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I like…. I dislike

I like….

  • my new summer dress (at 75% off)
  • driving places
  • laughing with my kids
  • taking pictures
  • long hot showers.
  • the green pastures and the rich deep brown soil of vege growing country
  • pretty flowers
  • (P) DA when I am feeling down – ar anytime at all really.
  • a glass of wine with pizza and a movie 🙂
  • watching movies
  • doing the housework (I feel good when the house is clean)
  • my music up LOUD
  • playing like a 5yr old on the swings at the park
  • when I hear that someone likes my jewellery so much they wear it EveryWhere!
  • catching up with my friends and having drinks
  • thick steak cooked just the way I like it…med/rare with hot mustard.

(of course there are many more things I like, these are, but a few of them….)

I dislike….. well, not going to be negative.  Sharing the good stuff.

What do you like?

Keep smiling 🙂

Vintage and Retro Rock! – Op-Shop Party

A few weeks ago at one of the Woodbridge markets there was a Fab new stall – clothes.  (Check out Audrey & Elizabeth on Facebook)  Now, as you may already know – I LOVE clothes, especially second-hand.  Aside from the price, they’re already worn in and softened, plus if you don’t care for the latest fashions, and are happy to spend time scouring the racks, you can pick up some really good quality pieces.

After having a look through the racks and seeing a few nice things.. like the bright red jeans! the lady told me that she can do home parties… you know the sort, like Tupperware, only clothes.

I was sold.  I took some cards and over the next few days asked around and found there would be enough interest to hold a par-tay.

Date booked, with a friend inviting most of the ladies (I don’t know too many after being away, see here) and myself a few, I got organised with the food.  I am a shocker for these things.  Always have too much food.  If 10 are coming I end catering for 30. lol  I look at it and think, ‘no, I need more’.  So all I wanted was dips, bikkies, egg sangas (everyone eats them, no matter what they say about eggs) and cupcakes.  Easy peasy, and no stress at all.

mini cupcakes - they went down well.

my tomato tarts. I cut them in half for smaller nibbles.

I also decided to make something I had not tried before.  Now I know the rules here, don’t try something new when you have guests coming as it often doesn’t work.  I figured by making my tomato mini tarts early and they failed it wouldn’t matter and no-one would even see them…  They did work and were all eaten.  Not bad I say.

This time around, because I have never had much luck with these types of parties (ie, no one turns up) I was going strictly casual, no stress, not worried at all.  And it worked.  Of course, there are a few nerves before it all starts, but judging by the noise and the fact there were half-dressed women in three different rooms I think it was a success. 🙂   I must say thanks to my son’s here for staying their room with the door shut and behaving.  I am proud of them 🙂  I think the thought of seeing women half-dressed was enough to keep them at bay, lol

The best part about this, and what made it more relaxing was that aside from a small gift for having a party & on getting a booking, there are no other incentives.  It doesn’t matter if people only buy 1 thing or 10.  Or nothing.  Like that’s ever gonna happen.

Before the lady had finished setting up people were looking and some had items ready to try on… that’s how it goes… there was also a congregation on my beading corner with drawers being opened and lots of comments about Christmas, and mother in-laws…

I did have to cull my  pile of clothes… but I am very happy with my purchases… Colorado 3/4 pants, those red jeans, a funky pair of striped pants (fit like a dream and are sooo comfy I didn’t take them off again..), a brown vest (bought to match my skirt), a blue jacket, a red bomber style jacket, and numerous tops.  Ten things for $52… Now you can’t go to any other clothes party and get value like that.  Plus, no one else will have the same items. Unlike, other said parties…

the most comfy (& funky) pants i have worn in a long time 🙂

the other items I picked up. including a pretty floral top/dress, the most gorgeous frilly tanktop, and a great blue jacket.

Two of my friends have booked a party, so come next year, I’m off again.  I have thought of doing this quarterly… wonder what hubby will say.

back to the jewellery… I was not going to promote my goodies as such, because it was not about me, but on having fun and being with friends.  Having said that I sold 2 items, have a hold on another and a tentative booking for some wedding jewellery in Sept next year.  Plus a local lady who owns holiday accommodation has taken a small stack of cards to put in the rooms…

All is good, despite the rain, misty horrible stuff.

Keep smiling 🙂


clothes… oh so many… Part 2

Another day has passed….

I have gone through most of my personal jewellery and decided that I’ll suss it out over
summer and see what I wear.  I didn’t wear a lot of necklaces in Mt Isa as it was just too uncomfortable and sticky, but here there is little humidity and our temps rarely go over 30C.  So perfect jewellery wearing weather!  Finally found my earrings…. I knew I had more, but they were in another box I found… not looking too good either.  I will pull them apart and making new ones instead.

So my now un-packed and washed wardrobe is catalogued as –

  • 4 cardis/shrug tops
  • 20 dressy casual tops
  • 28 tanktops
  • 5 tee shirts ?? not many
  • 7 shirts
  • 20 dresses
  • 15 skirts
  • 8 jeans
  • 9 3/4 pants
  • and 11 shorts….

Yeah, somehow I think I have enough clothes to last me awhile.

