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The last (?) ride before winter hibernation

That’s right, this will be one of the last, if not The last ride we get in before winter really hits. It is getting pretty cold out there at the moment.
So fore-going our usual ‘coffee run’ we instead decided to head north to Deloraine and visit my sister.

Route:Middleton to Dairy Plains via Cressy & Longford.

Weather: typical Tasmanian Autumn – mildly overcast, some sun, windy, bloody cold.

Distance and time: 275 km, 3.5 hrs. Leave home 9.30, arrive 1.30. Leaving 3pm, arrive home 7.30.

Stops: Bridgewater for warm-up stop 30 mins, Campbell Town 15mins, Longford 15mins petrol.
Stops on way home. Perth, 30mins, Hobart 30 mins.

We woke to freezing cold, frost on the ground and some sunshine. We had the opportunity to decide not to but we rarely change our mind once we’ve decided to do something, and off we set.
The weather in the northern suburbs of Hobart was foggy and cold, and we were no already frozen before we’d really left, so a quick stop for a warming coffee. Nothing beats warming the insides when the air is biting. Crossing the bridge through the fog brought the word cold to a whole new level, even if it did look pretty cool.
Briefly warmed up we set off and while there were some (small) warm pockets in the sunshine, it was mostly cold. Cold air is one thing, but moving at 100km/hr + is colder still and I think we felt every last bit of it.

A pit stop at Campbell Town before heading off, this time taking a side road with lots of nice corners and dips, before stopping at Longford for petrol. Straight roads are good but bends are better. Loads more fun.
The final stretch took us back onto the highway then the back roads to Dairy Plains.

This map shows the main highway route rather than the one we took as it wouldn’t highlight all the parts I wanted, and then there is a part missing in the map as well. The route we took is from where it starts at the bottom, along both light shaded parts, jointing where the road number is, rather than going back to the highway.


There’s nothing like puppies jumping at your feet, a roaring fire, coffee and lunch to make you feel warm inside. And a good catch up with your sister.

Back on the road at 3, the evening temperature drop was already in its way and I knew it would beat cold trip home. Stopping at Perth, 4pm, for a petrol top up and calling home before getting back on the bike.

My body has become accustomed to the way of sitting on the bike and does not hurt so much the next day anymore. Mind you, after 5 hours of sitting on the bike and you feel every bump on the road. From tail bone, it rattles it’s way up your spine and vibrates into your head. We stuck to the highway and it was noticeable how few bikes were out and about. Hmm, I’m not surprised.

The further south we went, the darker it got, and I got that familiar thought going through my head. Now don’t get me wrong, I love riding pillion, and while it gets as boring as the car, because I’m not in control I still love it, and am always happy to jump on board. But every now and then I have this strange thought, “what am I doing one here?” The I would never have thought seriously about getting on a bike and yet, here I am, zipping along on top of two wheels and an engine, in the wide open space that is outside. A car will never give you this freedom, there is something wild and crazy and beautiful about being completely outside like this. Then, as it got darker, I had that same thought, it’s dark and here I am riding around on the back of the bike. I think it’s still the whole amazement that I have done this and am loving it so much. I hate roller coasters, but put me on the back of a bike at speed and I’m loving it.
And riding at night is pretty cool. Not sure how often I want to do it, but especially through town, I love it. I’ve said it before, but you see so much more when on the bike, a whole new perspective. And driving through Hobart, done it a thousand times, but last night was an eye opener, almost like seeing it for the first time.

Back to the trip. Where as I? Oh yeah, we stopped at Perth and then kept going til we hit Hobart. Crossing the bridge at Bridgewater (sounds really obvious when written like that) was just as cold as the morning, but we skipped through the train crossing a split second before the lights went on. Thankfully, I wasn’t prepared to stop in there cold.
Coming through the city, we took a right turn instead of straight through and then across a couple of blocks, finishing at Maccas for a coffee.
Now, this is a mere 40mins rote mum home, surely we could have kept going? Well that’s what hubby said, but we both agreed, we would have fallen off the bike at the house, and having a rest meant the last forty km was comfortable and didn’t feel like 140. Makes a huge difference to how you feel.

I write this on Saturday, it’s taken me all day mind you. We’ve visited friends, done some shopping, washed the dog, and getting organised for our road trip tomorrow. I’m going to love it, and will hopefully there will be some fantastic pictures to show you. A little big piece of Tasmanian history.
Friday was great, Saturday busy but relaxing, and Sunday… we shall see.
Have a great rest of your weekend, a happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there.

Jennifer 🙂

Beautiful Deloraine

Here are some more pictures from my visit to Deloraine 10 days ago. As part of the Craft Fair they had lots of woolly scarves and blankets hanging on buildings and wrapped around lamp posts (instead of draping over the bridge like last year) and many smaller street art sculptures depicting scenes you would see everywhere – kids reading, the postie and a dog, wood chopping, stopping for coffee, the firies (fire fighters).

