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The secret thoughts of cherry tomatoes

I’m sure, just like the chickens in the movie Chicken Run, that they are well organised and planning their escape as I type. After all they nearly got away from me today.


I was in the supermarket grabbing a few items and more veges, hunting for the punnet with the best tomatoes. After looking at up to a dozen I found one.

And the the trouble started.
I must have over reached the trolley, the edge of the lid barely scraped the trolley and….
A glorious shower of tomatoes went flying across the floor.

After my initial shock, “shit” I stood there and giggled like a five year old. Looking up I saw two older ladies had seen it all and were laughing as well.

We picked up as many as we could find, and then I had to go looking for more nice ones. Their trip to my trolley was slower and more careful.

The great escape was foiled – for today anyway as they ended up in the doghouse bin.

We passed again in the baking aisle where I was next to the flour – one of them grinned and said she’d give me a wide berth. 😉