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It’s gonna be a hot crossy day indeed.

While we don’t celebrate the religious side to Easter we still partake in the ‘traditions’ that come with it. Hot cross buns and Fish on Good Friday.

Love my seafood feasts.  Guaranteed, there is always an assortment of fish on our table for that one day of the year.  It will only be a small fishy day this year as hubby is working and wont be home.  But my sister and her family will be around for dinner and I may get to do something with mum and dad for lunch, albeit briefly in their busy schedule.

But this is about the other side… Hot Cross Buns.
While flicking through the local paper I saw an article about Hot Cross… all sorts of things.
So on Good Friday morn I will arise and head to the kitchen where, after a coffee, will proceed to do some Hot Cross baking.
I hope I’m not to Hot and Cross afterwards.
What am I baking aside from Buns… well, you’ll just have to wait and see.
(My local readers who may know, please don’t spill the raisins beans)

Do you bake other Hot Cross items and follow the Fish Friday ‘rule’ or is it business as usual in your house?

Not cross, smiling 🙂