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Operation pillowcase

Who has square pillows? Not me, and I don’t need them either. A few weeks ago I bought what I thought was a bargain, pillowcases for $5 each, x 4. Two green and 2 blue. Beauty. At least now the doonas will match the pillows. Although I’m not fanatical about things being all matchy, the pillows, doona and sheet colour combinations on the bed was driving me nuts. Think sheets in cream and black, doona in navy and pale green and pillows in pink, cack brown and black.

On opening these cases and finding them all wrong – and after they had gone through the wash mind you (yes I opened them and tossed them straight in to wash) – there was a minute of frustration and annoyance before I folded them and put them away. A few days later I take them out and having another look realise how easy it would be to make them fit my pillows. They wouldn’t be even with the side bits but that wouldn’t matter. It was the colour I wanted. Besides, all we do is sleep on them, not stand there and admire them.

So today became operation pillowcase.

First up, I placed a normal pillowcase on the top and pinned the edge, for sizing and cutting purposes.

Unpicking the side and end seam was easy.

The excess area was cut off, then turning the whole lot inside out a side seam was sewn.

Back in the right way and I have a pillow case that fits.
Even if there is an extra bit on the end. No matter.

And it took all of 15 mins to do one.
And it looks so much better than the pink one don’t you think? Now all I need is a doona to match the pink and brown pillowcases…





So, it seems I have to work on this program a bit more. I tried to insert the picture near the captions, but it wanted to bulk them all together at the bottom.

Keep smiling 🙂 I’m off to do the other two cases now.