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Dreaming. What does it mean?


I read somewhere an eon ago that when we dream it is suggested we only see the faces of those that we have met or know.
How does this equate to our dreams of famous people then?

It was that time of the morning, just before your body knows its time to wake up. That semi conscious state – you know the one, you’re asleep but awake and wishing you were more asleep – that I was dreaming and the comment came to mind. (This is how my weird brain works) I was instantly awake to the point where I started thinking about it.
In this particular dream, there were lots of people and we were all in a room, seated, like a conference or something. Aside from three people (one next to, behind and across the room), no one had a face. The guy sitting next to me, a fellow blogger given by the name he gave me, only ever showed a leg or an arm, and all the others were blurred or I saw them from behind only.

Initially it was like I was in a dream, you know, where things seems to happen in a blurred slow motion with little or no noise, and then suddenly it kicked in. Noise very where, people chattering, chairs moving, food and drinks even…?

It was weird. I was carrying on conversations to actual people and yet never saw their faces, even though we were standing next to each other. Animated, full of detail, and yet no faces.

I have no idea what we talked about, and no idea what this means.
Then the alarm went off.
Oh yay, there it goes. Eyes snap open, the dream just a memory.
Everyone vanished and I was left, simply no where. Just awake. And alone, I couldn’t even tell hubby. But that’s beside the point.

Dreams and snoring. Connected. I wouldn’t have thought so. Again, something I’ve read, this time recently, says that those who snore don’t dream and vice versa.

Ha, really. Hubby swears he doesn’t dream. At least not ones he can remember I suppose. Plus, he tells me when he has a one, so I tend to believe it. Does he snore. On occasion. When he is exhausted, it is terrible, but otherwise just a gentle snore that is bearable.
Me. I don’t snore. How could you think such a thing?! Especially as I dream prolifically and with incredibly strange detail.

And what do our dreams really mean? Some say they are an extension of our subconscious, a replay of sorts of the day we had. I can agree with that sometimes. But my dreams are of the kind you want to hook me up and analyse them. And no they are not always dirty dreams of faceless men.
Do certain actions and items in our dreams mean things. Are they random bits of information that just get stuck together?
Dream interpretations and dream analysis sites are all over the Internet, and some of the answers are, interesting.
I didn’t try and figure mine out, but if you want to see what yours say about you, Google is available any time you want it.


Pictures courtesy of Google search for ‘dream clouds’

Have a great day.
Jen 🙂

Silent Sunday

Because the words still won’t form.





Sneak peak at seagulls

While out today, with the camera of course, some cheeky seagulls decided my car was a good place to stand on. They nice enough to let me take their picture without moving around too much.




See more pics on the other blog soon.

Time to walk it out.

This is how I was feeling when I started my walk this evening… moody and dark.

And this is how I felt near the end of my walk, a little lighter and much cheerier. Not quite glowing, but reflective.


The pictures (from my phone) are a bit dark and not so clear on the laptop, but the sunset reflecting off the clouds and dam was quite pretty.
Jen  🙂

Sunday visiting…

We went out on Sunday to visit relatives of hubby.  Always a good day.  And the scenery is just brilliant.  They live right on the water.

After a bbq the boys all got out on lawn and played footy and wrestled… I wandered round taking pictures and as is the way, when the whole family is around there have to be group pictures.  I’ve included one of us aswell.

Keep Smiling 🙂