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Another small obsession of mine

I like recipe books.
I have a small collection.
Seriously, it is small, not one of those, “yeah I have a few ….’s” and when you visit them there are thousands, hundreds… heaps?
I like to cook, but do not do it often enough to make the most of my collection. I buy two cooking/recipe magazines a month, have an account on the Taste website and if I like something a friend has made I’ll ask for the recipe (specially if I think my fussy, (and when I say fussy, I mean uber fussy) kids will eat it).

I have recipes for Finnish, French, Chinese, Italian and everything in between. Then there are those folders with the cards that come in the mail every month or so.  No, I don’t buy them, I just keep the freebies.  There is a book for ‘cookies, muffins and cakes’, yum, another for Cheese, Pancakes, the Australian Heritage Cookbook, a bunch of those mini $5 books you get from the register at the supermarkets and then folders that I have magazine pages or print outs stuck into…

As if that’s not enough, while wandering round Chickenfeed I picked one up that is just for meatballs!  Well it was only $5, so for a couple of useful recipes it’s not bad.

photo courtesy of Inchmark.


Do I use them all?  Not really, but I use them for ideas even if I don’t have everything that’s required, or hell, I even just read them coz I like food.  Sometimes if I’m after something special I’ll browse and see what’s up… but then I get distracted by the pretty pictures and the smells (in my head) – wouldn’t a scratch and sniff recipe book be great? –  and the fact they are somewhat un-organised and forget what I was doing.

Should I clean them out… probably, but they take up so little room and you never know, I may need one specific recipe sometime in the future…

I should go and have a browse… there may be a recipe for P & H soup that actually tastes good!

Keep smiling 🙂
there is no recipe for success (or is there?) and the proof is in the eating (pudding)….