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Email hackers and apologies

I woke up this morning to find my email had been hacked and pretty well everyone had received some kind of virus (via the link in the body of the email).

Normally I’d not write this sort of thing, but as I have just asked you to send me your details via email, and I’m also not sure if any of you were affected – how this would happen I’ve no idea, as I don’t have anyone’s email – I thought I should let you all know.

If I did you send an email, it would be full of my strange verbal diarrhoea – you’d know it was me and that I meant to send it. I also don’t go round sending links without other info to go with it.

I want to sincerely apologise and hope that nothing happened if you did happen to receive it. I’m mortified at the problems it has caused, and hope it doesn’t happen again.

For those that would like a postcard and are wary of the email (I don’t blame you, I would be too) then please write a comment to any page here (i will be notified) and as soon as I’ve written it down I will delete it.

Sincerest apologies again.
Jennifer 🙂