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I think I need to clean…

My creative space is always a work in progress and until I find just the right work tables that will fit my space easily then it will just keep on doing the shuffle…

the bag of grapes I ate whilst tidying up - that and many coffee's

Ok, so I was bored and took pictures of the grapes…

My problems:
– the bay window.  I love the window for the light it lets in and the view but it has made those little weird little corners where nothing will fit.
– there is only a couple of feet before the corner of the house so that creates another corner that makes it awkward to fit furniture in.
– it is through way!  There is a door on one side to the kitchen/dining and just half a wall on the other backing onto the lounge (this wall is partly the chimney).
– then the french doors (right between said corner of house and walkway into lounge.
– on the back side of the chimney someone has ever so kindly put up floating shelves (at stupid heights) so I am limited with what goes underneath…

But am I complaining… well, just a little bit.  I have my tall boy (large chest of drawers, not tall children, although two are taller than me…) under these shelves with a cd rack one side and filing cabinet with jewellery storage on the other.  Works fine.
Against the back wall facing the kitchen is my mega set of shelves (I was so happy when we found these, they are the perfect fit for all my beady boxes).  Next to this was a space that was a pain.  There is a double power point here which means certain boxes or containers cannot fit or have to look messy sitting at an angle.

before - a mess.

I was in a second-hand shop close by the other day and spotted the perfect set of shelves – I measured, ran home (drove), measure my space then went back and paid for them.  They would be the Perfect Fit! And they are.

after - in progress

I just need to find a space for my market boxes when they’re not in use… hmmm.  That is 3 large plastic containers & a suitcase, then two others with odd props and the like in them.  A lot of space required.

My desk, as always was stupidly messy.

new shelves, and an email stating I needed to take my trestles to market this week (guess what I use as a beading table??) meant I had to get to work.

My plan was to put all things from the tall boy into the new shelves and utilse the tall boy for all my materials and sewing bits… ah, yeah… that was a good thought…

will all this fit into the tall boy..?

‘Business’ things fit into some funky baskets on the shelves, then comes the fun part getting all my glass, resin, clay, and light tent to fit in the space so it is easy and I know where everything is…
Well, I got started, and by the time I went to bed was pretty pleased with myself… not for long.  I woke this morning to another stupidly messy desk…. now I could have taken the easy way out and just stuffed everything into boxes and been done with it. But I didn’t. Put everything where it belongs so I don’t have to back track later.

I was meant to tidy the table... I thought so. This is clean compared to the night before.

Now to get all the material to fit in the drawers… like that’s gonna happen!

ooh, look, more little jars to put beads in....

neat, semi sorted beads and findings

a clean and tidy table….

and the piece de resistance….

full, finished and looking soo much better 🙂

I was going to do some more sewing tonight and get some new bags ready for the market – well one is nearly done.  Just a little hand sewing of beady fringelets to do.  the others… nowhere near ready to sew even…

Now the table has sewing all over it, but that will be easy to move later on. Now, I best get back to it if I’m going to get at least one more done..

keep smiling 🙂

Another new start…. what? again?

I have been thinking again lately… yeah I know, it must hurt.  Although I love making lots of different kinds of jewellery in simple but different styles, I have thought about making my niche with something I haven’t sen much of before.  My Wraptures.  I love the glass work, and the clay is super cool. So many things to do with it.  My friend C who was just visiting recently, has done a little bit on enamelling… LOVE IT!!  I have not seen much of that either, so I am going to hunt out a class and give it a go.  It will suit my differing tastes in jewellery style and as a lot of people are right into the Dichroic Glass (all the same really) I want to use it but stand out from the crowd.

I will still be making the basic run-of-the-mill pieces I have always made, trying to incorporate more semi precious into them, to accommodate the everyday customer, while concentrating on my niche.  My little piece of the action! 
My bags will still be just whatever style and colours I like, I might get to creating a more niche style for them….  but then again, who knows.

The next few months will be an intersting journey, so stick around to make sure you catch all the goss..

Keep smiling 🙂

the journey to my market addiction

have evolved somewhat from the first one I did in May 2009.
I had not thought about selling at markets, and certainly wasn’t sure if I wanted to.  I had items in a local shop, which was, unknown to me at the time, about to close down and I thought all was good.  The school where 2 of my 3 boys attended were gearing up for their Mother’s day fete, a huge affair and I was asked if I wanted to have a table with my jewellery…. well they didn’t have to ask twice nad certainly weren’t twisting my arm.  We sorted out a few minor details and i was on my way.

