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Das Auto… VW rocks!

Tasmania is blessed with Australia’s best roads – a grab bag of twisty tarmac, mountain passes and sweeping bends…

For those that don’t know I drive a VW. A small SUV of kinds, the Tiguan. A hot little car that is superb on the juice, which is good for the wallet.
I often get people asking me about the car, this week alone two people have wanted to chat. My response? “Get yourself out there and buy one”. Well, not quite, but I am definitely a convert and have nothing but praise for this car.
Since we bought the car off the showroom floor we get numerous extras. Like the Das Auto magazine that arrived this morning.
I finally get to open it and there inside is an article on road tripping Tassie (in a Golf mind you, but whatever) so I read on and like what it has to say.

The Pacific is vast and still at my left shoulder, ….directing me south.

….Tasmania, on the other hand, has almost the same shock of the uninhabited, but it’s better. Rolling hills separated from stunning bays….

To the finale..

…Tasmania is a driving opportunity seized. The scenery is magnificent. The roads are perfect. Drive it in a (Golf gti) and you’ll have the time of your life….but here on the Apple Isle it’s mission accomplished.

Love Tassie, love our scenery and where the road takes you.
If you ever get a chance, you have come and experience it.

20140424-161154.jpgNot mine, purely an example.


Just for fun: My day in pictures.

6.30am: making lunches for school.image

6.45: my breakfast. image

8.30. Goodbye car. time for the ‘doctor’ to give you the once over.


walking into the city, all of 4 blocks, still quiet, and not sure what the weather will do.image

9am; coffee and read emails while waiting for things to open.


9.20. still very quiet.


9.40. autumn has arrived


9.45; who doesn’t love office works, and is an hour parking enough??

10.45: is this sign trying to tell me something?


Walking straight past this one.

11.25: early lunch.
12.15: back in my car (which had a bath along with its check up and they gave me chocolates?!, they service my car, I get chocloate. I can deal with that) – this time in Kingston.  I had come to a complete stop, the lights went green as I took the picture.
12.20: some things are better at Big Dub. like cheap winter jammies for the kids…
2pm: Leaving Woolies, finally finished the food shop. (woolies = Woolworths = major supermarket chain)
then getting my adult beverages for the month.


2.20: checking in at the real estate so we can live here for a bit longer.
4pm: after waiting for and delivering kid and friend home, time for a coffee and a sit down.

Gentlemen, Start your engines!

Sunday just gone I had the best day. At home. Pretty well alone.  While I would have loved to gone to the V8’s it was not to be this time around so I spent the day beading.
Hubby, eldest son (& GF) and second son left early – so I got a sleep in – for Symmons Plains. Around 200k from our place it the Tasmnanian home of V8 racing and just down the road from the Dragway.
I enjoy a bit of car racing, and live is always better, and while I was disappointed to not be there Hubby took lots of pictures to keep me happy.  And which I can now share with you.
I’ll be putting a gallery (or 2 or 3) on my Box of Photos, so head over soon and check them out anyway.  With just under 400 pictures, yep he even outdid me on that one, there will be more than one post.
These are just a small sample to show you the what, where and why.





IMG_6224Have a great day 🙂

Rev heads paradise

It’s that time of year again.
Targa. (See last years post here)
We packed up the kids (+1 extra) and dog, (lordy I love him, he was so well behaved, sitting quietly and not phased at all by the cars) taking two cars to Woodbridge to see the start of the today’s time trials over Woodbridge Hill. Thankfully they started on time this year and we were out by 11.
I may love my muscle cars, but a Lamborghini never fails to impress.
I had moved to get a better perspective of the cars and got talking to an old dude. He commented on how big my camera battery was and we ended up discussing the pros and cons of the whole digital thing. It makes us lazy to an extent. We take less care with each picture as we can just delete what we don’t like, if you have a film you pay more attention to what you are doing as there are only so many pictures you can take. I told him I usually delete up to half the pictures I take for one reason or another (chopped off heads/scenery, missed the action, out of focus…..).
I took 85 photos, of which 24 were no good and deleted.
There are now 61 left, which includes one or two family shots. Which leaves me with decisions on which 10 or so to show you. Snap happy and wasteful maybe, the benefits of digital may have made me lazy, but I find I am more inclined to try new things, and play around if I know I can just delete the bad ones.










And just for fun…



(As I finish this post Mr 16 is letting out his inner rev head on the xbox… coincidence, I think not)

Have a racing good day 🙂

Christmas is coming

Christmas has definitely arrived in Woodbridge. My friend Kelly, wwho runs the post office is a wonderful friend and a hoot to be around. (She’s funny, and lots of fun). Once the twelve days of Christmas begin she starts her countdown with a different dress up each day, getting crazier by the day til the 24th arrives.
Along with another friend Sue (who does some actual work there as well) I have helped sort the letters as it gets busier and busier. I’m like the bottom of this pile. Kelly runs the place, Sue is 2IC and I’m just the shit kicker. I come in and head straight for the boxes of letters to sort them into mailboxes.
Everyday Kelly will take a picture and post it on her FB wall. Most of the time I am not there early enough to get in (phew) but this morning I rocked up looking Christmassy so another shot was taken… Left to right yours truly, Sue and Kelly in her gorgeous western Santa hat.
kelly xmas

One thing most people say when they come in is the amount of laughter that floats out the door and through the mailboxes… we do have fun and everyone loves Kelly. My dad has nicknamed her Ned, (Ned Kelly anyone) which is typical of his sense of humour.

I have gotten right into the Christmas spirit by decorating my car with antlers and a red nose… Hubby normally doesn’t like these things (and I have to argue to get my way) but as he is away he said I could do what I wanted. Yay!! Mr 8 thought it was fantastic, Mr 14 & his visiting friend didn’t say much at all, and Mr 16 just grinned and shook his head when I picked him up after work.



Kelly received a bottle of Hartzview Spiced Apple Mead (for xmas, from a customer) while I was there this afternoon and I exclaimed I had one myself into fridge. She then proceeded to write down a recipe for us that I just had to try when I got home. This liqueur, while really good, is not something I would sit and drink on my own, so it has just sat around since I bought it (feb or march I think).
I am going to try a few variations of this, it could be quite nice.
In a tall glass mix together
30ml of Mead, (I think I had about 50ml, any less and it would not have had any flavour to it) ice, good ginger beer, squeeze of lime juice and some mint.
While I had no mint I did the rest and yummo.
I was told it should not be kept in the fridge but used at room temperature. Interesting, as the producers said it is fine to keep cold.
It made a refreshing drink being cold, but for those having a winter Christmas it could be better warmed slightly. I am thinking of trying it with pureed mango to give a little exotic touch to the flavours. And maybe warming it like suggested.