I found the collage app via a friend on FB and am loving it. I can put up so many more pics now. Hopefully it comes out alright on a laptop as compared to the iPad.
Enjoy 🙂







Fitzpatrick’s Inn

I was going to post this one with a little history, but I’m not so good at that part, so I won’t, but what I read about it is fascinating.

Mum and I stayed at the beautiful Georgian mansion Fitzpatricks Inn in Westbury, about 30 min east of Deloraine. When mum said to look out for a two storey house I wasn’t quite expecting this…


These three spinster sisters are the most famous of the owners this place has had.



This quant B&B had two styles of accommodation, rooms in the old house with shared bathroom or the newer ensuited rooms on the lower level outside the main house.

We had a room on the top floor opposite the bathroom which made it handy. And with only one other guest sharing was not a problem.




Dinner was available from one of two places – the restaurant or in the Pub. We chose the latter. Mum had the salmon patties made from local T42 Salmon while I had the steak sandwich. Succulent and tasty, it hit the spot perfectly after a long day.




After a surprisingly good sleep, the bed was very soft, we woke to a gorgeous sunny day with blue skies. Better than the previous day which was dark, grey and wet. And cold.
Breakfast in the restaurant was set up at one table with the aim to foster conversations and community. We weren’t alone for long, an older couple arrived, who live only 20mins from us and a business man who by all accounts is a regular at the Inn.
The table was laid with yoghurt, fruit and spreads and we placed an ‘order’ for toast or our choice of cereal and of course coffee or tea.

Breakfast done, we packed, paid and loaded the car. Mum was going to stay the four nights until a friend rang and said to stay with her.

The entry door from the car park is hidden very nicely behind the pillar with the other accommodation beyond that.

I had planned to wander round the town and take pictures but as we arrived later than expected and further from town I just wandered the yard instead. I also wanted to chill out in that great bath, but sharing the amenities meant probably not as much time as I would have liked either.












Have a good day 🙂

Is it a road trip if its only for 1 night?

Car packed – check. (Mr hook, you would be proud, my awesomeness at packing jigsaws worked again… 😉 lol)
Bags packed – check. Although as the weather is more inclement than first forecast, so some wardrobe changes were needed. One night, 2 small overnight bags.
Snacks/wallet/other stuff – check
Bus tickets for the return trip – omg, where did I put them, shit, now I have to print them again…. what’s in this stack of papers, oh, phew, there they are. CHECK!
Kindle, camera, etc & chargers – check.

Ok, we’re all set, I just have to get the kids off to school and drive over to mums.

This weekend is the Deloraine Craft Fair from Friday 1st to Monday 4th. Mum is attending this year (4.5x3m booth) with her gorgeous silk and dyed scarves, quilts and covered books along with hand dyed materials and I am going up with her today to help set up and then catching a bus home tomorrow. Hubby will meet me in Hobart.
Mum only has a small car, 4 doors and a hatch boot, and we got everything in easily with room to spare for bags. Those ladies we used the other day. Sitting Lying back and centre for all followers to see, in all their naked booby glory…. We’re sure to get a few looks on the highway with them.

If the weather clears up as promised there will be some pictures.

Think I need another coffee before we go. Maybe I can wangle buying one on the way. Driving and coffee work well together.

Have a great day 🙂

I need a name…. please help!

As I mentioned last week, I went to the Deloraine Craft Fair and saw heaps of goodies and now have loads of ideas.  One of these was encasing dichroic glass (or other items, quite the possibility) in polymer clay.  The lady who had these on display called them Cocoons, and I’m sorry to say, but they were seriously ugly.  Each to their own, I know, but I found them un-appealing.  Now I had tried something similar a while ago and have recently made a clay bezel for a piece of glass that was wonky looking on the back.  So this has re- ignited my thoughts on making my own version of these little ‘presents’…
Considering she has picked the best name, Cocoons,  I need my own name for these, so it is not classed as a blatant copy but more of an inspiration, which of course is what it is.  Out comes the thesaurus and I ask my friends what they think.

Lovely Lee-anne suggests ‘sleeping bags’…. which I had to laugh at, but it is true and so very sweet.  I conjured up pictures of putting googly eyes on them, setting up a tiny tent on my table and putting them to bed…  🙂
She also mentioned the technical term… Chrysliss, no doubt completely wrong… wait there…Chrysalis. Which could be worked into something also.

The Thesaurus(the internet version, my book was useless) states:

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: protect with covering

Synonyms:  cushion, encase, envelope, insulate, pad, swaddle, swathe, truss, wrap.

So as I while away the last hour or so of Sunday’s market I jot down a few things I think of…
– Sleeping Bags (lol @ Lee-anne)

– Envelope Beads

– Glass Pods

– Hidden Treasures

That’s all I have at the moment.  I’d love to hear what your ideas are on this… what would you call them.  I’m thinking in a week or so I collate the names and then we’ll have a vote on what would be the most popular choice.  I would also want it works with my ideas, my brand and what my business represents.  There might even be a little surprise for the person who first chose the name we decide on.

Keep smiling 🙂