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Raspberry custard meringue tart

I had one of those crazy baking moods this evening. Which was to be expected really after spending the day steering wayward clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia in the right direction. I needed some creative outlet from that.
So while I’m roasting spuds, and attempting to make chicken burgers I also made an apple lattice pie, and cooked up some raspberries ready to make something out of.
Apple pie

    This was really nice, and the recipe is just a basic thing from my favourite website.

    The raspberries proved to be something else again, recipe wise. I looked for a basic pie or tart but all I found was custard or frozen ice cream desserts. It would have to be custard then.
    Not finding what I wanted I decided to do my own thing.
    So a raspberry custard meringue pie as compared to a lemon meringue pie….

    The pastry is neat this time round although it shrunk a bit too much on blind baking.


    (Note: don't try and eat ceramic pastry weights like my sister did, they're not so good and you might break your teeth).
    Does this look like I would keep food in here..?

    Pastry is done, and I filled it with thick home made custard and stuffed it in the fridge (for once there is no room to move in there) while I heated the raspberries that I had cooked, sweetened and thickened.


    The raspberry gloop was poured carefully onto the custard and refrigerated once again while I made the marriage. Egg whites and sugar. Nasty stuff but oh so tasty.


    Into the oven with its glossy meringue topping – not as stiff as it should be.

    And all cooked. The proof will be tomorrow when I cut it open.


    Enjoy 🙂

    This morning I found a sticky mess on the bench which resulted from the raspberries maybe being a little runny, and the pastry was well soaked in the juice. While it tasted alright, aesthetically it ruined the look. Definitely something to either fix or eat as soon as it’s made.
    The verdict: 3 + me had a piece, and I was told I could cook more of those any time I wanted. I’ll go with a review like that any day. I liked the minor tartness the raspberries still had that went perfectly with the sweetness of the meringue and creamy custard base.


Christmas Cake Trifle

To state the obvious, Christmas is nearly here and this year I decided to make a Christmas cake. Then I changed my mind and thought they would be cool as mini cakes or muffins.
All went well until they hit the oven. I had my thoughts, but now I know, the temperature gauge is fooked in my oven. Between the Fahrenheit on the oven itself and the converter thermometer I bought they do not match up and success is becoming increasingly harder each time I bake.

Trifle in Australia is a traditional summer dessert and is on many tables comes Christmas time. While there are now recipes to cover every taste and desire, a basic trifle is a layer of broken up cake soaked in brandy, set jelly that is chopped into squares or just spooned over in lumps topped with fruit, custard and loads of whipped cream. Best made or prepared the day before the allow the flavours to develop.

My little Christmas cakes didn’t quite work, slightly over done and just not right. So they will be crumbled and topped with a port wine jelly, fruit to be decided then the custard and cream.

My cakes before their transformation. They may not look too bad here, but I’m not happy. You’ll have to wait until Monday night to see the end result.


Enjoy your Christmas baking 🙂

Apple crumble slice anyone.. ??

I’ve been baking again.  We’re off to visit the hubby’s family tomorrow and I thought I would take something for afternoon tea (as you do) and got to thinking… what have I got in the cupboard..??

Never mind the cupboard I have a tub of stewed apples in the fridge I am working my way through. I was going to make a pie originally, but this is better.

So out comes one of my favourite recipe books as I know exactly what I want.  The Apple Crumble Custard Slice.  A bit of a mouthful maybe, but definitely not too much when eating 🙂

It’s a 3-stage recipe and I stuffed up once or twice, but lesson learned I know how to fix it.

Part one is the base – flour, sugar, egg yolk and a bit of water.

Once mixed you roll it to fit the pan and then blind bake for half an hour then cool.

pastry rolled, ready to trim and bake

Part two is cooking the apples and making the custard.
Apples were already done and the custard was cream, sugar eggs and vanilla.

My mistake here was to not have the crust come up the sides of the tin and a fair bit of the custard went down the sides and underneath (making the base a bit soft once it was finished cooking).
Part three is cook til custard is half done then add the crumble topping.

Again, I went arse about and plonked the flour and sugar into the melted butter instead of the butter onto the dry ingredients.

(Something happened between now and  a few days ago when I wrote this – but forgot to save!! Argh, so I have no idea what clever thing I wrote after the baking part. I was not in thinking frame of mind somehow…Let me have a go anyway)

Once baked, it is perfect to have as a slice for afternoon tea or served as a dessert with crea, custard or ice cream – or all three if you like, why not?!

Recipe is in the usual place up top there ^^
Happy Baking 🙂