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Das Auto… VW rocks!

Tasmania is blessed with Australia’s best roads – a grab bag of twisty tarmac, mountain passes and sweeping bends…

For those that don’t know I drive a VW. A small SUV of kinds, the Tiguan. A hot little car that is superb on the juice, which is good for the wallet.
I often get people asking me about the car, this week alone two people have wanted to chat. My response? “Get yourself out there and buy one”. Well, not quite, but I am definitely a convert and have nothing but praise for this car.
Since we bought the car off the showroom floor we get numerous extras. Like the Das Auto magazine that arrived this morning.
I finally get to open it and there inside is an article on road tripping Tassie (in a Golf mind you, but whatever) so I read on and like what it has to say.

The Pacific is vast and still at my left shoulder, ….directing me south.

….Tasmania, on the other hand, has almost the same shock of the uninhabited, but it’s better. Rolling hills separated from stunning bays….

To the finale..

…Tasmania is a driving opportunity seized. The scenery is magnificent. The roads are perfect. Drive it in a (Golf gti) and you’ll have the time of your life….but here on the Apple Isle it’s mission accomplished.

Love Tassie, love our scenery and where the road takes you.
If you ever get a chance, you have come and experience it.

20140424-161154.jpgNot mine, purely an example.