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clothes… oh so many… Part 2

Another day has passed….

I have gone through most of my personal jewellery and decided that I’ll suss it out over
summer and see what I wear.  I didn’t wear a lot of necklaces in Mt Isa as it was just too uncomfortable and sticky, but here there is little humidity and our temps rarely go over 30C.  So perfect jewellery wearing weather!  Finally found my earrings…. I knew I had more, but they were in another box I found… not looking too good either.  I will pull them apart and making new ones instead.

So my now un-packed and washed wardrobe is catalogued as –

  • 4 cardis/shrug tops
  • 20 dressy casual tops
  • 28 tanktops
  • 5 tee shirts ?? not many
  • 7 shirts
  • 20 dresses
  • 15 skirts
  • 8 jeans
  • 9 3/4 pants
  • and 11 shorts….

Yeah, somehow I think I have enough clothes to last me awhile.

Still looking for those shoes though…

More time passing…

two days later and I am able to get back to sorting and putting away… moving boxes around and standing precariously on the step stool I find two more bags with… you guessed it, more clothes!  let’s add some 3/4 pants, a skirt or two, a couple of shirts, a dress…

oh no... more clothes.. 🙂

And the box with all my shoes! phew.  There are 5 pairs of Colorado’s in there, and we all know how much they cost.

and those shoes.. 🙂

and finally..

Another hour or so of making more mess and then cleaning up and I have a lovely, fresh new wardrobe ready for those summer days.
Bring it on, I say.

summer tops.

dresses, skirts and ... 🙂

Now I’ve confessed my sins.. what are yours?  Are you an Imelda Marcos (many many shoes) or could you fill every wardrobe in the house… maybe you have another?

keep smiling 🙂