I have trouble with a certain application and I have to step away sometimes.

– Running…. eeek!  Those of you that read this post, might think that I am now fit and toned and my worrying is useless.  Hahaha. ~insert much guffawing on my part here~ Well, since I made that post I think I have been back, maybe, twice.  I have been so busy and really haven’t made an effort to include this in my day.  Anyhoo, the Mother’s Day Classic is back.  It’s a fun run/walk on Mother’s Day for survivors  (and their family/friends and anyone else who wants to join in) of Breast Cancer.  Mum sent me the email and asked if I would like to bring the boys and join her this year.  Yes!  This will be blogged about in more detail later.  I am now accountable to you all having said this.

– I have two markets planned (aside from my usual one). One on the 15th and another the first week of May.  Hence the new makes.  I need to get some material out and make more bags.  I bought this awesome pink lacy bra with flowers on it that would make a gorgeous evening bag….hmm, we’ll go there another day maybe.

– Hubby is spending Easter with his parents and one sister – lucky boys (BIL and Dad) are going the races on Saturday night.  Speedway.

– My parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.

– my nails are coming along nicely (really, you want to know this why???).  Since having polish on then I can see where they have grown.  Mind you, it’s only bare millimetres, but grow they have.  I can now tap fingers on the bench and make that cool sound.
Some things are awkward though – picking up beads and texting is getting weird, and the stuff I get underneath them… forever seem to be peeling tiny bits of fruit or veg skin off. Hmm.

– Don’t forget my sale on over at Marcato Designs (40% off atm). Come grab a bargain!

hope you’re all having a dandy day and keep smiling ,
if you’re not, ‘fake it til you make it’

Jennifer 🙂

It’s gonna be a hot crossy day indeed.

While we don’t celebrate the religious side to Easter we still partake in the ‘traditions’ that come with it. Hot cross buns and Fish on Good Friday.

Love my seafood feasts.  Guaranteed, there is always an assortment of fish on our table for that one day of the year.  It will only be a small fishy day this year as hubby is working and wont be home.  But my sister and her family will be around for dinner and I may get to do something with mum and dad for lunch, albeit briefly in their busy schedule.

But this is about the other side… Hot Cross Buns.
While flicking through the local paper I saw an article about Hot Cross… all sorts of things.
So on Good Friday morn I will arise and head to the kitchen where, after a coffee, will proceed to do some Hot Cross baking.
I hope I’m not to Hot and Cross afterwards.
What am I baking aside from Buns… well, you’ll just have to wait and see.
(My local readers who may know, please don’t spill the raisins beans)

Do you bake other Hot Cross items and follow the Fish Friday ‘rule’ or is it business as usual in your house?

Not cross, smiling 🙂