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It’s my Birthday!

birthday candles
Yep, that’s right.  Today, Saturday, is the celebration of my entry into this world some 41 years ago. Right about now I’m feeling every second of it after starting a new exercise regime and finding muscles I’d forgotten existed.

Most of us celebrate birthdays with parties, pampering, crazy life-and-death activities, over indulgence of some kind, spending it with loved ones.

What should I do? What am I going to do?
Well the man is back at work and knowing this would be the case we had a little celebration while he was home – combining it with an early anniversary present.  Staying at the hotel we spent our wedding night, and simply chilling with quality us time – no kids anywhere.
It’s going to be pretty low key until later this afternoon. Some baking, go for my daily run and then get ready for a night with the girls.
I have a group of the most amazing friends here, no matter the combination of who’s there we always have a great time. And it usually means there is an over abundance of alcohol partaken. We need no excuse to get together – birthdays, not-saying-goodbye’s, weddings, just because really.


So celebrate with me in whatever way you please, have a great weekend
Jen 🙂


“The race that stops a nation”

It’s all about the drinks

And the food


All that gorgeous food


And a splash of colour in my outfit


Good friends, good times.
The Melbourne Cup. Our most famous horse race. And it does indeed stop the nation. Melbourne has a public holiday, and pretty well everywhere else stops for a piece of the action mid afternoon.
Aside from the horses, it’s all about frocking up and what you have in your hair! Fashions on the field are almost a bigger attraction that’ll the race itself.
A group of us a lovely few hours of drink, nibbles and laughter.
By the time I had decided on my outfit, all fascinators had been sold – the ones I was looking at – so had to make an impromptu one which ended up looking like a rosette – the one downfall to having boys and short hair, there is no girly head wear in the house to borrow.

Jennifer 🙂

– I will eventually get around to posting about out little day trip on Saturday –

It’s been twenty years….

Wait there, not that. I’m talking about waitressing, not a song.
Mum is a part of the Tasmaninan Quilters Guild, and last night was the Opening of the Tasmanian Art Quilt Exhibition in conjunctuion with TMAG (Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery) where the quilts are all displayed. It was also the night for presenting the winner and runners-up with their prizes.

As is the way with openings of exhibitions there is food and nibbles available. And someone has to do the serving of such refreshments.
This came down to dad, myself and my eldest son.
Donning the old black and whites again we rocked up at 5 to help prep and by 6 there were plenty of people milling around.
I’d forgotten how heavy trays f drinks were, and was more comfortable with the food trays. There was only one small drink accident, and it didn’t involve the guest or broken glasses.
The small room that held 100 people .

Last minute prepping from the other Guild ladies.

A room full of people, with my dad in the foreground, and the Museum manager checking out his camera.

While it was a good evening – all packed up, cleaned and we were gone by 7.30 – I remember now why I didn’t like doing this back in the day.  Sure no-one was out rightly rude, but you are still a service person and they look at you as such.
I’m not so much bothered by it these days – something about being old and wise cynical I spose – and would gladly help out again if the need arises but I wont be in a hurry to look for a job doing this.
My eldest learnt a few things, at the very least he’s done something new.

And in other news.
While there will be no great party, there will be a small one.  For Melbourne Cup come the 5th of Nov. The race that stops a nation.  Apparently.  A horse race.  I wouldn’t know how to fill out the forms for betting, but us girls (and a few guys maybe) are having our own little dress up afternoon.  All for a 5 min race. Go figure.  So the tan in a can comes out and I am working on my frock and fascinator, or should I wear a hat???  And it’s all going to be pink! Would you expect anything else??  Sure I don’t follow the race that much, but I’m not going to knock back the chance to dress up, have a glass or two and giggle cackle laugh with the girls.  Fingers crossed the weather comes to the party.

I’ve found all these drafts lurking in the depths of my dashboard.  Some automatically got deleted, others I’ll look at and maybe re hash and show you, or decide they’re a draft for a reason.

School finishes for the eldest in about 3 weeks, he has one exam, and then he’s a free agent.  Wonder how many jobs I can get him doing???  It does mean he can work whenever they need him. That is his paid job.  And the annual school Twilight Fair is on in 2 weeks.  And then the other two finish 2 weeks before Christmas.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll leave it at that for tonight and hunt out a picture for today’s entry into The Box.

Have a great weekend!!



