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Easy Thai-flavoured Chicken mince

I had some chicken mince defrosting and wanted to try something other than burgers for dinner. We had all been eating too much bread so something a little lighter was in order.
I took a search on my favourite cooking site (www.taste.com.au) for an easy meal that required no trip to the supermarket.

With the rice – just plain old rice, not the jasmine variety – in cooking, the rest only took 15 mins. So if you really wanted a quick meal then this would be perfect. So long as the meat didn’t need defrosting.
Our chicken mince comes in 300g packs so I halved the recipe, and used parsley I stead of coriander that had been used up a few days ago. It was a little bland, even for hubby, but I think if I had had coriander it would have added the right amount of spice to jazz it up. I chucked in a few frozen veg as I don’t keep Chinese veges in my fridge, but broccolini would be alright too I think.
Either way, when I make it again, I will use the full amount of sauce and definitely use coriander.

It gets 5 stars from me, as it was easy, quick, and should you use everything that the recipe states then it would be a brilliant meal.

You’ll find the full recipe on my Recipe page under savouries.

Sauces mixed ready to add.


Enjoy your New Years Eve.
Jennifer ūüôā

Brown the chicken.


Plated up, and I added a nice extra dollop of chili sauce to mine.



soup or chowder… chow on down.

Ok, can someone tell me please what makes a chowder different from a soup?

Regardless of the difference I am making this for dinner tonight.
I could just do some veges and heat the roast chicken from last night but with the weather coming in chilly I wanted to make yummy food that is filling, healthy and warming.
A good thick soup is just the answer.
My recipe has corn, bacon and potatoes, I have chicken so it’s going in there aswell.¬†¬† This is a recipe that¬†I got from my favourite recipe site (Taste.com.au) with a few slight changes due to pantry options.

Have we got everything ready… ? Yep?¬† Then, let’s cook!

butter, 2 onions diced (i used 1), 1/4 cup plain flour
250gr bacon (i made up the weight with a combination of chicken and bacon),
3 cups milk, 2 cups chicken stock,
1 kg corn kernels (i used a 400gr tin creamed corn)
500gr potato

yes, this is one 500gr potato...

what to do:
cook onions and bacon (i added some garlic here aswell)

add the flour and mix together.
Add the milk and stock and stir to combine.

Bring to the boil then add chopped potatoes and corn.

Cook for 15-20  til potatoes are soft and soup is thickened.
I added my creamed corn halfway through the last stage of cooking.  This made it a thick creamier coup.

Bowl up and serve with bread of choice.

Yeah, a little parsley would make it look so much better.

I did have a problem while cooking this soup…¬†what can that be you ask..?
Yesterday one of my hot plates died.¬† Not just any hot plate. But the one I use the most, and the only large one –¬†the one I use for¬†my soup pot.
So cooking a thick soup which needs to simmer proved difficult.  Part of it burnt while the rest struggled to boil.  So stood and stirred instead of walking away (and reading  my new cooking magazines).
It tasted really good and is so easy anyone could make it.  Whichever version you want to make.

keep warm ūüôā

What’s for dinnner…?

“Oh no, not another food blog”¬† I hear you say… well, ¬†I love cooking and am really¬†into¬†baking¬† at the moment.¬† Beads are there but I hate tidying my desk so I procrastinate with that til I just have to bead and then spend twice as long getting anywhere.¬† I do try but life alwys gets in the way and the mess just keeps coming back.
Anyhoo, we had a roast chicken last night and as there were only 3 of us, leftovers abound.  So tonight, rather than heat and eat in sandwhiches or as a pasta suace I am going to make pancakes.

mr 8: “what are having on the pancakes..”
me: “that would be the chicken I’m making up”
mr 8:¬†“you’re the only one going to eat them like that”

And, yes, that is how it went.  I was the only one who ate a pancake with chicken.
The story of my life, the more boring and basic the better with my boys.¬† But I persevere and hope that one day it pays off.¬† At least I enjoy dinner.¬† I do say that if I can’t eat my own cooking¬†I don’t expect them to eat it. there have not been many time that has happened.

I found a much quicker and definately easier pancake recipe and the chicken was a no brainer.  Fry it up with onion, corn and herbs them mix into the cheese sauce.

Pancake batter ready to mix - flour, egg and milk.

then, I think it would be the chicken and other bits…

all the other bits + broccoli & toms for the side.

and the finshed product. With glass of wine and small bowl of salady stuffs.
It was pretty good too.  Recipe, as usual, in the above pages.

looks a little lonely there, but I don't like my salad getting messy... ūüėČ

Keep smiling ūüôā

Rise of the meatball soup

It’s dinner time again… and that means soup.

After making beef meatballs with tomato soup (see recipe in¬†on the ‘my recipe’s page)¬†the other week I decided tonight was chicken soup & meatballs.¬† Filling, easy and really quick.¬† And the kids ate it. A pass all round I’d say.

Recipe below picture.


Ingredients & method:
Meatballs: 600gr chicken mince, finely diced 1/2 red onion & chunk of parsley. 1 egg and breadcrumbs to combine.
Mix together and roll into balls.  (Mine tend to be rather large, but the size is up to you).

1 carrot neatly diced, garlic, 1/2 cup peas and corn (i used frozen), 1 cup macaroni or 1 pkt 2 min noodles cooked without flavour, 2 litres water with 2 Tbspn chicken stock powder (1/2 cup liquid stock approx).
Salt, pepper and maybe a pinch of chilli flakes for bite.

In your soup pot cook carrot & garlic in some oil then add meatballs and brown them.
Add the liquid and when it comes to the boil add the macaroni and veges.
Boil gently for 10 minutes til pasta is cooked, season to taste.
Serve in large  bowls.

As I have said before, I am no chef, so I’m sure there are things I could better or differently.¬† Also feel free to try recipes out and change them as you please.