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Saturday G & T Post

No, I am not talking about the alcoholic beverage. Not a fan, well of the T part anyway. I’m talking about Gratitude and Thanks. I’m changing it ever so slightly. But are they not the same in essence anyway?

This week has been busy beyond busy which is fine. I can deal with that. But on Tuesday a curve ball came hurtling my way and I had trouble – at least on that day – keeping hold of it.
Most of the time when things go astray I re adjust what I have to do to accommodate it and move on. It was really hard to do that this week. Mainly because it was a very personal and emotional curve ball.

Hubby ended up in hospital instead of coming home. I was a emotional wreck. I felt useless. I was the longest day either of us have had for a long time. If he was in Hobart, that makes it easy to deal with, I would have been there with him. Even if the morphine didn’t allow him to notice.
So my G & T for this is that he was still in the hotel and not midway into the first leg of his flight when the pain hit. He was transported and well looked after. I was looked after by my friends.

I am extremely G & T for the maturity my son showed on the prospect of end of school parties and not wanting to attend. While we weren’t going to say no to him going, we are happy that he made that decision himself.

I am G & T for hubby and that he is who he is. Would I be here otherwise??? Seriously. I love that he loves is job. It would be selfish of me to ask him to do anything else.
Loving his job, and always seeking out more knowledge has now afforded him a fantastic opportunity where he is currently doing some work overseas. Yep, the last 3 weeks has also been about him getting his passport and getting ready for a new adventure.

This may ruffle some feathers, and is slightly political, but I am grateful that I live in Australia.
The last major gun issue we had was 16 years ago at Port Arthur. America unfortunately has had several ‘high profile’ (as in everyone now knows) shooting rampages in just a few months. Now I know nothing of your whole freedom to carry arms etc but I feel a hell of a lot safer here knowing that some loony is not going to suddenly jump out with a gun. Very simplistic yes, but I feel that the more weapons that are available the more issues you are likely to have. Even though, as in most cases, it is just a few who ruin it for the rest of the well behaved population.

In memory and love for all those families whose loved ones are not returning, and for the family of the lost soul who couldn’t take it anymore. RIP ❤

Coming of Age

The time has come. It’s been some time in the making. But it’s here now. And it scares the crap out of me.

Rewind those years and I was plodding waddling along in the final stages of my first pregnancy. Waddling, yes, I was under some misconceptions that I figured out too late, and so looked like a beached whale for the last trimester.
I loved my belly, it was a beautiful beach ball of a belly, and moving into the final stages, i was getting everything into place. Well trying to anyway.
In one fell swoop that went out the window.
Baby shower at 34 weeks and my belly was this shape. I was young and naive but I knew something was different. How different I was soon to find out.
Next time I’m at the hospital for a check up i ask a few pertinent questions. Even I knew that leaking fluid was probably not the best thing to be happening at that point.
“we’ll keep you in and if you don’t have bub in a couple of days well induce you”
I really didn’t want to hear that.
I was nowhere near ready to have a baby. Mentally, physically, or any other way.
And it really didn’t help that there was a very vocal lady in the room backing into me. Little did I know that would soon be me.

Roll on several hours and my sister came to visit. I am so glad she did…. whoops, my waters broke.
I’m officially in labour. 8pm.
Somewhere around 9pm hubby finally turns up. (Hubby is night fill manager at a supermarket so working til 1-2am, ie, close near by as we lived 45 mins out of town).

Long story short. Don’t get pumped full of pethadine when you have a short labour.
2 hrs after it all started I have my baby. Yep, 2 hrs. (i got ‘lucky’ as my other two labours were both somewhere in that vicinity aswell).
No, I don’t have my baby.
His birth was not smooth and he came out blue, so straight into the humicrib and they whisk him away.
My worst nightmare (at the time, I have much worse now) had come true.
During a pre natal class we went through the labour wards and shown all the equipment that can be used depending on circumstances. Yep, I got them all.
Add to that I had a room full of doctors, nurses, specialists and probably trainees….sending room only peoples!

I am finally allowed back to my room and they bring my son to me.
I am still doped up and have no feelings at all towards this creature. It’s a baby, ok. Oh, it’s mine. Can I go to sleep now..?

On about day 3 I discovered I had a baby!! and so motherhood really began. I was a new young mum with a baby that had a tube down his nose. Not a good introduction.
Was he a good baby? He was the ‘perfect’ baby. If I could have had 10 of him I would have. (well, not really, 10 is not ideal) and I did renege on this at around age 13-14 though.

