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Since when do you drink tea??

Those words have been spoken to me more than once over the last few days, and I have to think, Why? Am I really that stuck on coffee that people don’t think I can drink anything else?
And as I’ve said, “only when I have a cold, or a sore throat” – which thankfully isn’t that often.
Don’t get me wrong, when I visit a particular friend, all I drink is tea, she makes a mean cup. But for everyone else, I’m the coffee whore.
My tea of choice with a sore throat.
Basic tea bag + honey lemon tea bag mix. Taken black with sugar. And it is quite nice.
But I sure miss my coffee.

What do you drink when you have a cold coming or a sore throat?


The Pub…before Peppermint Bay

By the time I received these pictures I felt a sense of pressure to make sure I used them.  I had made a few queries as to where I might them (there was nothing on the web) and before I knew it, it felt like the whole of Woodbridge was looking for me.

Yesterday I did a post about Peppermint Bay and last year did the same, but I wanted to show you what used to be there.

A square brink two story building that appears to have been wiped form the history books considering how hard it was to find pictures.  If all else failed I could have asked the old owner – who originally built the new pub.  Now that would have put pressure on me.

What you see are photos of old photos so I apologise for the quality.
Once the pub was sold all items that were movable – and I mean everything -was auctioned off before the bricks and mortar was demolished.  I even know the guy who bought the front door to the pub, or the Bar door.  It was joked at the time that he used it more than anyone and so was his almost by default.  Apparently he has since stopped drinking. The wooden deck you see in the bottom picture now resides at my parents place. 



Happy Saturday 🙂