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Road Trip

We’re taking a couple of days off and visiting my sister. It’s a 500k drive but the scenery is just gorgeous. I’ll be back on Monday, hope your weekend is good and for those going through a bad time, my thoughts are with you.


Park at Campbell Town.

Jen πŸ™‚

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A bad back and a pile of books

I am a bad mother. Well, a bad nurse when it comes to my kids (and me) being sick. Hubby is better at that than me. Thankfully, we are not sick very often so my nursing skills are not regularly called on. Also, this means that very little medication is kept in the house.
Aside from the usual suspects of headache pills if anything happens we have to go and buy it. Now, generally I don’t mind this set up, except for yesterday. I hurt my lower back in my gym class (it was not directly from gym class, but that’s where it decided to kick in) and aside from the wheat pack of hubby’s, had nothing to curb the pain and there was no way I was going to be able to drive anywhere (we are close to 30 mins away from the nearest chemist). I could barely stand to walk, let alone sit in the car and drive anywhere.
Did you realise how many muscles are used and/or affected when you are driving – specially changing gears. Each time I moved my leg for the clutch I could feel every muscle that moved, to say it hurt is an understatement. And it drove me nuts. All day. I felt fine. But just couldn’t do anything. Nothing worse really. That must be what it’s like when you are really old, the odd has given out but the brain is still sharp as a tack. I am a rally bad sick person. I have too much to do to be bothered laying around resting, unless of course I am seriously puking or otherwise incapacitated.

I did not like this, I have a market on Sunday, I have to go. I think I should get some pills.

An early night and the heat pack helped, I felt better this morning. Then I got in the car. The movement of twisting when getting into and out of the car, that hurt. I made sure I brought Mr 9 with me as the bit of shopping I wanted to do required carrying bags, and that would not be easy.
I passed the chemist several times before I figured I should probably go and get something. (Bad patient??) Voltaren, I love you. A hour or so after popping the first few, yipee. Well I’m not exactly doing cartwheels, but the pain has subsided somewhat…

I picked up a lay by of four books… Hmm, only to be added to the pile of other books (and kindle books) bought and not yet read. Do I really need more books. I like to buy them, so I can read them at my leisure. I figure that if all else fails then I have plenty of reading material to keep me busy. I think there may also be a book review or two coming up. I haven’t really done much on that front lately. But then I’ve not read many books either. I love reading, but sometimes find it ‘wasted time’ to just sit and read. I know it’s not, but I always feel the need to be ‘doing’ something, not just sitting reading.

20130309-162736.jpgpile of books that includes two ‘fluff’ pieces, my usual murder and mayhem, a heavy duty piece and then my kindle on the top with several of each genre waiting patiently…
I’m currently reading the yellow book, which one should be next on the list to review?

May your weekend be a good one and pain free πŸ™‚

Is it a road trip if its only for 1 night?

Car packed – check. (Mr hook, you would be proud, my awesomeness at packing jigsaws worked again… πŸ˜‰ lol)
Bags packed – check. Although as the weather is more inclement than first forecast, so some wardrobe changes were needed. One night, 2 small overnight bags.
Snacks/wallet/other stuff – check
Bus tickets for the return trip – omg, where did I put them, shit, now I have to print them again…. what’s in this stack of papers, oh, phew, there they are. CHECK!
Kindle, camera, etc & chargers – check.

Ok, we’re all set, I just have to get the kids off to school and drive over to mums.

This weekend is the Deloraine Craft Fair from Friday 1st to Monday 4th. Mum is attending this year (4.5x3m booth) with her gorgeous silk and dyed scarves, quilts and covered books along with hand dyed materials and I am going up with her today to help set up and then catching a bus home tomorrow. Hubby will meet me in Hobart.
Mum only has a small car, 4 doors and a hatch boot, and we got everything in easily with room to spare for bags. Those ladies we used the other day. Sitting Lying back and centre for all followers to see, in all their naked booby glory…. We’re sure to get a few looks on the highway with them.

If the weather clears up as promised there will be some pictures.

Think I need another coffee before we go. Maybe I can wangle buying one on the way. Driving and coffee work well together.

Have a great day πŸ™‚

Coming of Age

The time has come. It’s been some time in the making. But it’s here now. And it scares the crap out of me.