One small hiccup, Hydroceles and surgery at age 15mths… not very pleasant and although it would have been nice to know before hand that premmie babies are prone, I dont think I would have handled it very well.
He slept through early,(still likes to sleep) and had good routines…. The other two. Well they are another kettle of fish. And their day will come.

Why do I tell this story. Well, today, the 13th September my first born turns 16, collects his drivers license (yikes and drives us home!) and is growing into a wonderful and mature young man that I am very proud of.
And while embarking on this next journey is scary, it’s all an adventure, and we welcome it with open arms.

Oh, the day of my baby shower… Mum told me she knew it wouldn’t be long before I had my baby. I’m just glad she never said anything at the time. It came out later and I told her I had thought the same thing, I just didn’t need to know about it at the time.
And the day of his birth… Friday the 13th.

Happy Birthday Ryan, we love you so very much and are extremely proud of you!

Keep smiling, even when it’s hard and you don’t want to 🙂

At 3months.



Age 8


And this morning. The first one I like, he had a lovely smile. He prefers the second one…



Busy…?? what, I’m always busy.

I was going to start this one with saying that ‘it’s been busy lately’.. but ~hands on cheeks~ I’m always busy.. And it also reminded me of another blog I read where she said the same thing… always starting her blog with the whole ‘life is busy’ thing… pretty funny.  I have so many ideas and several blog posts on the go at once but getting back to edit and post is  what gets me.  As I type this part as I drink my morning coffee and already thinking of finishing it tonight after the school fair.

This week I have been busy.. lord, there’s that word again!  But with hubby coming home we have had plenty to do – well he has, spent several days just mowing lawns… and he loved it. Don’t let him tell you any different!  I have also been trying to get things done, trying being the word, so this week I will put down in point form, much easier to give some sort of order to my chaos….

  • beading at the school two mornings this week
  • baking one afternoon,
  • several hours getting frustrated to many tears over a damned computer program
  • trying to get my new shop front sorted – re-sizing pics being my issue
  • a day in town for hubby to sort out work things
  • sorting out things from our old house – getting ready for sale
  • friday: son to town for removal of leg cast and then dentist, hair cuts and the finale of the school fair at 3.30
  • saturday: groceries and taking second son to the movies, youngest to a friend’s house for play and eldest… not sure just yet what he’s going to do
  • sunday: head over the hill to Huonville to check out the Good Living Market (one I decided not to apply for, yes apply, as the day was going to be too long with the travelling I’m doing) with a friend’s wife, then after lunch sort out some old materials with mum…. 4 boxes and 3 garbage bags full… not sure if that will a wine and cheese or just multiple coffee’s..

So, I will zip off and re post another blog I mistakenly did earlier, and finish my coffee and boiled egg….

Ok, so now it seems to be somewhere about 10pm and my day is nearly over – phew, and what a day it was.
No dentist as the hospital took longer than we thought and my son now has one of those beautifully daggy ‘moon boots’ to get around in for the next month.  Given where he broke his foot, it is to make sure it heals properly as he learns to walk on it again.


The fair at our school was a great success –  the ‘beads & jewellery’ table was a hit as was the table set up so kids could ‘make their own, basic elastic necklace or bracelet.  And there were some interesting arrangements that came out of that I tell you.. 🙂  I am really happy that all those beads I donated were put to good use and we have some left over for next year.

All the usual stalls were there, hot food – the best curry – gourmet bbq, asian, ‘peddle your own’ thickshakes (blender works by bicycle peddle power), plant, a pirate tressure map, face painting and crazy hair… delish desserts and cakes, local Fire brigade and Life Be-in-it Games on the tennis courts.  I saw some great looking gingerbread and hand knitted beanies, plus the fairy and pirate stall…  Happy that by the end of the night, all my baking had sold – chocolate slice (3 plates) a Tea Cake and a container full of choc chip cookies – sold as an add-on with the cappucinos.


Plus I saw many people I know and had a good time chatting and wandering around… a lovely end to a good day.

On arriving home and after phoning hubby, I (in jammies) now have a wine in hand, hair being re coloured and a chocolate or two… (it’s now actually a coffee… wine was drunk a while ago.. lol)


Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer


So the rest of my weekend will be busy – I hope yours is happy and productive, or at least you do what you want to. 🙂