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Apple Pie

Mr 15 arrived home yesterday with the announcement “I have apple pie!”.

Cooking class done and we get dessert.
Very nice it was too.




Have a good day.


Fabulous Friday

It’s not quite a foodie Friday today – watch out next week though. Friday is an important day! – as we have been super busy doing everything and nothing. Why fabulous? We have friends coming round tomorrow, life is good, coffee always hot, and taking a daily walk (with hubby) or run (more like a jog really) has me feeling pretty good in all ways. Fabulous!

This week I have been busy getting things organised for my next market, creating and sewing. I’m waiting for some new pliers to arrive which will help me out no end, my display has moved up a notch with new business cards for display purposes and I’ve been in a making mood.

I did make a new dish, which went over down very well, and is super easy, which means keeping the neccessary ingredients wont be a problem at all.

Honey bbq roast pork.

This is the recipe I found: 2lbs pork ribs, 1-2 bottle honey bbq sauce, 1 cup brown suagr, 2 Tbspn maple syrup and this is what I did: 1.5kg (3lbs?) rolled roast pork, 1/2 bottle honey bbq marinade, 1 cup brown sugar, squirt of maple syrup and bbq sauce.

OMG. Divine. Melt in the mouth. Sweet and delicious. Even after thickening for gravy there was alot of sauce, but I like that.

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning and despite the battery dying on me mid capture, I did get a few nice shots. IMG_8946

And it seems Spring has come early. I know we’ve had a mild winter, but August is technically still a winter month. The blossom has arrived, and is looking pretty speccy.IMG_8958

Have a great day 🙂

Bringing some routine to the madness

While drinking enjoying my coffee earlier and typing the post I began thinking about whether I should bring some routine to the week. Something to look forward to…

Each Saturday I am in Kingston as I have to deliver eldest to work, and usually have something I want to do. Even if its grabbing a coffee while on my own. I haven’t really done much with the ‘Saturday gratitude’ (sorry Judith) posts but Saturdays are my day when I can do something similar with my own twist.
Alfresco Saturdays – given my penchance for chillin’ with my cup of caffeine at my favourite coffee shop (occasionally with my favourite man, when he’s home). A simple post of a picture and few words. A welcome to the weekend 🙂

The posts centred on Kelly’s postcard wall have proven popular, but there is no ‘P’ day of the week for postcard alliteration, so Travel Tuesday might fit the bill (this is also the day hubby usually flies out.) and be the weekly overview of postcard arrivals.

Food Friday can be an overview of anything new I’ve made and tested during the week or a mini review of a cafe/pub/restaurant we’ve been too. Hubby and I do lunch out the day he gets home, which is a Thursday currently, so that works. Has anyone tried garlic crusted tuna lasagne for instance??

That might be enough as I have to make sure I get these into routine, or more importantly, remembering to actually do them.
Is there anything you would like me to write about, set day or otherwise, or do you like my random ramblings as they are?

Jen 🙂

what to do with egg yolks?

After my little cooking escapade last night and my son deciding (this afternoon) he wanted to make his own meringue to eat, I now have 5 egg yolks sitting in my fridge.
Now I hate throwing things out if they can be used elsewhere, so I went back to my trusty friend taste.com.au to see what they had on offer.

I am also a sucker for decent mayonaise, especially the egg yolk home-made style ones. Completely bad for you but totally delectable. Eggs, oil and seasoning. Perfect! Now how hard can it be.
I’ll have a go. You gotta try everything once.

The recipe is:

2 egg yolks
2 tspns lemon juice
1 tspn mustard powder
1/2 tspn sea salt & pink white pepper
1 cup olive oil.

Whisk eggs and seasoning together in a glass or ceramic bowl.
Add half the oil in a slow drizzle (they said a teaspoon at a time) whisking all the time.
Add the rest in a constant drizzle til mixed.
This should take about 15 minutes and give your muscles a good work out, or you can pike and use an electric mixer instead.

Now, as I have 5 egg yolks I’ll need to double it + some. I don’t have mustard powder so I’ll leave it out.
The only review written says they added extra lemon juice and some castor sugar as the original wasn’t to their liking so we’ll keep that in mind.


Halfway through the oil.. Looking good.

Wow. I like my mayo, but holy hell there is a lot of it. Thinking a few friends might get a present from me tomorrow.
So, how did I go. Well I added more mustard, garlic and lemon juice, and tossed in a small amount of sugar as well. And didn’t use all the oil, there was about 1/3 cup left over. Next time I will follow the recipe closer and see if the results are much different. All up I am pretty happy. It was a challenge and if it worked then that’s a bonus for everyone.

20130521-211056.jpg not the most artistic of pictures, but here it is. While it does not look the same as the picture on the website, it tastes really good. I just hope my friends feel the same way.  Dammit, I’m now thinking of hot crunchy wedges. And half past nine is not the time to want that sort of food, maybe tomorrow night…

Have you eve made mayo from scratch, do you like this style?
Jen 🙂

more inane nonsense from the kitchen of me

is this a lack of more meaningful things to write, definitely. The things to write part, not the meaningful bit.  Life is chugging slowly along here at the moment, very little excitement.

I was cleaning around my new stove top – which means removing everything from that particular bench which gave me an epiphany. See, it doesn’t take much to … everything I was thinking was going to sound dirty.. hmm, keep me happy (will have to do)

That was it, all my recipe books came down, the bench was covered, screw drivers appeared to move cutlery hooks (which was greasy and icky from being under the exhaust fan. Now clean and being used) and oh, about an hour later I had finished.
The stove is practically bare, aside from the major essentials, the recipe books are in my pantry – leaving only the most used ones and chopping boards, paper towel and pot mitts are close but not in the way.  And I like it.
I am surprised by this as I like to have everything near me as I cook, but even I had to admit defeat with this weird little kitchen and do something about it.
The best thing is my walk in pantry. Love it!! So much room.  It would be perfect if I had my fridge (it has to live in the  laundry as we’re using the ‘house’ one – which is as ancient as the house) and a dishwasher. The electric kind! not me, or the kids, and def not hubby. Sorry babe.

Of course now I need to spend a full day sorting and cataloguing my recipes.  All those magazines, and torn sheets of paper.  Maybe I should get real and keep only what I am likely to use.  Bah! there wouldn’t be a book in the house if that were the case.  My boys are all boring!! when it comes to food.

I know someone will be very happy with this, I have too much clutter and stuff apparently, and this person is not regular a user of the kitchen. Can you guess who??






Oh, and I really don’t like the microwave up there either. Aside from me being short, it’s dangerous, but I have nowhere else to put it.

Happy baking 🙂