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600th post – Scarecrows & a mid-life crisis!

I was going to write something clever for my 600th post but you get scarecrows instead. I’ve done a post over at the Woodbridge Market blog, but this one would have to be my favourite – and it’s a bonus because it’s outside our gate.  Less than 5k up the road is the house I grew up in, in Flowerpot. So it was kinda cool the people down the road further decided to make this one.

Bill & Ben the Flowerpot men.

Bill & Ben the Flowerpot men.

And a gratuitous picture of hubby’s mid life crisis our 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves, on top of Mt Wellington, overlooking a hazy Hobart and suburbs from yesterday’s ride.

Flowerpot – as seen through American eyes

This time last year my friend from Oregon came to visit for two weeks and I have now have some photos she took of our old house – inside and out. She is a fantastic photographer and has taken some beautiful shots. Enjoy Chris’s take on my childhood home. (And the ones my eldest took of us)














Good Friends are keepers. When you find the right one, never let them go. 🙂

Where I live

For any non Tasmanian readers (or those unlucky enough to have not been this far south, and any new readers who don’t know) this is the best picture to illustrate where I live.
The other side of Bruny Island (to the right hand side) is the Tasman Sea which stands between us and New Zealand.


And the view I have while on my verandah…which most of you have seen before.


Sunny days ahead 🙂

Times are a changing


This is part of the view where I grew up, looking east. And below is the house I spent my childhood and subsequently moved back to for a brief time (before we moved to Queensland). Slightly more south, but still east. The sunrises from across the island were fabulous. And who wouldn’t love waking up to that view every day.


After much thought the painful decision was made by our parents to sell… As you can see lots of work is being done by the present owners…along with planning to build their own house.


My thoughts may or may not reflect other’s, but I am happy that work has started quickly so the house did not get overgrown and fall to ruin. Sad, as a part of my history is right there, but happy that people who love it are going to live there.
And I get to drive past and “check” on progress.

I will be doing a more in depth post with a brief history and some better photos soon. These photos are from my phone.

Jen 🙂

Flowerpot Heritage Quilt

Have a look at my mum’s post about a Heritage Quilt she made – showing the house we grew up in and the infamous rock at the waters edge.
It looks fantastic and the colours are perfect.

Quilts to dye for Blog

About 3 weeks ago I was asked if I had a quilt suitable to hang in the local Heritage Museum at Margate with other art works themed relevant to the Channel district, for the first month after the opening of the re-furbished museum.  No I didn’t, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to produce something small in the time – famous last words …

A couple of days of thinking later, I came up with the idea of using some of our family and historic photos, printed on to fabric.

First, find the photos – this one is of Flowerpot Rock, with a group of people picnicking on top, probably in the 1920s.

Then choose a suitable fabric from my stash

nothing quite the right colour, so a bit of dyeing to be done.

The Procion dyes turned out quite soft browns, and on the mop-ups the colours split, revealing lovely…

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