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Come and check out my website!!

Hi there everyone. I have been busy completely sorting my jewellery and updating and tidying my website.

I have some more items to upload, but please come over and check out the new clean theme and all the pretties I have for sale – loads of necklaces and bracelets.

Don’t forget to share with your friends if you like what you see.

Earring Pockets and Puffy Boxes….

What are you talking about???  Yeah, even that sounds weird to me.
I decided to name them pockets as compared to envelopes, coz envelopes is just plain boring.  And they look a little like pockets to me.

I had a paper envelope (not sure where it was from or who gave it to me but it sparked a great idea) and just needing glue, scissors and card or thick paper to make them I headed to the newsagent to get myself come cardboard.

Thinking I had taken the template in my market box (it was actually in a book on my desk, duh) I made one from memory, which was smaller, but I had the right idea as it worked a treat at the market when I put items in it.  So the real and slightly bigger one will be that much easier to use.

I then went looking for another box or envelope (for bigger items) and found the puffy box.  A great idea and easy to pop in your bag without the need for another carry bag.

Let’s have a look at how easy it is to make your own envelope or puffy box.

Get your template (there are squillions on the internet) and trace it onto your card, marking the fold lines.

This is where I stamp my card and leave the ink to dry.

Score the lines and then fold them in. I used a sharp knife as it wasn’t going to cut all the way but enough to fold easily. Stanley knives are probably nnot a good idea here.

As I am going to use a little ribbon as a carry ‘strap’ I will mark the placement of holes on the front and flap of the pocket and then use hole punch (as it’s meant to be used) before I glue. I didn’t actually do this til I had glued so lessson learnt for next time.

Glue the folded parts and sit something heavy on them to help set it place. Make sure you don’t glue the top flap closed.

Fold a length of ribbon in half and knot at the opposite end to the fold.
Thread the fold through the first hole, put items in the pocket, fold top flap and thread ribbon loop through the next hole.

The loop will now sit on your wrist or carried in your hand.

After this first one I’ve made, I also realised I need to make the top flap longer so it sits flatter once it has items inside and the ribbon is threaded..

To make puffy boxes, follow the same instructions being careful with the curved edges.  They need to be prefect so they fold easily and neatly.
I know, when I made my first one I scored without a firm curved edge (like a glass) and the line was rather wobbly and didn’t fold properly. No pics of that as my first one failed miserably.

Enjoy, now you can make your own gift boxes 🙂

Decorate the Decolletage….

While I scull down a coffee and think about breaky, a quick post  before I am out all day dealing with the masses at the local Middleton Annual Fair (post on that later and then tomorrow at my regular bi-monthly twice monthly market).

So, we’ve done earrings and bracelets, it must be time to show off a few necklaces… I have so many, which ones do I choose?

Long or short, chunky or delicate, (weird) organic or modern and contemporary….

Jade discs on leather

this reminds me of honeycomb - love the colour, almost edible 🙂

Glass Rose wiht dangles on multi strand seed & bugle beads



Rose Quartz & Swarovski


Keep smiling and have a great day 🙂

the ears have it….

I thought it was about time to do another post on the main reason I started this blog… my beads. I have wandered off in other directions of late.
Here’s a small selection of recent earrings…..


Shell with pearls.


Onxy & Swarovski


Swarovski & jade?


Swarovski & pearls


Swarovski & Pearls


Swarovki and swarovski componant


Swarovski, turquoise and (not sure what, but it's good)


chain and acrylic beads

Acrylic bead with swarovski



I will be starting work on bracelets & necklaces pronto, and next week hopefully get sewing some more bags…

Keep smiling 🙂 after all “it’s all about the jewellery and how it makes you feel”

ps. Everything is for sale (unless captioned otherwise), if you’re interested please email me from the ‘where to buy page’. (gotta get a plug in somewhere.. ;-))

clothes… oh so many… Part 2

Another day has passed….

I have gone through most of my personal jewellery and decided that I’ll suss it out over
summer and see what I wear.  I didn’t wear a lot of necklaces in Mt Isa as it was just too uncomfortable and sticky, but here there is little humidity and our temps rarely go over 30C.  So perfect jewellery wearing weather!  Finally found my earrings…. I knew I had more, but they were in another box I found… not looking too good either.  I will pull them apart and making new ones instead.

So my now un-packed and washed wardrobe is catalogued as –

  • 4 cardis/shrug tops
  • 20 dressy casual tops
  • 28 tanktops
  • 5 tee shirts ?? not many
  • 7 shirts
  • 20 dresses
  • 15 skirts
  • 8 jeans
  • 9 3/4 pants
  • and 11 shorts….

Yeah, somehow I think I have enough clothes to last me awhile.

Still looking for those shoes though…

More time passing…

two days later and I am able to get back to sorting and putting away… moving boxes around and standing precariously on the step stool I find two more bags with… you guessed it, more clothes!  let’s add some 3/4 pants, a skirt or two, a couple of shirts, a dress…

oh no... more clothes.. 🙂

And the box with all my shoes! phew.  There are 5 pairs of Colorado’s in there, and we all know how much they cost.

and those shoes.. 🙂

and finally..

Another hour or so of making more mess and then cleaning up and I have a lovely, fresh new wardrobe ready for those summer days.
Bring it on, I say.

summer tops.

dresses, skirts and ... 🙂

Now I’ve confessed my sins.. what are yours?  Are you an Imelda Marcos (many many shoes) or could you fill every wardrobe in the house… maybe you have another?

keep smiling 🙂