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Times are a changing


This is part of the view where I grew up, looking east. And below is the house I spent my childhood and subsequently moved back to for a brief time (before we moved to Queensland). Slightly more south, but still east. The sunrises from across the island were fabulous. And who wouldn’t love waking up to that view every day.


After much thought the painful decision was made by our parents to sell… As you can see lots of work is being done by the present owners…along with planning to build their own house.


My thoughts may or may not reflect other’s, but I am happy that work has started quickly so the house did not get overgrown and fall to ruin. Sad, as a part of my history is right there, but happy that people who love it are going to live there.
And I get to drive past and “check” on progress.

I will be doing a more in depth post with a brief history and some better photos soon. These photos are from my phone.

Jen 🙂


52 Week Photo Challenge

Last weeks challenge picture was Urbex.  I took a couple of pictures, nothing compared to some that popped up on the wall, but a little something.

somewhere on the street, in Hobart, (Tas, Aust)

retail building that was here burnt down - now just an empty space.

This week’s challenge was ‘Comforting things’.
There are lots of things I find comforting… but these two would be near the top for sure.
Sitting under a tree in summer, it reminds me of my childhood and all the fun I had.

Soft grass & a shady space under big leafy tree - bliss.

Home - what more do I need to say.

Keep smiling 🙂


Retro and terribly daggy material…

That’s what mum and I found in 3 garbage bags and two large boxes, rescued from our old house (and that’s a story I may get to tell you another day).

In those boxes were many memories and clothes of our childhood… the late seventies and early eighties were certainly a fashion era all of their own.  Not one I really want to repeat in a hurry, but I will admit to my daggy side and say that I found some very cool fabrics I can sew bags from and a few items of clothes that can be re-twigged into something a bit easier on the eye.

Part of the pile ready to sort.

A very cool rounded diamond box full of zips was in the stash – perfect for me to decoupage maybe – another prop for my market stall??? Who knows, but it is very nice.






Along with all of the above is the fabulous retro wheeled circular bright orange ‘thing’.  I really have no name for it. And although I really dislike orange, I just love that thing.  And mum, if you’re ready this, it is not a subliminal suggestion, it is yours and you can keep it. 🙂

Funky orange cupboard thingy!

By the time we finished, mum had a small pile of material to take home, there was a bag for my sister and three washing baskets chockas of the ‘unwanteds’ ready to head out to out local Vinnie’s store.  I do have a little itch to get in and have another look, but I know that would be somewhat dangerous…. But I wont let that stand in my way.

some of the more funkier things

My dining table (currently a fold up trestle table), depending on how high you stack it, was covered in all sorts of good stuff…. those funky, crazy materials, and some clothes I may play with.

Trip to Hawaii anyone??

some gorgeous silks...







Now comes the fun part, if you can call it that.  Washing, trimming, sorting (bag linings, bag outers etc…) and then stacking into containers (or that cool suitcase) and putting them into the hall cupboard ready for use.  Then let the real fun start, creation!

the clothes I may fix up.... or just cut up.

and what good would I be if I didn't include some pinks..

And now, as I type this up ready to post, I find some more bits in another basket that was moved elsewhere… oh well.

Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer