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And so another year finishes…

To put it bluntly, this year has been shit for so many people, I for one am happy it has come to a close and we are ready to turn a new leaf, wake to a new day, a new year and be able to start again.
For some people, they will literally be starting from scratch, just them and their kids. For others, making better decisions, or not making the same ones will be a priority.
The main lesson (for those without personal death and heartache) is that we learn from these mistakes, and figure out how to move forward. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. You know what doesn’t work, and hopefully there will be some fun along the way.

No doubt when I wake tomorrow, WordPress will have their annual stats for our pages out so we can see just how well we did this year. I’m interested in the total figures as compared to last year. I write because I like it, not to get any great message across, or to entertain (that is a bonus) or because I am a budding writer, artist etc. I love it every time I get that notification to say someone has liked, commented or followed. And yet I don’t worry about my most loved pages, posts or whatever else might rank up there. And despite all this, I will be making more of an effort to do better with what I do do. Take better photos, write better posts, make better, funkier more interesting beaded pieces.

According to Facebook, which showed me a highlight of my year, several things stuck out. Not only our trip to Canberra and my fortieth. But family pictures and comments, and that motor bike. The important things. What else is there when you have kids and they ‘excitement’ they bring. Plenty of good times yes, but there was alot of hard times that made me want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. Soemtimes this is how it goes, it’s how we move forward and grow that shows our true spirit and strength.

This Next year I have several goals. Nothing huge, or life changing.
Nooo! Did I really say that. That is a lie.
If it adds to my life even in some minute way, it is huge, and life changing to my family and me.
There is some big news to be announced. Lots of small exciting happenings. And of course, more kid ‘fun’
Tomorrow is a new day, a new year and I plan to wake and celebrate (with a coffee).
Embrace the unknown.

What’s on your board for the new year?

Have a great NYE and wishing all my followers/likers/commenters, my new friends! a fantastic new year ūüôā

Ps. This was completely different to the post I had written in my head, but this is what felt right, right now, so here it is.

Canberra – what a weekend!

All I can say about being in Canberra over the Anzac weekend was that I’m so glad we didn’t go before Anzac Day. Despite the city being apparently booked out, (for what reason we don’t know) there were decidedly few people about, making our first real couple holiday since kids a most relaxing time. Yes, you read that right. First time since we had kids.¬†17 years.

I have now been to all but one of our country’s capital cities (7/8) and aside from loving where I live, Canberra is definitely my favourite.
Hobart is a mish mash of old and new, and down right ugly, with no real purpose, or structure and while Adelaide is similar with its mix of buildings, the execution has been much better.
Darwin made no real impact on me.
Brisbane is a mess, and just plain horrible (putting it nicely).
Sydney is beautiful and reasonably well set out, (we found it easy enough to get about) and Melbourne is very concentrated and busy but I like it. Not sure why, I just do.
Perth over on the west coast I have yet to see.  Hubby has been and is excited to show me. From his pictures, I think I will like it.

Canberra is a very neat city. I found the buildings all had very clean lines and fitted well. Even the new curved glass and abstract buildings fit in with the others in a way that doesn’t seem to work in other places. The traffic flows well with an easy road system and getting about, even in peak traffic was no issue. We used the navigator to get somewhere but not on the return. That’s how easy it was.

As a tourist you could not get bored here. Regardless of what your family make up is there is fun for everyone.  My city map I picked up from the information building had a list of attractions on the back РFree admission, (33) and Charged Admission, (18). Part of the free attractions were all the galleries, gardens and memorials you can poke a stick at, the Mint, numerous Lookouts, a glassworks, and several churches.

The first afternoon, we¬†checked out¬†CMAG, (Canberra Museum and Art Gallery) and then wandered around the city¬† before having dinner at the hotel. Well, hubby had dinner, times two.¬† I had one of my ‘things’ where I was too excited, dehydrated and couldn’t function. Doesn’t happen often. Even the most basic item on the menu was too much.¬† It looked fantastic, but all I could manage was a small glass of juice.¬†¬† Granted, after a brilliant sleep I was starving when it came to breakfast.¬† Then, the only headache I got was from the choices.¬†Where to start??

On the Saturday, we took advantage of only 4 of the free attractions, remember, we only had a day and a half in town, two of which were walking distance, the other two we had to drive to and only one paid attraction.  But we filled in the day and by dark were exhausted and ready to have a bite to eat and chill in our room before an early night ready to fly home.

Saturday we visited the War memorial Рincredible, even for those not into war or history, and took heaps of pictures.  We spent 2+ hours there, although you could easily fill in a whole day.  A light lunch was had on The Deck, a restaurant overlooking Lake Burley Griffin before chilling on the banks waiting for the Captain Cook Memorial Jet to start.  An easy walk around the edge of the lake brought us to the bike hire where we commandeered a pedal car for an hour and took the 6k round trip to the National Carillion.
We drove to the Telstra Tower where a¬† late afternoon coffee was muchly appreciated and the views amazing, even with the afternoon¬†sun casting shadows over town.¬† Seeing this, we tootled back into town and made our way to Parliament House.¬†¬†I can’t stand politics – who can? –¬†but visiting this magnificent place was always going to be on the list.¬† It is a¬†masterpiece of architecture¬†and a pretty cool place to see up close.¬† Of course we got our picture taken, as is the way, and then took off and walked the 2k around the place.¬† By the time we finished it was dark and definitely time to leave.

I will be posting photos over on the Box blog and as I sort through them a
few selected posts & photos here which will help explain everything I have just written.
My piece-de-resistance was going to be this picture, but¬†as I rarely do a post without one, I’ll show it now.¬† Hubby and I outside parliament in Canberra (as taken by some girl whose photo we took, again, as you do).

Trip time Tuesday

So I’m back from a little weekend away with hubby – we had a fantastic time – and now it’s time for a super busy week and trying to fit everything in. But thankfully they return to school in a mere 7 days, yay!!
Hubby has left for work again, that makes 12+ airports in 6 days. Luckily he enjoys flying. I am still collecting my thoughts (& trying to word up a blogpost or two) and sorting travel photos from the weekend.

Upon arriving home¬†I checked my emails, expecting a good 150+, all my blogs go straight to email, but there was¬†nothing.¬† Hmm, where are they, Dammit, they are all in my reader. What are they doing there? I find it a pain to read from there, email is so much easier. I’ll have to check up on that, see what went wrong.

Because of that, if I miss reading your latest post or am later than normal to respond, I’m sorry.¬† I will get around to it.

I have so much I want to say and put out there, but time restraints mean most of it wont see the light of day.

Before I go for my run, Kelly has received a few more psotcards, one from a friend and 3 from yours truly.¬† Posted on my way home Sunday from Sydney airport, even though we went to Canberra, our great nation’s capital.

And one from the UK IMG_7602

Have a great day, and there will be posts and pictures from Canberra soon.
Jennifer ūüôā