Still looking for those shoes though…

More time passing…

two days later and I am able to get back to sorting and putting away… moving boxes around and standing precariously on the step stool I find two more bags with… you guessed it, more clothes!  let’s add some 3/4 pants, a skirt or two, a couple of shirts, a dress…

oh no... more clothes.. 🙂

And the box with all my shoes! phew.  There are 5 pairs of Colorado’s in there, and we all know how much they cost.

and those shoes.. 🙂

and finally..

Another hour or so of making more mess and then cleaning up and I have a lovely, fresh new wardrobe ready for those summer days.
Bring it on, I say.

summer tops.

dresses, skirts and ... 🙂

Now I’ve confessed my sins.. what are yours?  Are you an Imelda Marcos (many many shoes) or could you fill every wardrobe in the house… maybe you have another?

keep smiling 🙂

clothes.. oh so many clothes…

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a shopper.

There, I said it.  I love clothes and finding bargains, whether new-on-sale or second-hand is always good.  In fact I rarely buy full price off the rack unless I know I will wear it enough to justify the price tag.  That’s not saying I just buy for the hell of it (well I will admit to it sometimes) but I will often wait til the end of the season when the prices come down.  And going on how many removalists boxes (8) I had just for my clothes when we moved I certainly made the most of shopping while in Qld.  Plus the majority is a wonderful selection of summer clothes.  No surprise, since when we moved to Mt Isa, winter was non-existent and it was summer for 9 mths of the year with a Spring/Autumn tossed in for a brief change.

But I digress.  The weather, although by this week’s forecast you wouldn’t believe it, is changing and the sunny summer days are fast approaching.  So this week I have decided to get out all my summer clothes and swap for my meagre collection of winter clothes and refresh the wardrobe.

This task took me all week, and I wrote notes on it as I went along…

My bed is covered with dresses, skirts, tops, singlets, shorts, 3/4’s and a nice collection of jeans that I bought when I first lost the last ‘baby weight’ 7 years ago.  I fondly remember pretty well everything and saw a few items that I haven’t actually worn
yet!  Oh dear, should I be admitting to that… :-}

2 boxes chockas of my summer clothes.. yay!

Anyhoo, I love my gorgeous floral dresses, they make me feel feminine and pretty plus there is something about wearing skirts and dresses.  I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something just.. nice about it.  So, 3 piles of dresses, a huge pile each of skirts, shirts/tops, tanks, and two-legged items.

Apparently, even though I say I don’t like floral, I must do, as a lot of my patterns are indeed floral. But nice ones, not those old granny/fussy type florals… wonder what that means then..

some of those dresses...

Now most of these clothes are at least one size too small – but do you think I’m going to let
all those glorious clothes go to waste and buy more… (would love to, but I don’t think I would be granted permission on that one) No!  That is my goal (to fit them again) and from now on there will be no more said about the fitting into clothes.  Weight is a very personal issue and I’m just not going to tackle it. Not for fear of offending or saying the wrong thing.  I just think so long as you are happy with yourself then it’s all good.  The washing will commence and then the wardrobe transformation.  With the pieces that fit.

The line looked pretty cool with all those colours floating about… no, being wind-swept… and what a job.

windy washing day - love it!

now so nice and peaceful... dresses galore 🙂

Now, I just need to find all those lovely summer shoes I had…  where could they be….? and then to sort out my jewellery stash…

jewellery all over my bench...what to do now?

to be continued…..

(keep smiling, Jennifer :))

Retro and terribly daggy material…

That’s what mum and I found in 3 garbage bags and two large boxes, rescued from our old house (and that’s a story I may get to tell you another day).

In those boxes were many memories and clothes of our childhood… the late seventies and early eighties were certainly a fashion era all of their own.  Not one I really want to repeat in a hurry, but I will admit to my daggy side and say that I found some very cool fabrics I can sew bags from and a few items of clothes that can be re-twigged into something a bit easier on the eye.

Part of the pile ready to sort.

A very cool rounded diamond box full of zips was in the stash – perfect for me to decoupage maybe – another prop for my market stall??? Who knows, but it is very nice.






Along with all of the above is the fabulous retro wheeled circular bright orange ‘thing’.  I really have no name for it. And although I really dislike orange, I just love that thing.  And mum, if you’re ready this, it is not a subliminal suggestion, it is yours and you can keep it. 🙂

Funky orange cupboard thingy!

By the time we finished, mum had a small pile of material to take home, there was a bag for my sister and three washing baskets chockas of the ‘unwanteds’ ready to head out to out local Vinnie’s store.  I do have a little itch to get in and have another look, but I know that would be somewhat dangerous…. But I wont let that stand in my way.

some of the more funkier things

My dining table (currently a fold up trestle table), depending on how high you stack it, was covered in all sorts of good stuff…. those funky, crazy materials, and some clothes I may play with.

Trip to Hawaii anyone??

some gorgeous silks...







Now comes the fun part, if you can call it that.  Washing, trimming, sorting (bag linings, bag outers etc…) and then stacking into containers (or that cool suitcase) and putting them into the hall cupboard ready for use.  Then let the real fun start, creation!

the clothes I may fix up.... or just cut up.

and what good would I be if I didn't include some pinks..

And now, as I type this up ready to post, I find some more bits in another basket that was moved elsewhere… oh well.

Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer