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It all started with 1927

The band, not the year.
On the 28 September 1990 I went to a concert in Hobart with a friend, and a group of others who are not important right here. Her brother, the spunk (yes I used one of those charming 80’s phrases) was our chauffeur.
I had stayed the weekend with her, and that was all it took, to be hooked on him.

Days, or was it weeks, – cant remember and don’t need to – my dad showed him the shotgun behind his office door as we went on our first date.

And on this day, October 1st 1994 we got married. I was a mere 21.

Eighteen years of roller coaster (some fun, some not so much) and 3 wonderful kids later we are still as much in love as ever. If not more.

Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous husband, thank you for being there and putting up with me.
Here’s hoping for many more to come.


Happy Days 😀