From the picture, you can see I really had nothing much in the way of display and it’s a pretty sad-looking stall.

very first stall - school fete, 2009

One of the mothers approached me and asked if I was going to the new market the RSL were putting on, that Sunday, 2 days away!  I had not heard about it so on the saturday morning I went and made my enquiries.  I was in.  Only just, but there I was.

Again, a pretty sad-looking stall, I had to borrow their tables and I felt like I should be selling second-hand goodies rather than my handmade jewellery… but I had a few people come over and mention they had seen me at the school (this happened for at least 6 months afterwards)

first actual market stall, RSL 2009

Over the next few months all monies I made went back into the business buying props, tables and other bits that are required.  I was hooked!  The monthly market was my thing, and I was able to do everything myself – it had to be that way as my hubby’s roster meant he was often working weekends.  Even setting up and dismantling the gazebo.

As you can see from the pictures I gathered quite a few items and my stall actually looks pretty good now.

one version of my set up, with two tables.

another set up, complete with gazebo and extra props.

Enter Tasmania.
The two markets I am attending here are a bit more expensive, but they do include the table, which is good.  One less thing to lug around in my car, with the boot open.
I have had to rearrange my stall again, from a spread out two tables to 1 where I need to condense what I sell, but still make it inviting and hope that people come and look.  From the pics, you can see that it has evolved, and even as I type this, I am thinking of other ways to add to my table.

Woodbridge stall, Sept 2011

Snug, Oct 2011

The Snug market has a large outside area which is getting more stalls, so I queried the price and for a little less + table I can have my gazebo outside.  Yay!  It is not the biggest or best market, but if I can make my stall more… now where is the word… my neighbour yesterday said it right.  Inside, the stalls just run into each other and blend, but outside I can be a single stall with more emphasis on me.  Something like that anyway.
So, come December I will have my gazebo, 1 table and grab one of theirs and I will try it out.  Even though I will prob miss the Jan one, I will stick it out for a few months and see how it goes.  Come Autumn and winter though will be a different thing.

keep smiling, 🙂


studio time

I had started another post about exercise and craft but it ended up being full of nonesense and now I have something that makes all that pale in comparison.

You know those times where you are so happy you can’t help the smile that keeps creeping onto your face.  Well I had one of those days today – twice which makes it all the more exciting.

We had our container of belongings delivered and unpacked (by 3 very nice gentlemen, 1 of which was rather hunky, maybe a too young for me, but who’s caring about that) which means I  have my beads – amongst other much needed items – to play with.  I had got to the stage where I mised them so much I was tempted to try another crafty thing to keep me occupied.  Aaargh… what would I do besides beads??  There were a few other things like stamping, or mixed media textile collages took my fancy.  So I  may just add something else.  Plus,  my business name will cover pretty well everything as it doesn’t have ‘jewellery’ or ‘beads’ in the name.  As I type this, I think it is not such a bad idea…. I digress; quite often and usually badly. My head trails off in directions unknown to me most of the time.

The other smiley episode also was confirmed this morning via email.  My husband and I had been looking at the packing shed where my mum has her studio, and dad his old-vintage engines and discussed numerous touristy things that would be suitable for the shed and local area.   I then take another look and say ‘bugger what we discussed, why don’t I use that for my beads’…. we pass that look between us that I think all couples have history of doing and so an email to my parents followed.

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this if the answer had been no, and this morning on checking my email I got the answer that made me ‘officially excited about my studio’.

So this morning I take some pictures of my loft studio – love how that rolls off the tongue – and tomorrow it is a get stuck in and sweep, stack and tidy.   I will add some pictures later once the area is clear and tidy before the furniture starts being delivered.

But I will say I am very excited about the chance to decorate and design my own space in a way I want it to be, how I want it to feel.  I have visions of large swaths of hot pink and bright white material draped across the walls (covering part of the super sized tarpauline we will use to cover the iron roof), a large brightly coloured print on the wall, (painted by me, cheap and easy) and flowers….

I also need to get my husband to help me build a stand for displaying my goods, 1 each for my studio and in mum’s space downstairs for when there are open days.

While I am here I will thank my mum for being so wonderful and willing to help me out. I love you mum xxoo.

On that note, I will head back to my coffee and choc bisuit wish you all a lovely day.

Keep smiling til next time

Ciao, Jen  🙂