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Why do I write, more rubbish and mushrooms.

(notice where the comma is, ^^ although you probably didn’t even see it :-))

I was looking back over a few posts and realised one I wrote could have been finished, or expanded on. I’ll try to do that. I’m filling space here procrastinating going through several hundred photos to find the right ones for 3 separate posts. I’ve deleted the ones I don’t want (ie: the totally out of focus ones) and getting just a little excited at the prospect of a bike ride on Thursday. Motor bike, not push bike. The gloves, helmet, jacket and boots are all there, just sitting quietly in my foyer waiting. Actually, if we’re going to be precise, the helmet and gloves are with hubby, but pedanticism is pointless.

I’ve had a few friends tell me lately that they’ve read my blogs and really like them. Of course this is good, but, and I have a low self-esteem when it comes to my worth on this, I wonder about what it is they like. My writing – the what and how, my pictures… I am chuffed, of course I am. When someone pays you a compliment, it does make you feel good, and I always appreciate it, but still I wonder. I don’t ask. Why? Does it matter. If they say they like it, I’ll take it at face value and believe they like it.

What do I write about and why do I write it? that is a question I often ask myself.
My very first blog was part of the old website and it was all bead related. Then I started posting about our holiday we took at the time, and then it went from there. I would put all sorts of things down. But why? Actually, I really don’t know. Then again, why am I even writing this post?
I am not political, or over analytical, I don’t care particularly about a whole host of subjects. My opinions are neither here nor there on most things – I’m a fence sitter – But still I continue to write about anything and everything.  And that’s just the way I like it.
Multi faceted  blog. Acquired taste. Interesting.
Weird, strange little Aussie blogger.
And wacky mushrooms on my lawn.



Enjoy Trippy Tuesday,
Jen 🙂

(and 401 posts published. just thought I’d add that in)

Mini Milestone, digression… and a Pav!

Woohoo! I open my stats page this morning, always the first one I go to, (don’t we all though?) and there waiting for me was a magical number.
2100. Total views.
Ok, so it’s not really that huge a number, but considering I have only been on WP since May (2011) and then only got into it properly from about October this is good.

And taking into account I write fluff (there are so many bad things happening everywhere so I prefer to add a smile and a good thought to your day) – it must be working.  It appears there are people reading and responding. Yay!

I’m not all blonde ditzy (btw I am NOT a blonde) with inane and random posts.  I would have to dig a little deeper to get the wise? analytical person underneath.  I just don’t it.  Hubby makes up for it. Cynical and serious (although seriously funny in a non comedian way) he does all the hard work for me, lol 🙂
I like to see things for what they are.  Not dig too deeply for a reason or explanation.
But this brings to mind something else.

I am a fence sitter.

Unless something riles me or will affect me personally I tend to see both sides of the discussion.  Which is why I also don’t comment on much.
This has come to the fore by two blogs which I read recently that are about the worst kind of people… and it makes me wonder… what kind of world did I bring my kids into. With two teenagers (and an 8yr old going 18) I worry about their future and future behaviours.  Peer pressure( and the resulting group mentality) is a powerful thing and even the nicest kids can be persuaded to do things they would abhor otherwise.  Will I be capable of ‘doing the right thing’ or will I bow to cowardice and protect my child.  After all, it is in a parents instincts to do this.

Then there is the worry that comes with the eldest (15) getting ready for his driver’s licence. (In Aus, it is 12 mths on Learners, must have an adult accompany them while driving.  then 12 mths on P’s, Provisional, showing a P plate, then 12 mths without.  All at a max speed limit of 80km/hr.  Confused yet? I am. thinking I’ll have to re-do my road rules with him)

Typical. I tend to digress a lot. My mind is forever going along at a million miles a minute and if I let it, it just spews forth a whole heap of…

So I am capable of thinking about more than just food, beads and hot guys…  I think that’s what I was getting at.

Oh, another digress. You know I said I’m no good at computers, but I managed to put on the program for my new phone. FAIL.  I missed something, that means once I’d updated meant the new one wouldn’t recognise my phone. Duh. So we spent an hour this morning figuring it out.  I can always rely on hubby to fix my problems.  So I am now still trawling through blogs, posts, comments, emails, barely looked at my FB and am itching to get back to my beads.

Two days ago we celebrated Australia Day. Jan 26th.  I made my first ever Pavlova.  A light but incredibly sweet dessert made primarily from egg whites and sugar. Topped with load of whipped cream and fruit.

My picture of proof (mum said it looked pretty good for a first time, so with a birthday coming  I might just tell him he’s getting a Pav for his cake)

Before looking pretty lush 🙂

and after... still looking lush, and just the way it should inside 🙂

Here’s to my numbers growing and my posts hopefully bringing a smile and maybe some happy thoughts to you all 🙂

A happy day to you all thanks for coming along and reading.
Keep smiling 🙂