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Scallop Pie – shopping centre cafe

It’s Monday morning and not the day when you want to be out the door at 7.30, but the car was required at the body works to get a small but costly repair done, so I figured the groceries can be attacked at the same time. After filling the loan car with food hubby beckons me back into the centre and suggests a bite to eat (breakfast sounds really good at this stage) with a coffee and I can grab a scallop pie for lunch at the same time. Definitely better than Maccas.


1. 3 stars
2. 3 stars
3. 3 stars
4. 3 stars
5. 3 stars

A tasty pie that is a good size and filled quite full. Not too many empty spaces but the pastry was a little flaky and made too much mess. The sauce was plentiful but bland Overall an average pie. Just another item on the menu and no illusions as to how great they are. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.


(I started this post yesterday, and then had to re do it this morning as the update to the WP iPad app wouldn’t let me publish after I’d made a draft. Good old copy and paste came in handy)