Christmas is coming

Christmas has definitely arrived in Woodbridge. My friend Kelly, wwho runs the post office is a wonderful friend and a hoot to be around. (She’s funny, and lots of fun). Once the twelve days of Christmas begin she starts her countdown with a different dress up each day, getting crazier by the day til the 24th arrives.
Along with another friend Sue (who does some actual work there as well) I have helped sort the letters as it gets busier and busier. I’m like the bottom of this pile. Kelly runs the place, Sue is 2IC and I’m just the shit kicker. I come in and head straight for the boxes of letters to sort them into mailboxes.
Everyday Kelly will take a picture and post it on her FB wall. Most of the time I am not there early enough to get in (phew) but this morning I rocked up looking Christmassy so another shot was taken… Left to right yours truly, Sue and Kelly in her gorgeous western Santa hat.
kelly xmas

One thing most people say when they come in is the amount of laughter that floats out the door and through the mailboxes… we do have fun and everyone loves Kelly. My dad has nicknamed her Ned, (Ned Kelly anyone) which is typical of his sense of humour.

I have gotten right into the Christmas spirit by decorating my car with antlers and a red nose… Hubby normally doesn’t like these things (and I have to argue to get my way) but as he is away he said I could do what I wanted. Yay!! Mr 8 thought it was fantastic, Mr 14 & his visiting friend didn’t say much at all, and Mr 16 just grinned and shook his head when I picked him up after work.



Kelly received a bottle of Hartzview Spiced Apple Mead (for xmas, from a customer) while I was there this afternoon and I exclaimed I had one myself into fridge. She then proceeded to write down a recipe for us that I just had to try when I got home. This liqueur, while really good, is not something I would sit and drink on my own, so it has just sat around since I bought it (feb or march I think).
I am going to try a few variations of this, it could be quite nice.
In a tall glass mix together
30ml of Mead, (I think I had about 50ml, any less and it would not have had any flavour to it) ice, good ginger beer, squeeze of lime juice and some mint.
While I had no mint I did the rest and yummo.
I was told it should not be kept in the fridge but used at room temperature. Interesting, as the producers said it is fine to keep cold.
It made a refreshing drink being cold, but for those having a winter Christmas it could be better warmed slightly. I am thinking of trying it with pureed mango to give a little exotic touch to the flavours. And maybe warming it like suggested.

Oh baby, that is soo good!

No, this post is not about sex, although drinking this is about as close as I’ll get when hubby is away… lol

It could have been Sangria – Punch or Cocktail? or Sangria Saturday – in the middle of winter, but they didn’t sound quite right after I’d made it.

Short history: Thanks to my sister, who says ‘thanks to a friend’ of hers I have 6 free bottles of wine – sent to me on the proviso that I drink and review them.  This is for a company called Naked Wines who help small wine growers.  I review, they can then spend money where the public wants it o go to. Ie: their fav wineries.  check out my reviews here.

So I am doing a wine review on my FB page for each bottle and one in particular inspired a little … discussion.
I would pour a glass of said wine, and then write what I think. Not in fancy terms, just, what I think of it.
This one night, I opened the bottle of Spanish wine, complete with cork that broke in two places and nearly didn’t come out.  Maybe that was the omen..
One mouthful told me all I needed to know. Hubby had some and even he screwed up his face.
Review said, “… dry as the desert… blah blah…thumbs down”
It’s then commented I should make a Sangria and after I mention that cocktails weren’t part of my drinks repertoire, there ensued a discussion as to whether it is a cocktail or a punch.
I think it’s a punch. With plenty of Punch if the google search is anything to go by.
One site said something like… good to use if you want your guests to get drunk really quickly… ok, then.  (And yes I can definitely see where this comes from…)

So I am thinking, why waste a perfectly good bottle of wine, free or otherwise, and make myself some Sangria.  If it tastes like it reads, then I’ll either love it and drink waaay too much, or….

So here goes… there are many versions all over the internet that google will find for you, in about 1/2 second.  This is the one I picked (from my fav cooking website, Taste) with a few changes. Many of the recipes actually state to not worry too much about the quantities so long as it tastes alright – and you use a lot more sugar than you think you will.

3/4 cup other alcohol – I used 1/4 cup Cointreau & 1/2 cup vodka.
3 cups good red Spanish wine
1/4 cup castor sugar
3 cups lemonade
3/4 cup cranberry juice
1 ea orange & apple sliced thinly.  I think you could miss the apple, as I don’t notice it.

Slice fruit and soak in alcohol (not the wine).

add sugar and stir to dissolve.  Leave for at least 30 mins.
Mix all other ingredients in jug (or bowl) and add the bowl of soaked fruit.

Taste and add more sugar if needed.
Put ice in chilled glasses, top with Sangria and serve.

tried to get a shot of how gorgeous the colour is


Holy mother of…. that is some good shit.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, too strong alcohol, too sweet (I read you need to use an insane amount of sugar).  But it was none of the above.  I’m definitely gonna have to make more of this come summer.
Sparkly – always good.
Rich flavour – smooth and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.
Gorgeous colour – looking good is always a plus.
Sweet enough to be able to drink it way too quickly on a hot day.
And enough alcohol to put you on the floor, or to just enjoy – depending how you drink it.

Bottoms up! Cheers! ~clink glasses~ 🙂
bebe feliz