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A new challenge.

Ok, first things first. so day one of the birthday is done. My birthday is actually tomorrow, Friday, but due to hubby not being able to contain himself it started today. I had a great day, and tomorrow is looking up to be busy with mum taking me out.
There will be several posts tomorrow. A general god I feel old birthday rundown, and my two food reviews. I’m going to keep each place as a separate post, so today’s and tomorrow’s lunches will have their own little spotlight.

Secondly, a friend has suggested I take part in another photo challenge. Considering with what happened to the last one – a picture a week – how am I going to manage a picture a day. For a whole year!
Yep, she thought I might like to take part (or do my own) in the 365 Project. Learn about yourself, learn new skills and take one picture everyday to celebrate the year I was 40. (Yeah, that’s my great milestone :-/ ).

I love the idea, but am a little wary about giving up, forgetting etc, so I decided to help me out, I will post the pictures on my photo blog. If I have that commitment, to one blog only, then I think I can do it.
If you guys want to throw some topics or suggestions about pictures to get or take, that would be cool, but some of the comments I saw on the web pages were more about making it a memory. A place, a thing, I did, I wore, a new haircut….. So we shall see.
It is also about learning more about your capabilities as a photographer and your camera. I like that. I need that.
Plus I am pretty well ready for most challenges.

Starting tomorrow, into the Box of Photos I will be posting my pictures.
Look forward to seeing some of you over there.

Have a great night, or day, and have another coffee for me won’t you.
Jennifer 🙂



It’s soup time!

Much to my boys disgust there will be an influx of pumpkin this winter in our house. Mum and dad have lots of them and I’ve been instructed to use as many as i like while they are away on holiday. The only thing now, how many ways can I cook a pumpkin when no one but me likes them. Hubby loves his soup and the kids complain the whole time they are eating (the meagre amount they get), while my favourite is by far a nice slab that has been roasted/baked, bringing out the sweetness, then soup and of course scones. I tried pumpkin pie for the first time last year (see post here) so I may give that a go. Pumpkin dip is pretty morish, but I’m not a fan of it on pizza or in salad. Maybe I haven’t tried the right one just yet?
As I go looking for more recipes to test out I’ll leave you with my soup that is cooking away as I type.

Vegetable roasted and ready for the pot. They were so nice I ate some straight from here.IMG_7647

Onion, parsley and stock simmering.IMG_7648

Veges added with the rest of the water.

Roasted Pumpkin & root veg soup.

1 whole pumkpin, deseeded, chopped and peeled.
2 or 3 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
2 sm-med sweet potato/kumara, peeled and chopped
1 onion chopped,
italian parsley, garlic, chicken stock powder
7-8 cups water,

1. While chopping vegetable, pre heat oven to 300F
2. place veges in roasting pan, and drizzle wiht some oil and sprinkle dried herbs over.
3. bake for at least an hour, turning oven down to 250 after half an hour. I did mine for 90mins to allow for a good flavour to develop, then left it in the oven while I went out.
4. brown onion and add 1/2 cup water, garlic, stock powder and parsley.
5. add vegetables and the rest of the water. stir to mix and mush them around a bit.
6. simmer for 15 mins or so to allow the veges to infuse the stock. Taste and adjust as required.
7. turn off, cool and then blend.

Serve with a dollop of sour cream and parsley if you like. And always with thick slabs of bread.

enjoy 🙂

it’s always a good time for coffee…

tidying up a few things inn the kitchen this afternoon I found a couple of things I had forgotten all about… hidden away since we moved back home. Now to find somewhere to put them.

Have a great day 🙂
although for me it is now wine o’clock and time to think about dinner…



Who likes Coleslaw??

Granted, most people don’t, it’s the whole cabbage and flatulence thing.  I love it!  Just gotta be careful when I eat it though, and today, the day before hubby gets home, probably not the best decision.. lol.  Damn, it tasted good though.

I’m on a bit of a health and fitness weight-loss kick now, after the last few sludgy weeks,   (there’s along term goal there, but I wont bore you with the details).  So after my 4k walk with dog and mr 8 I wanted something nice and light for lunch.  No more carbs, and I can’t eat eggs without toast, so that ruled out a nice poached or scrambled egg for lunch.
The dregs of the vege drawer produced a cabbage in both white and purple,  red onion, cos lettuce and some avocado.  If bacon had been present anywhere it would have made a brilliant addition.  Thus turning it into a Ceaser-slaw.  Now there’s an idea… maybe next time.

After thinly slicing my cabbage, lettuce and onion, I found the dregs (yep, my fridge is disgustingly bare presently) of a regular mayonaise and some Potato-salad dressing (this one is lightly herbed, but I think some coriander and parsley would do the trick otherwise).
Mixing in just enough to combine the slaw mix I then helped myself and added some chopped avocado on the top.

Crunchy, sweet, mellow, a bit of bite with onion… I went back for seconds, then thirds – hmm, I just demolished the lot.
Mr 13 sat at the table with his toast and I asked him would he like some… “no, don’t like purple food…”
So that got us (with mr 8) talking about coloured foods and what was  yummy or otherwise.

Once I helped myself to the last serving mr 8 said “…mum, one day you’re going get sick…”  Ok, “why”, Apparently if I eat too much healthy food I’m going to get sick.  Can’t say much to that except laugh.

My slaw mix.
Quantities are about equal with the veges.  Amount – depends on how many are eating.
I had a 1/4 each of cabbage & onion and only used a very small portion of each + 1 whole baby cos lettuce.  I love avocado, so I could have eaten the whole thing with it, but I restrained myself, used about 1/4 or less on each serve.
If adding bacon, I would allow 1 rasher per person, and chopping into strips, fry it til crispy, then add into the veges.

Red & white (or is it green) cabbage.
Cos lettuce, I like the baby ones.
red onion.
Dressing of your choice – should be creamy. Just enough to coat ingredients.
Avocado – not too soft, not too hard.

Thinly slice, cabbage, onion, lettuce.
Add dressing/s and herbs if using.
Place into a bowl and top with about a 1/4 of the avocado chopped.

Happy munching, eat well 🙂

it’s now a pot roast!

We love silverside. Or corned beef. Whichever name you call it, it is delicious.  Boiled with herbs, vinegar and brown sugar, onions, garlic and carrots then served with mash and white sauce.  Mmmm, are you hungry yet???

With a hot plate out of action and not able to put my beef on the stove top properly, I went looking for a new recipe.  My favourite website came to the fore again (taste.com.au) purely for an idea and confirming whether my thoughts were correct or not.
I was happy as I was correct.  I could put my meat in the oven – it’s called a pot roast… imagine that.  So tonight my very first pot roast got cooked.  Yes, laugh if you will.  After 20 years of fending for myself I have never cooked one.

Now, this would normally be the part where I show pictures and explain what I did for prep.
What I actually did for prep was ring the house (we were out at the time) and have a son put it in the oven to start cooking.

We got home and the smells emanating from the house were divine.  Potatoes were prepped then tossed into the pan while I then read some foodie mags.

Even though the meat was half-frozen in a matter of two hours it was cooked to perfection… juicy and easy to carve while being crispy on the top.

I am now wrestling with the decision of how to cook it next time… roast or boil.
On request from #2 son I will be making a rub and marinade for the next one.

How do you cook your silverside/corned beef  or pot roast?  Any favourite marinades or herb mixes you use?

Keep smiling 🙂