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It’s nearly time for another year to end, so Thank you.

It’s that time of the year again – the inevitable over-indulgence of food and alcohol, coupled with visiting family and friends, summer sunburn (or the winter freezes for my Northern hemisphere friends) and the kids on school holidays. Rrgh. It’s enough to drive you a little crazy from too many people, or feel the twinge of loneliness.
Christmas is all about sharing the little things that make life great. Stopping to smell the roses, or play in the snow. Find beauty in the natural world around you, tell your loved ones how you feel and embrace the new friendships that come your way, while accepting that some will fade away.

This year has been long and sometimes hard. It has also been busy and loads of fun. I took my first tripย overseas – on my own and survived! ย I made new friends on both sides of the globe and learnt so much about myself.
My eldest son turned 18 – how to make you feel old in one fell swoop – already has two vehicles to his name and is getting ready to start full-time work. ย I am incredibly proud of my three boys and the wonderful young men they have grown into. As parents, you figure you must have done something right when your teenagers still want to talk to you. I think the man and I are on the right track.

I want to thank everyone who have visited any of my 5 blogs whether it was a single stop or was repeated (over and over – thank you to those who are in this category.Without you, who knows where I might be?).
And still, after nearly 4 years, I get excited when that little box up there goes orange and tells me you have called in ~insert happy dance, and grins here~

Before I leave you with some piccies, I want to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and a new year full of the good stuff.


Thank you! Jennifer ๐Ÿ˜€


New hats and a road trip.

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already tired. No rest for the wicked here though. I’ve barely had time to empty my market boxes and my emails are building up way quicker than I can read and catch up.

As I type hubby is sorting out bike gear and getting ready for tomorrow’s trip. I’ve got my camera battery on charge with the iPad and phone charging over night. My miniscule bag is ready to go – how much do you really need for one night when yore not doing anything else in between times, plus we only have the size of a large back pack to take.
At least the scenery will be good tomorrow, lets just hope the sun is shining and not raining

The loan car will be returned tomorrow early and collect our fixed car on Thursday or Friday.
I am now a committee member of our local community centre – eek!! Another hat to wear and more things to organise. I’m going to have to keep a diary now I think. It’s all about new young blood in the system.

There are pictures to take, blogs to write, people to ring for our upcoming market, emails and blogs to read and reply to, craft to make (I do have a couple of weeks till next market, but I’m quite impatient when I set my mind to something)… so many things to do and not enough time.

School holidays start next week so I will be at work, on the early shift, the eldest has work and work meetings to attend, hubby is back at work. Yep thats my life. Never ending busy. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Just the occasional sleep in would be good though. Maybe I should go to bed earlier???

I’ll be back on Thursday, or Friday with hopefully lots of pictures (hubby knows my need, (yes, that’s not a want but a need) to take photos of where we go) of our trip.
Here’s hoping I can walk once we get home. My main issue will be getting on and off the damned bike, it’s a lot higher than dad’s, and I’m not so flexible.

Enjoy your mid week ๐Ÿ™‚

Another picture of the bike coz I love it, and I have to include a picture.


Travel Tuesday – Postcards

This week sees a couple of postcards arrive form Kelly’s daughters, and one from Kelly herself – seems it turned up late, as it was address to my other boss and me. (I stand to be corrected as needed, I did forget what was said by the time I got around to posting these)
The Bali one is from Kelly as a joke…




Next week, a full picture of the postcard wall as it stands.

Where are your postcards?
What’s the coolest one you can find.

Jen and Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday Postcard Day

It’s been a busy week and we haven’t been forgotten. Kelly has sent us four postcards – just to make sure we don’t forget she is having a ball, on holiday, in the sun…..
We also received a postcard from one of her friends travelling through Jordan and Petra.

Any time you want to send Kelly a postcard for her wall please do.
Kelly E
C/- Post Office
Woodbridge, 7162


Postcards update PT 2

Silly me forgot yesterday when getting pictures of the newest postcards, so here is the wall as it stands.

Since I put the word out, all the cards from the left of the awesome Eiffel Tower have arrived and we hope to see many more over the remainder of the year. It wont stop there either. This is a long term project, so any time you are able, please send Kelly a postcard – and let her know where you heard about it.

Kelly E
c/- Woodbridge Post Office
Tas, 7162

Cheers and thanks to all who have already sent something.
Jen ๐Ÿ™‚