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Happy Hour – Friday evening


Starting with wine and cheese,
Time to welcome the weekend.

Food Friday – it’s Christmas!

So here I am again. Finished the last couple,of items on the to do list (I had two or some reason, both saying the same things) and am now chilling. Hubby is chilling with mindless tv (something I’m not fond of) and this is mine.
So I got baking again today. I miss days like this where I get to just play in the kitchen and have something cool to show at the end of it.
What was I baking today? The main plan was the triple layer stuffed-full-of-goodies ice cream cake.
That was fun, soft ice cream, bashing chocolate with the rolling pin and then hoping like hell it will all fit in the pan I had. Only just. A little deeper would have been nice, but I can’t own every pan there is, well, not just yet anyway.
I changed it a little, but the layers go like this, chocolate ice cream with Oreos, vanilla with honeycomb and strawberry withpink with strawberries in sauce. It mixed nicely, and is in the good fridge meaning it will actually be frozen.
The start of my cake – chocolate ice cream with Oreos.


As I had to wait 30+ mins in between layers of ice cream I decided I would try something else. A sweet nibble for afterwards with coffee – if we have any room left.
My choice, an easy white Christmas tartlets.
Marshmallows, rice bubbles, coconut and melted chocolate in biscuits/cookies that have been softened and made into tart ‘cases’. Mine are not so cases as plates, but I tried one with the extra topping and it was pretty yummy!




While I was at it, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I figured I should cook the rhubarb I was given during the week. I lurve rhubarb, and it will a tasty extra with my cereal and yoghurt for breakfasts. Rhubarb and apple, rhubarb and strawberries, stewed over ice cream, muffins, inside down cake… anything you can put fruit in really I spose.

Christmas in Australia. Christmas in summer. Some of you wouldn’t be able to envisage it, others have experienced it and now have winter Christmases (something I’d love to do one year), par for the course here. Hot, sticky, maybe wet and windy, but no snow. Although there was one year it was snowy, not the nice kind either.
Anyway, being summer the menu is usually pretty casual. Cold meats, seafood, bbqs. Some people love the whole hot food feast, and who knows what the other half do. We had an exchange student one year, and she was disappointed (and vocally critical) of our set up. There were no fancy Christmas foods, just everyday things. This is true. An a multicultural country we choose what we want to follow, but the climate dictates as well. Some foods we only ever eat at Christmas – like a full ham on the bone, and prawns (but that might just be us).

So what’s on our menu tomorrow. To share what is our typical Christmas meal.

Starters – cheese platter, cabana, stuffed peppers, pear slices and a dip or two. I’m making a pea, mint and feta dip. I found this the other day and it looks scrummy.
Mains – ham (glazed & cooked or sliced cold, we prefer cold) roast turkey breast, prawns au naturale, and a chook.
Then there’s a green salad and maybe another, new potatoes, (re fried with bacon, and boiled), runner & broad beans and snap pea salad. Cranberry, apple and tartare sauces, mustard (a nuts for ham), mayo and vinaigrette.
Desserts (the best bit) – my ice cream cake, trifle, fresh raspberries, a chocolate pudding (so far a rumour, but hubby has fingers crossed), custard and way too much cream (but that always happens doesn’t it?)
Afterwards when we really don’t feel like eating anymore, there’ll be slices of Christmas cake, and my tartlets with coffee (or tea).
Dinner, well, if anyone feels like it, take a pick from what’s left over from the above list.

On the 25th while hubby is fed at work, the kids and I will be at mr 17’s GF’s house. And because he has his licence I can take my bottle of wine. Don’t worry, I rarely get drunk but a few on occasion is nice.

Have a great weekend!
Jen ūüôā

Travel Tuesday, only just.

It’s half past ten, I’ve been home for half an hour from the meeting that is usually 2 hrs only (it was super productive!!!), I’ve been busy all week and weekend, and nearly toddled off to bed without getting these pictures up and published.
Is been a while since we’ve received any, if you haven’t, or even if you have, please send more!! We Kelly love seeing them in the post.
On our way to the airport this morning hubby and I stopped in and got Kelly’s new batch of postcards on the wall. Which is interesting as most of these are from her herself, that she posted from her long weekend away. And it gives me a chance to snow some of you more of our beautiful state of Tasmania.
I may be quiet for a few days as I have my market meeting this week, at least one, a market to attend, a craft room to clean after the storm that went through, and all the usual family requirements. I do still read your blogs, I am just a few days, a week late, but I will get a round to it (and doing lots of ‘liking’ to share my love :-D)


Smithton, where one of my sisters used to live.

Burnie. A very industrial town.

Table Cape.

Campbell Town (which I have shown you before.

Cow Art at Ashgrove chessery.

A really nice one of Sydney from another friend.

And the best, as its Halloween, one from Transylvania.


An afternoon of good food…

Today was R&R day.
We slept late – well a later than normal – and after a most relaxing morning with a yummy scrambled eggs lunch we went for a short drive, distance wise anyway, we were gone for a good 3 hours.

The heat was starting to get ridiculous.  After a very hot 39C yesterday today was cooler, 34C but the humidity was off the scale.  I knew I moved out of Mount Isa for a reason, and this was part of it.  Just on the other side of Woodbridge Hill, 20kms away, is a gorgeous little vineyard that overlooks the Hartz mountains in the distance.  Just beautiful.

I had tasted their Spiced Apple Mead 8 years ago and after seeing some in a boutique shop (in Launceston) I knew I had to bring C to see to this place.
We had a tasting session of several liqueurs and Ports before heading to their ‘restaurant’ and enjoying a coffee with a light citrus tart.¬† Talk about melt in the mouth.

A purchase¬†of Ashgrove Cheese (the place we didn’t get to see yesterday) and my mead, some pics of the view and we drove back over The Hill to¬†find more cheese.

A few kilometres from where I live (I pass this place regularly) is a cheesery made from that specialises in the sheep variety.  They even have 5star ovine accommodation!

We had more tastings… yum! A mutton sausage,¬†Pecorino, Ewe Bewety¬†(a vine-covered¬†blue cheese taste) White Pearl (a soft creamy cheese in oil with herbs – a sweet but savoury cheese perfect for spreading) and a Pinot Paste.¬† We came home with all these.¬† A tasting of¬†the Vanilla Whey Liqueur¬†was the icing on the cake.¬† Devine. And I will be going back to get some another time, along with the Cassis from Hartzview.

So then end of a hot day,¬†after¬†wine and cheese¬†and now I’m¬†feeling rather sleepy.

Keep smiling ūüôā

Road trip part 2.

What a day!!

We started at the Gorge in Launceston and then after another short delay, got 150km up the road before having to turn round and re-trace our tracks.

We passed and has to miss the Cheese and Chocolate factories plus Sheffield, town of murals. Things went pear shaped, but we are both ok.

Back at home we are now relaxing with wine, cheese and timtams. And yes, still giggling, lol.

Tomorrow will be a chill out day so I may get to post some pictures.

Keep smiling ūüôā