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There goes 2016

The time has come to farewell another year done. To welcome in the next 12 months, make those resolutions and reflect on what has been.

So much has happened for us this year.

My job is steady while my husband has just started his third due to unforgiving circumstances.

We got through the red tape that is the Govt with finances and are on the way to building our first home – there is much to learn and we look forward to this.

Mr 20 is cruising along with the gf and work and invites himself to dinner on regular basis.

Mr 17 finished year 11 and within a week gained himself an electrical apprenticeship. We are ecstatic and he is happy in his quiet, unassuming way.

Mr 12 has finished grade 6, getting ready for the journey that is High School and in February will become a teenager – fun times ahead.

My running has taken me on an incredible journey. I have learnt so much, and from not even making 400 kms to nearly hitting 1100 kms in a year. I’ve run a marathon with two more planned for 2017. I am super proud of what I’ve achieved.

Our family has grown so much this year. A new strength and resilience resides within us. A certain peace and happiness that can only come from new learnings and each other is present.
The new year will bring new adventures, new knowledge and more growth. There is always something new to learn – about ourselves and the world around us.
I’m so proud of my family, the things we have done this year is incredible, the support we have for each other, and the closeness that is there is the best feeling.
I look forward to a happy, productive and amazing new year. Not everything goes the way we want it, it’s our response to that which shapes the outcome, shows us who we really are and what we are capable of.

Have a great new year and I hope the sun shines more than it rains and you smile more than you cry.


Friday Philosophies.

Secrets for relationship happiness…

– Say thank you for things done, no matter how small.
– Appreciate what your partner does, even if it’s not the way you would do it.
– Let them know how you feel in whichever way makes them happy.
– Know their faults, but don’t bitch about them.
– Communicate and compromise.

Have a great weekend
Jen 🙂