Rewind those years and I was plodding waddling along in the final stages of my first pregnancy. Waddling, yes, I was under some misconceptions that I figured out too late, and so looked like a beached whale for the last trimester.
I loved my belly, it was a beautiful beach ball of a belly, and moving into the final stages, i was getting everything into place. Well trying to anyway.
In one fell swoop that went out the window.
Baby shower at 34 weeks and my belly was this shape. I was young and naive but I knew something was different. How different I was soon to find out.
Next time I’m at the hospital for a check up i ask a few pertinent questions. Even I knew that leaking fluid was probably not the best thing to be happening at that point.
“we’ll keep you in and if you don’t have bub in a couple of days well induce you”
I really didn’t want to hear that.
I was nowhere near ready to have a baby. Mentally, physically, or any other way.
And it really didn’t help that there was a very vocal lady in the room backing into me. Little did I know that would soon be me.

Roll on several hours and my sister came to visit. I am so glad she did…. whoops, my waters broke.
I’m officially in labour. 8pm.
Somewhere around 9pm hubby finally turns up. (Hubby is night fill manager at a supermarket so working til 1-2am, ie, close near by as we lived 45 mins out of town).

Long story short. Don’t get pumped full of pethadine when you have a short labour.
2 hrs after it all started I have my baby. Yep, 2 hrs. (i got ‘lucky’ as my other two labours were both somewhere in that vicinity aswell).
No, I don’t have my baby.
His birth was not smooth and he came out blue, so straight into the humicrib and they whisk him away.
My worst nightmare (at the time, I have much worse now) had come true.
During a pre natal class we went through the labour wards and shown all the equipment that can be used depending on circumstances. Yep, I got them all.
Add to that I had a room full of doctors, nurses, specialists and probably trainees….sending room only peoples!

I am finally allowed back to my room and they bring my son to me.
I am still doped up and have no feelings at all towards this creature. It’s a baby, ok. Oh, it’s mine. Can I go to sleep now..?

On about day 3 I discovered I had a baby!! and so motherhood really began. I was a new young mum with a baby that had a tube down his nose. Not a good introduction.
Was he a good baby? He was the ‘perfect’ baby. If I could have had 10 of him I would have. (well, not really, 10 is not ideal) and I did renege on this at around age 13-14 though.

One small hiccup, Hydroceles and surgery at age 15mths… not very pleasant and although it would have been nice to know before hand that premmie babies are prone, I dont think I would have handled it very well.
He slept through early,(still likes to sleep) and had good routines…. The other two. Well they are another kettle of fish. And their day will come.

Why do I tell this story. Well, today, the 13th September my first born turns 16, collects his drivers license (yikes and drives us home!) and is growing into a wonderful and mature young man that I am very proud of.
And while embarking on this next journey is scary, it’s all an adventure, and we welcome it with open arms.

Oh, the day of my baby shower… Mum told me she knew it wouldn’t be long before I had my baby. I’m just glad she never said anything at the time. It came out later and I told her I had thought the same thing, I just didn’t need to know about it at the time.
And the day of his birth… Friday the 13th.

Happy Birthday Ryan, we love you so very much and are extremely proud of you!

Keep smiling, even when it’s hard and you don’t want to πŸ™‚

At 3months.



Age 8


And this morning. The first one I like, he had a lovely smile. He prefers the second one…



I like…. I dislike

I like….

  • my new summer dress (at 75% off)
  • driving places
  • laughing with my kids
  • taking pictures
  • long hot showers.
  • the green pastures and the rich deep brown soil of vege growing country
  • pretty flowers
  • (P) DA when I am feeling down – ar anytime at all really.
  • a glass of wine with pizza and a movie πŸ™‚
  • watching movies
  • doing the housework (I feel good when the house is clean)
  • my music up LOUD
  • playing like a 5yr old on the swingsΒ at the park
  • when I hear that someone likes my jewellery so much they wear it EveryWhere!
  • catching up with my friends and having drinks
  • thick steak cooked just the way I like it…med/rare with hot mustard.

(of course there are many more things I like, these are, but a few of them….)

I dislike….. well, not going to be negative.Β  Sharing the good stuff.

What do you like?

Keep smiling πŸ™‚