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The Forgotten – book review

Sometimes I get on a roll and can sit and read a book from cover to cover with no inclination what so ever to stop before I’m done. There are only a few authors that make me feel like this, David Baldacci being one of them. His newest book I read, The Forgotten, fell into that category. Today I just sat and read it.

I love his books for the complex and rounded characters and well thought out plots, showing a dedication to providing a believable story.
While you know what has happened you don’t often know the who or why til the end with many twists and turns along the way. Good to keep you thinking. There are usually two or more stories running parallel which always end up intertwined in some way not always for good.
This one followed those same lines. When you have a good thing, there’s no need to change it.

Military CWO John Puller has just returned form some R and R when he is summoned to Paradise in Florida to ‘investigate’ a letter his Aunt had sent to her brother (an ex-army 3star in a VA hospital). On arriving he finds his aunt has died since posting the letter but finds the circumstances suspicious.
Quickly finding himself on the wrong side of the law the story moves along at a super fast pace with the bad guys seemingly coming out of the woodwork as John uncovers more sinister goings on in the idyllic city.
A man has escaped his captors and is intent on following his dream to wreak vengeance on past happenings to his family.
The two stories collide with more than a few incidents between the two and some unlikely friendships are forged in the process.
It seems some people here are not who they appear and looks are definitely deceiving. Good guys, bad guys, so hard to trust anyone these days.

A fast paced well written novel that grips you from the first page right to the last. Not as gory as some, but with enough graphic detail to get the point across. Another brilliant book by one of the masters. This guy is not an international best seller for nothing. I am .in the process of owning all his books after all.

Kicked out of my house

Why is it that now I have the time, 2 hrs to be precise, to be able to write a blog post that I can’t think of a damn thing to write. Sure there has been heaps going on and spending 24 hrs without Internet access was a pain (I did get to start reading a new book though, bought from lack of access + some) and I really noticed how much I use it for all sorts of things.
Surfing the net, well I don’t do this often, but the one time I wanted to look up stuff… Read my emails, blogs and FB… to name a few. Curled up on the couch under the heater with a good murder book was going to have to suffice. And I enjoyed it, David Baldacci is one of my favourite authors.

Last night was the night we were out of he house. I say kicked out to be funny, but actually, paid to leave with a meal and accommodation.
I’ll be posting a review on our meal at the local pub soon.
Now, why were kicked out?
Several months ago, April I think, one of my hot plates died. Yep, the big one, the one that is used more than any other. This proved a pain, as I realised how much I actually used it. So I hunt out a cheapy electric frying pan and slow cooker. Both have been brilliant and will continue to be used regularly.
Then the hot water cylinder died, that was fixed but another problem came up. The private electricity pole next to our carport was on a rather disasterous lean. Not a good look. Or safe. So the electrician came and fixed it up, temporarily. Thankfully it is near the the bank so the planks of timber are embedded into the bank and holding up the pole.

A week later the real estate ring and ask if we would mind leaving the house for a night if the owner pays, as it is cheaper for them to do that and stretch out the process (concreting the pole properly into the ground) than have it done in one day. So 36 rather than 24 hrs. Oh, and they will install the hot plates for you at the same time.
We have no problem with that. We’re pretty easy going that way. We are of the thinking that if we’re good to them, they’ll be good to us and round it goes….

Fast forward a few weeks and we pack up the car ready to leave for 2 days. This is after it has all organised and Aurora then (pole and electricity suppliers) lost the paperwork! Really? Witing again. The men arrive early and they talk poles, then one says “there’s a hotpate to put in aswell isn’t there? Do you want a look??” Really? Yes please! I think I was a little too excited, but who cares.

We got a brilliant little 2 bedroom cabin in the local caravan park. 5 beds for my three boys to choose from… Over kill maybe but hubby made the beds, and I have proof. These places are really well set out these days. A full kitchen, small stove, microwave, and everything you need for a holiday of more than a day or two. You can very easily spend a few weeks in one of these cabins. I was happy with this as, after the issue with the milk the other week, I think it’s a bad batch of instant coffee, so I have been full on real coffee (normally its half and half depending on my mood) so my coffee maker came along and she was cooking on the stove more than once.

As we left the house yesterday, the old cooker had come out and … Oh no, what are you doing…?They have to cut my bunch to fit the new one in. Of course it’s bigger. Is not 40 years old. Only a few inches, but I don’t have much space… it is a ceramic stove top, so flat and easy. And now I can’t wait to get home. Sad? Yes. But I have a thing for kitchens and decent tools, so for me it is exciting.

Out with the old…..


And in with the new……


I will post a picture essay next with all the photos I took around the beach near the caravan park. Water, galahs, black swans, flowers….

Keep smiling 🙂

Which one..?


I know what I’ll be reading…
What about you?
Jennifer 🙂