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Birthday Meringue – a baking semi-disaster.

Today, 8/2 or 2/8 or to be sure Feb 8th is my second son’s birthday, so Mr 12 turns into Mr 13 at, oh around 9pm tonight.  He’s pretty easy to please (handy at times, a PITA other times) so for his birthday cake he just wants meringue nests with cream & grated chocolate.  That’s easy!  Although there is a little surprise for him tonight when I take him with me to pick up hubby from the airport.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

And what was that semi disaster I mentioned… well I’ve learnt how easy is it to burn a meringue.  Aarrgh!! not happy.

So birthday meringue, take 2.  After I had a very large lot of scrambled egg for my lunch with all those yolks (& 1 whole egg from a busted yolk I couldn’t use).

To make a Meringue or Pavlova you first beat the egg whites…… til soft peaks form

2 egg whites beaten (to within an inch of their sweet life)

and then add the castor (super fine) sugar a tablespoon at a time, this makes sure it is well disolved and the end result is not grainy.  The mix should become smooth and glossy.

egg whites with sugar. Yum!

Mine is green as that is the birthday child’s favourite colour.

Adding in the cornflour (cornstartch) helps to make sure it is thick, and the vinegar helps make sure it doesn’t seperate when cooking.  I added some vanilla instead of the cinnamon suggested.

ready to go... now the fun part. Piping bag!

Nests were requested so out comes the piping bag and I make a bit of a hash of my nests, but the shapes is there.

A bit woogy, but they do look like nests.

Into the oven and a keen eye kept on them.

Cream whipped and chocolate sprinkled on top.

Yum. with chocolate and peppermint crisp.

Plated up & ready to devour!

Keep smiling 🙂

PS.  I have already been requested to do a choc mud cake with strawberries and blue icing (not likely) for Mr 7’s birthday next week.  I have just the one in mind too, it’s delish.  And before you ask,  Mr 15 has to wait til Sept for his.