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McMansion Monday and the week ahead.

Following on from the title, the dog now has a super sized kennel. I’ve nick-named it the Doggy McMansion for its size. An apple bin and a half, fully insulated, with plaster walls, and when were finished it will have a proper roof with shaded area on the grass for him, and guttering, and he even has a verandah. Spoilt much.
Putting it here from construction in the carport was a feat of brute strength. Picture a scene from some movie where kings are carried on thrones through the streets, a man (or more) at each corner. That was us. Thankfully the dog was not anywhere near his house.


For the rest of my week…
Photography – I’ll see what I can do. Nothing planned, but I need to get out there.
Crafty – there are felt bags to make, or at least try some test ones, a market to email and see if there are spaces available for this weekend and always things to make.
House and family – baking a few sweet treats and after a friend mentioned it, I need to buy some pork chops and do something amazing. Plus the organising of play dates, send hubby on his way and keep the troops fed, washed off to school, and getting the house shop shape for rental inspection (ugh), school photos for two boys,
Market – post market round up, start thinking on the next one, send out an email explaining some things.

Sounds like a pretty normal week for me, adding in the call outs to friends and appointments that invariably pop up.

Have a great one, and I’ll see you whenever I get the chance
Jen ūüôā

I’m nearly ready….


I made a mistake and had to make this from memory… so not too bad. But thinking pale pink might look better.
There is a puffy box to make too.. could be cute.

And why does the weather have to be shite now!!? Raining, windy and Cold!¬† And market is on tomorrow…

The perfect day


to stay inside and be crafty..

Jennifer ūüôā

soul searching for the future….

It has only been a month since I have posted but it feels like so much longer.  Things are pretty busy with the new house (getting everything sorted and in place), jobs seem to take forever and it appears there are more boxes each day I have to look through.  This, although good for me, has given me cause to start evaluating my (beady) life.   This transferred to me being off kilter with my craft and not knowing quite where I am.  I have been questioning my skills, thoughts, what I am making.  Where do I want to go with this?  am I doing the right thing? should I keep doing this?

look! lots of windows, light and ... lovin' it ūüôā

I¬†firmly belive that most crafty people go through this at some stage in their journey… I spose those that are professional and can make a decent living are the ones who have it¬†sorted and have cornered their niche.¬† (No offence meant to any one here.. just an observation)¬† And that is what it all comes to – finding your niche market.¬† The place where your goodies will stand out from the crowd, calling to potential clients and make themselves (and you) known.¬†¬† Not as easy as it sounds.¬† For most of us also, harder if we choose to not make identical multiples of¬†product and instead concentrate on the individual piece.¬† And harder for those of us who are not natural self advertisers.
part of my new bead space. lots of room

After much soul searching, the writing of numerous notes and¬†being brutally honest with myself¬† I came to the realiszation that, with¬†a large¬†crafty community here, and a smaller disposable income (at least from those I meet locally) I have to re-invent myself and what I stand for.¬†¬† This is Serious Stuff.¬† So I sit at my computer and write some notes…. what am I doing now? What do I want to do. and What do I need to do now (to accomplish these things and move forward)?

It can be a hard thing to analyse your own work and although we are often our own worst critics, at times we have to be, so we can be honest about our short comings and where we can improve.  What we need to change.   What can stay the same.  Do we delete certain lines, keep others.

'old' necklace of basic styling.

the new line - Marca-Ties. Will it stay?

I have worked out what I want to do, but I may Рdepending on how things work out Рneed to change that, making the list smaller.

I need to work smarter Рduh Рand slower.  Not feel the need to push out heaps of product/jewellery constantly.

One must sell items to warrant making more.  I had realized this a while ago, but now is the time.  A new beginning. A time for change.

I wont be telling quite yet what my new plans are, but will be having a short break soon from my beading to get it all in order.
Don’t worry, I will still be creating, I love it too much to give up.¬† just trying to find my niche, my place in this very busy world of crafty people ūüôā

Well, it has now been three days since I started this blog and am only just ready to post.   Yesterday we took a family trip and wandered around the famous Salamanca Markets in Hobart.

Salamanca Market.

This gave me a two fold chance to do something.  One, it has been years since we last went and there is so much atmosphere and cool cool things to see.  Secondly, I was able to check out the abundance of other jewellery stalls (in all manner of styles: Sterling silver; funky individual pieces; hippe styled;, bought-in-from-China mass produced type stalls; several stalls with glass and dichroic) that were there, I missed none.  And was able to really get my head around my thoughts.  

By the time we had finished I had a good idea of where I would like to go, and that my decision, at the moment anyway, is the right one.    I am not doubting myself here, just being honest after what I have seen, and what is out there, not just at Salamanca, but the more localised markets I will be attending.  There is only so much you can do to compete with others who mass produce their goods and then sell on very cheaply (so many people are willing to pay for cheap products, even when there are 20 more of the same item, rather than spend a bit more for a singular designed piece).  I am not being a sour puss with that comment, just honest.  If the makers are happy to produce multiples of one design, then all the more power to them.  I want to make things for those people, like me, who are willing to wear (more often than not) an individual piece of jewellery.  That is the reason I started making in the first place.

What have you noticed about the markets you attend or visit?¬† Are there many of the same stalls, are there jewellery items that you feel are over done, those that are not done enough of… something you go looking for and cannot find.

I’m looking primarily at markets, as many shops will put a 40% comission on the item, and it can make many items too expensive and¬†currently I am not looking at that equation.

Keep you updated on my progress.

Keep smiling til next time ūüôā

ciao xx Jennifer