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The Aussie within us all…

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
It’s Australia Day, Jan 26.
I am proud to be an Aussie. I love living here. I love the wide open spaces, the casual charm and relaxed nature of our country and people. I can’t imagine living anywhere else (but as with Tasweigian in Finland, you never know).
                                and that of our indiginous relatives, the Aboriginal flag.

I have an American friend coming to visit at the end of February and over the last few years of getting to know each other, there have been numerous times the langauge and its meaning has been …. misunderstood.   I was looking for a definition on something and found this list.  Being Australian Day I thought I’d share some of our crazier colloquialisms.  Some are used frequently, some I can say I’ve never heard and some are definitely just for those in the outback.

Today is a day for the bbq, beer and the beach.  Naturalising our newest citizens.  Celebrating our great country with family and friends.
It’s a great day for me also coz hubby is due home from work, so after the airport run we’re having a barbie with snags and then a pav for dessert.

Have a read, have a laugh and pass them on… what can you use in your everyday conversations???  🙂

(I have been to The Alice, The Rock (also the Red Centre), The Curry, The Coathanger, lived in The Isa, living in Tassie, married a Banana Bender, have had a rust bucket and could sometimes be a two-pot screamer…and it’s all fair dinkum, dinky di mate).

(I aplogise, it is rather a long list)
We do not recommend that you use these terms, you may end up in court or hospital, this list is just to help you understand what may be heard in conversations.

Words Meanings
Boss cocky Person eminent among nonentities
It’s crook it’ no good
I’m crook with a wog I’m not well
a sheila a girl
Don’t go crook don’t get mad
Give him curry give him a hard time
Damper flour and water bread baked in the oven or ashes of a fire
Dero a derelict person
Dill a stupid person
Dingo native wild dog
drum information (Give us the drum)
cattle duffer rustler
dunny outside old wooden ‘john’
earbash talk unceasingly
Esky portable food cooler/ice chest
Flash Jack swaggering person
Kiwi New Zealander
to fossick to search for (gold, sapphires etc)
Good on yer! an expression of approval
Greenies environmental conservationists
Up a gumtree in trouble
rough as bags, rough as guts uncouth person
scarce as hens teeth very scarce
humping the bluey what a hobo (swaggie) does
humpy or mia mia Aboriginal bar shelter
inked, blotto drunk
“He jobbed me” “He hit me”
Joe Blow an average guy
jail bait a girl from 12-16
Journo Journalist
a jumbuck a sheep
jungle juice alcoholic beverage
put a knot in the bluey get ready to travel
knuckle sandwich punch in the mouth
lair or larrikin flashily dressed youth
happy as Larry very happy
leatherneck Shearer
light on sparse (tucker was light on food = was scarce
Lolly water non alcoholic drink
lower than a snake’s belly expression of contempt about anyone
lurk a didge or trick (onto a good lurk)
He did a Melba he kept returning
a mollydooker left handed person
like a stunned mullet dazed
he’s a no-hoper He’s useless
noodling prospecting for opal
on the nose/on the bugle smells awful
in the nuddy in the nude
ocker an uncultivated Australian
billabong Waterhole
boot of a car trunk
tucker food
plonk wine
chook chicken
smoko snack break
whinger complaining person
drongo or galah a fool
station ranch
bathers swimwear
weeties Corn Flakes
bitser mongrel dog
homestead ranch house
the big smoke a city
brumby wild horse
sandgropers Western Australians
Banana benders Queenslanders
Bangtail Muster roundup
rouseabout works in a shearing shed
won’t have a bar of him won’t tolerate him
he’s short of a shingle He’s stupid
Tassie Tasmania
a sling a bribe
He’s threepence short of a quid he’s stupid
a blue an argument
a bluey red headed person or Queensland heeler dog
a battler someone who’s always had hard luck
a sticky beak an inquisitive person
Bazza Barry
Gazza Gary
gun shearer fastest shearer in the shed
big noting or blowing boasting
doing one’s block getting very cross
speedo odometer in a car
blow through to disappear
bludger an idle person
a bluey a legal summons (on blue paper)
bonzer excellent
cobber friend
out of the box exceptionally good
out of the top drawer high quality
bushwacker highway robber
bushie country person
a buster a strong wind
a willy willy a miniature whirl wind
B.Y.O. bring your own drinks
first cab off the rank first to grasp an opportunity
cockie small farmer
blockie owner of a block where fruit is grown
The Alice Alice Springs
The Rock Ayers Rock
The Curry Cloncurry
The Isa Mount Isa
The Never Never outback, deep inland country
a slushy a cook’s assistant in a drovers camp
snags sausages
a sort a girl
chow chinese person
chow tucker chinese food
toey restless
toerag hobo
wharfie waterside worker at the docks
Uni University
gone troppo touched by the sun; a bit queer
He’s as silly as a wheel stupid
truckie truck driver
the turps liquor (He’s on the turps)
He’s gone bush he’s disappeared
bushman’s clock a kookaburra
The coathanger Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Dead Heart the centre of Australia (or Red Centre)
white anted undermined (I’ve been white anted)
fair crack of the whip Give us a fair go
Abo / boong An Aboriginal
lubra female Aboriginal adult
to live off the smell of an oily rag to live cheaply
the Old Dart England
Blue rinse brigade wealthy matrons
Wouldn’t be seen dead with him in a 40 acre paddock I loath him
on the pea deranged (he’s been eating the poisonous Sturt Desert Pea)
rough end of the pineapple unfair treatment
poddy dodger rustler of unbranded calves
plonko person addicted to cheap wine
scrubbers rough females or cattle run wild
possie position
Chrissie Christmas
cossie bathing wear
poofter male homosexual
perv voyeur
septics Yanks (short for septic tanks)
rapt overjoyed
daks or strides trousers
ratbag eccentric and bad tempered
ripper! great!
two pot screamer one who gets drunk on very little alcohol
Up the scrub into the country
Scrub aristocracy term of derision for wealthy country folk
a scrub bull a loner
a tall poppy or a silvertail a person with a very high income
port Queensland jargon for suitcase (portmanteaux)
stir the possum make lively
the night’s a pup it’s early yet
to rubbish a person to disparage them
rustbucket ancient car in poor condition
As scarce as rockinghorse manure very scarce
You wouldn’t read about it unbelievable
As cold as a polar bear’s behind very cold
L.P.gas butane
Poms English folk
bushranger outlaw
jackaroo cowboy
jillaroo cowgirl
sook coward
ethnics European migrants
tinnies, tubes or stubbies cans or small bottles of beer
No worries!, She’s apples, She’ll be right Everything’s just fine
G’day. ‘Ow would yer be? Normal everyday greeting
Written with a thumbnail dipped in tar unreadable
I can’t take a trick I can’t win
It’s your shout It’s your turn to buy
It’s my shout This round is on me
They charge like wounded bulls They are very expensive
yacker Work
It cost an arm and a leg It was expensive
He’s busy as a one armed billposter he’s very busy
He’s mad enough to spit chips he is very cross
I didn’t come down in the last shower I’m not stupid
It’s like feeding time at the zoo it’s very noisy
Fair go, mate! Give us a fair chance
fit as a Mallee bull very fit
Off like a bride’s nightie or Shot through like a Bondi tram disappeared very quickly
get stuck into the slops drink up
You’ve got Buckley’s you’ve no hope at all
back of the black stump far inland, very inaccessible area
the Windies West Indians
Wowser Non drinker,  non smoker
boil the billy make a cup of tea
don’t drag the chain don’t lag behind
it’s fair dinkum it’s absolutely true
yabber talk