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Lots of glorious biscuits

As promised I gave the super biscuit recipe to my sister and we bought the ingredients so her kids could do some baking.
I definitely did something wrong as hers came out much better than mine.
There were caramel choc chip, choc chip, mixed nuts and coconut with pink and blue colouring. And they were good!


I’m looking forward to making another batch and experimenting with flavours.

Enjoy 🙂

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Sunday Baking

I had promised Mr 9 we would do a bit of baking today and had bought all the ingredients for this recipe I posted about here.
I stuffed up a bit but they turned out alright in the end. I used a quarter of the recipe and put the rest in the freezer for another day when I had more time. It is stated you can get 100+ and we got around 25, but they were quite small. I would rather bake them bigger, as making them this small you’d eat the lot in one sitting. The flavour was perfect, not too sweet at all. I topped mine with crushed chocolate peppermint balls, and the flavour is subtle but perfect.
I will be passing this one onto my sister when we visit this weekend. Her three kids love baking.


100+ cookies from one batch!

yep, you read that right. I found this blog via a page on FB aand have already copied the reciepe ready to make some up. How organised is this?!
My sons are always asking for those ready to bake cookie logs from the supermarket, but I have refused to give in so far, and I like this idea much better. Even better, if we get visitors and I haven’t been shopping or forgot to buy things, I can whip up some biscuits in no time. And what ever flavour we like.
Check out the blog here for the whole recipe.


Time to get baking people 🙂